VariousOHM+ : The Early Gurus Of Electronic Music : 1948 - 1980

Label:Ellipsis Arts – CD3690
3 x CD, Compilation, Reissue
Box Set (Coffret), Special Edition
Style:Musique Concrète, Experimental, Avantgarde, Modern Classical, Minimal


1-1Clara RockmoreValse Sentimentale
Composed ByTchaikovsky*
1-2Olivier MessiaenOraison7:42
1-3Pierre SchaefferEtude Aux Chemins De Fer2:50
1-4John CageWilliams Mix5:42
1-5Herbert EimertKlangstudie II4:27
1-6Otto LueningLow Speed3:40
1-7Hugh Le CaineDripsody1:26
1-8Louis and Bebe BarronMain Title From Forbidden Planet2:19
1-9Oskar SalaConcertando Rubato From Electronische Tanzsuite3:07
1-10Edgard VarèsePoeme Electronique8:00
1-11Richard MaxfieldSine Music (A Swarm Of Butterflies Encountered Over The Ocean)6:00
1-12Tod DockstaderApocalypse – Part 22:01
1-13Karlheinz StockhausenKontakte6:20
1-14Vladimir UssachevskyWireless Fantasy4:35
1-15Milton BabbittPhilomel4:57
1-16Musica Elettronica VivaSpacecraft6:06
2-1Raymond ScottCindy Electronium1:55
2-2Steve ReichPendulum Music
PerformerSonic Youth
2-3Pauline OliverosBye Bye Butterfly8:02
2-4Joji YuasaProjection Esemplastic For White Noise7:36
2-5Morton SubotnickSilver Apples Of The Moon, Part 14:20
2-6David TudorRainforest Version 15:09
2-7Terry RileyPoppy Nogood7:55
2-8Holger CzukayBoat-Woman-Song5:01
2-9Luc FerrariMusic Promenade7:00
2-10François BayleRosace 3 From Vibrations Composées3:19
2-11Jean-Claude RissetMutations4:55
2-12Iannis XenakisHibiki-Hana-Ma4:39
2-13La Monte YoungExcerpt "31|69 C. 12:17:22-12:25:33 PM NYC" From: Drift Study "31|69 C. 12:17:33-12:24:33 PM NYC" From: Map Of 49's Dream The Two Systems Of Eleven Sets Of Galactic Intervals7:00
3-1Charles DodgeHe Destroyed Her Image1:59
3-2Paul LanskySix Fantasies On A Poem By Thomas Campion: Her Song3:04
3-3Laurie SpiegelAppalachian Grove I5:20
3-4Bernard ParmegianiEn Phase/Hors Phase2:29
3-5David BehrmanOn The Other Ocean6:48
3-6John ChowningStria5:11
3-7Maryanne AmacherLiving Sound, Patent Pending Music For Sound-Joined Rooms Series7:02
3-8Robert AshleyAutomatic Writing7:07
3-9Alvin CurranCanti Illuminati7:25
3-10Alvin LucierMusic On A Long Thin Wire6:43
3-11Klaus SchulzeMelange6:52
3-12Jon HassellBefore And After Charm (La Notte)7:59
3-13Brian EnoUnfamiliar Wind (Leeks Hills)5:21
DVD-1Clara RockmoreThe World's Greatest Theremin Virtuosa (Excerpt)
Film DirectorSteven M. Martin
DVD-2John CagePaying Attention (Excerpt)
Directed By [Director (Audio)]Andrew Culver
Film Director [Director (Video)]Frank Schaeffer
DVD-3Jean-Claude RissetMutations
Cinematographer [Video]Lillian F. Schwartz
DVD-4Steve ReichThree Tales: Dolly (Excerpt)
Cinematographer [Video]Beryl Korot
DVD-05Morton SubotnickSidewinder (Excerpt)
Artwork [Visuals]Tony Martin (19)
DVD-6Holger CzukayFloatspace3:14
DVD-7Bebe BarronInterview With Bebe Barron (Excerpt)
Cinematographer [Filmed By]Barbara Cassidy
InterviewerEric Chasalow
DVD-8Paul LanskyThe Dust Bunny
Animation, Written-By [Story]Grady Klein
Sound DesignerTed Coffey
DVD-9Leon ThereminPaul Lansky's Lesson With Leon Theremin
Cinematographer [Video]George Lewis (6)
DVD-10Iannis XenakisBohor
Artwork [Sound Visualisation]Liubo Borissov
DVD-11Milton Babbit*Interview With Milton Babbit (Excerpt)
Cinematographer [Filmed By]Barbara Cassidy
InterviewerEric Chasalow
DVD-12Laurie SpiegelImprovisation On A 'Concerto Generator'2:40
DVD-13David BehrmanMusic With Melody-Driven Electronics (Excerpt)
Strings [Abysiren]E. Jedidiah Denman
DVD-14John ChowningStria12:25
DVD-15Robert AshleyWhat She Thinks (It's History) (Excerpt)3:59
DVD-16Max MathewsPhosphones
ChoreographyMimi Garrard
Music By, Lighting [Music And Light Performed By]Emmanuel Ghent
DVD-17Pauline OliverosBye Bye Butterfly
Artwork [Visuals]Tony Martin (19)
DVD-18Alvin LucierMusic For Solo Performer11:45
DVD-19Mother Mallard*Mother Mallard's Portable Masterpiece Company (Excerpt)
Cinematographer [Filmed By]Edin Valez*
DVD-20Robert MoogMoog: A Documentary (Excerpt)
Cinematographer [Filmed By]Hans Fjellestad

Sociétés, etc.


Released in 10-panel digipak, housed in a matte/clear with white/silver printing plastic slipcase, with a 112-page booklet featuring quotes from the artists, photos, and extensive notes.

This is a special edition which comes with a DVD featuring over two hours of rare performances, interviews, animations, and experimental video.

"In Memory of Robert Moog"

The tracks are presented here chronologically, and if you've read Joel Chadabe's book "Electric Sound: The Past and Promise of Electronic Music," then this makes an excellent accompaniment.

Many of the tracks have inevitably been severely edited.

Tracks 1-11, 1-16, 2-1, 3-7 and 3-12 are previously unreleased. All other tracks taken from previously released CDs.

Track 1-1 from "The Art of the Theremin" (Delos)
Track 1-2 from "Toussaint, Murial, Provost, Messiaen, Vivier" (SNE)
Track 1-3 from "L'oeuvre Musicale" (EMF)
Track 1-4 from "The 25th Year Retrospective Concert of the Music of John Cage" (Wergo)
Track 1-5 from "WDR: Early Electronic Music" (BV Haast)
Track 1-6 from "Pioneers of Electronic Music" (CRI)
Track 1-7 from "Compositions and Demonstrations" (Hugh Le Caine Project)
Track 1-8 from "Forbidden Planet: Original MGM Soundtrack" (Small Planet Records)
Track 1-9 from "My Fascinating Instrument" (Fax)
Track 1-10 from Instituut voor Soonologie
Track 1-11 from MELA Foundation Archives (previously unreleased)
Track 1-12 from "Apocalypse" (Starkland)
Track 1-13 from "Kontakte" (Ecstatic Peace)
Track 1-14 from "Vladimir Ussachevsky: Electronic and Acoustic Works 1957-1972" (CRI)
Track 1-15 from "Philomel" (New World)
Track 1-16 from Richard Teitelbaum Archives (previously unreleased)
Track 2-1 from Basta Archives (previously unreleased)
Track 2-2 from "Goodbye 20th Century" (SYR)
Track 2-3 from "Women in Electronic Music" (CRI)
Track 2-4 from "Electro Acoustic Music V" (Neuma)
Track 2-5 from "Silver Apples of the Moon" (Wergo)
Track 2-6 from "Rainforest" (Mode)
Track 2-7 from "Poppy Nogood and the Phantom Band, All Night Flight, S.U.N.Y. Buffalo, N.Y. March 22, 1968 Vol. 1" (Organ of Corti)
Track 2-8 from "Canaxis" (Spoon)
Track 2-9 from "Presque Rein" (INA)
Track 2-10 from "Grand Polyphonie" (INA GRM)
Track 2-11 from "Sud, Dialogues" (INA GRM)
Track 2-12 from "Electronic Music" (EMF)
Track 2-13 from MELA Foundation Archives
Track 3-1 from "Any Resemblance Is Purely Coincidental" (New Albion)
Track 3-2 from "Fantasies and Tableaux" (CRI)
Track 3-3 from "Women in Electronic Music" (CRI)
Track 3-4 from "Violostries/Pour en finir avec le pouvoir d'Orphée/Dedans-Dehors/Rouge Mort/Exercisme 3/Le Présent composé" (INA-GRM)
Track 3-5 from "On the Other Ocean" (Lovely)
Track 3-6 from "John Chowning" (Wergo)
Track 3-7 previously unreleased
Track 3-8 from "Automatic Writing" (Lovely)
Track 3-9 from "Canti Illuminati" (Fore)
Track 3-10 from "Music on a Long Thin Wire" (Lovely)
Track 3-11 from "Historic Edition" (Manikin)
Track 3-12 previously unreleased
Track 3-13 from "On Land" (Editions EG)

On digipak and booklet:
Printed In China

On CDs:
© ℗ 2000 Ellipsis Arts

On DVD and digipak:
© ℗ 2005 Ellipsis Arts

Code-barres et autres identifiants

  • Code-barres (Text): 0 52296 36902 6
  • Code-barres (Scanned): 52296369026
  • Code mastering IFPI (All discs - variant 1 & 2): IFPI LQ52
  • Code du moule IFPI (CD1 - variant 1 & 2): IFPI FS84
  • Code du moule IFPI (CD2, CD3 - variant 1; CD3 - variant 2): IFPI FS89
  • Code du moule IFPI (CD2 - variant 2): IFPI FS05
  • Code du moule IFPI (DVD - variant 1 & 2): IFPI FS63
  • Informations sur la matrice (CD1 - variant 1 & 2): OHM : 01 CD : 3691
  • Informations sur la matrice (CD2 - variant 1 & 2): OHM : 02 CD : 3692
  • Informations sur la matrice (CD3 - variant 1 & 2): OHM : 03 CD : 3693
  • Informations sur la matrice (DVD - variant 1): OHM+ : DVD : 3694 Layer 1
  • Informations sur la matrice (DVD - variant 2): OHM+ : DVD : 3694 Layer 1 OHM+ : DVD : 3694 Layer 0
  • Autre (CD1 catalog number): CD : 3691
  • Autre (CD2 catalog number): CD : 3692
  • Autre (CD3 catalog number): CD : 3693
  • Autre (DVD catalog number): DVD : 3694

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