ABeatrice Dillon43:44 43:44
BBen UFO44:32 44:32



First edition released on a light grey pro-dubbed C90 cassette tape, limited to 100 copies with additional 1% sticker. Second edition released on a clear pro-dubbed C90 cassette tape. Both vacuum sealed within A5 plastic bag with sticker designed by Fallon.

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43:44 / 44:32 (2×File, MP3, 320kbps)Wichelroedew-t 01Netherlands2016



  • Avatar de eddieisnotavailable
    anyone know that track on bens side at around 22 mins? soooo nice
    • Avatar de sunshine-recorder
      Modifié il y a 7 ans
      I have to thank Gerben at Wichelroede for personally taking the time to send me out a copy after the previous one got lost in the mail. This is a fantastic mixtape, both sides are really strong. Beatrice Dillon's side is a series of top-shelf selections which really cements her reputation as one of the most interesting deejays (and producer!) around at the moment. Ben's side is an impeccably mixed session, nicely paced and very much worth tracking down a copy for; outside of the weekly sessions with the aggressive compression, and the mammoth live recordings he occasionally posts, his mix is a good crossover between club gear and the more eclectic and loose track selections. A shout out to Fallon also, responsible for the wonderful design at Wichelroede and the quirky packaging of this tape, the visual elements are a really nice touch - something that sets the shop/label apart from others out there.
      • Avatar de petaldance
        Modifié il y a 7 ans
        For those of you who are looking for a copy, we have done a second run which is now available through our online webshop. Thanks for your support!
        • Avatar de hoan83
          Cassette only or will there be a digital download at some point?
          • Avatar de georgepbate
            Still don't know whether to actually open this or not.
            • Avatar de rmcc
              God I want this. Beatrice Dillon 4 lyf ok now.


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