VariousDown Home Blues Classics 1943-1953

Label:Boulevard Vintage – BVDCD1033
Série:Down Home Blues Classics – Volume 1
4 x CD, Compilation, Reissue


Texas - "Throw A Little Boogie"
1-1Thunder Smith*Little Mama Boogie
DrumsUnknown Artist
Piano, VocalsThunder Smith*
1-2Frankie Lee SimsCross Country Blues
Vocals, GuitarFrankie Lee Sims
1-3J.D. EdwardsHobo
PianoBuster Pickens
Vocals, GuitarJ.D. Edwards
1-4L.C. WilliamsHole In The Wall
VocalsL.C. Williams
1-5Leroy ErvinRock Island Blues
Vocals, PianoLeroy Erwin
1-6Wright HolmesAlley Special
Vocals, GuitarWright Holmes
1-7Sonny Boy Johnson (2)Quinsella
1-8Dr. HepcatHattie Green
Vocals, PianoLavada Durst
1-9Andy Thomas (12)Angel Chile
GuitarLuther Stoneham
PianoThunder Smith*
VocalsAndy Thomas (12)
1-10Lee Hunter (2)Back To Santa Fe
Vocals, PianoLee Hunter (2)
1-11Rattlesnake CooperRattlesnake Blues
PianoSonny Boy Davis
Vocals, GuitarRattlesnake Cooper
1-12Buddy ChilesMistreated Blues
Vocals, GuitarBuddy Chiles
1-13Leroy Johnson*No One To Love Me
BassLouis Pitts*
Vocals, GuitarLeroy 'Country' Johnson
1-14Willie Lane (2)Too Many Women Blues
Vocals, GuitarWillie Lane (2)
1-15Johnny BeckLocked In Jail Blues
Vocals, GuitarJohnny Beck
1-16Charley Bradix*Wee Wee Hours
GuitarUnknown Artist
Vocals, GuitarCharley Bradix*
1-17Jesse James (3)Forgive Me Blues
BassDonald Cooks
DrumsUnknown Artist
Vocals, GuitarJesse James (3)
1-18Monister ParkerBlack Snake Blues
Vocals, GuitarMonister Parker
1-19Alexander Moore*Neglected Woman
DrumsUnknown Artist
GuitarSmokey Hogg
Vocals, PianoAlex Moore
1-20Lil' Son JacksonGambling Blues
Vocals, GuitarLil' Son Jackson
1-21Manny NicholsThrow A Little Boogie
Vocals, GuitarManny Nichols
1-22Lightnin' HopkinsGive Me Central 209
Vocals, GuitarLightnin' Hopkins
1-23Soldier Boy HoustonWestern Rider Blues
Vocals, GuitarSoldier Boy Houston
1-24Nat TerryTake It Easy
Vocals, GuitarNat Terry
1-25Luther StonehamSittin' Here Wonderin'
Vocals, GuitarLuther Stoneham
Chicago & Detroit - "High & Lonesome"
2-1Snooky & MoodyBoogie
GuitarMoody Jones
Vocals, HarmonicaSnooky Pryor
2-2Floyd Jones (2)Hard Times
DrumsLeroy Foster
PianoSunnyland Slim
Vocals, GuitarFloyd Jones (2)
2-3Walter MitchellStop Messing Around
HarmonicaRobert Richard
Vocals, HarmonicaWalter Mitchell
2-4Robert RichardCadillac Woman
HarmonicaWalter Mitchell
Vocals, HarmonicaRobert Richard
2-5Big MaceoBig City Woman
DrumsOdie Payne
GuitarTampa Red
PianoJohnny Jones*
VocalsBig Maceo
2-6Baby Boy WarrenPlease Don't Think I'm Nosey
Vocals, GuitarBaby Boy Warren
2-7Eddie BurnsNotoriety Woman
GuitarJohn T. Smith
Vocals, HarmonicaEddie Burns
2-8Muddy WatersRolling Stone
Vocals, GuitarMuddy Waters
2-9Junior WellsCut That Out
BassDave Myers
DrumsOdie Payne
PianoJohnny Jones*
Vocals, HarmonicaJunior Wells
2-10Tony HollinsCrawlin' King Snake
GuitarUnknown Artist
PianoSunnyland Slim
Vocals, GuitarTony Hollins
2-11Robert NighthawkCrying Won't Help You
Piano [or]Bob Call, Roosevelt Sykes
Vocals, GuitarRobert Nighthawk
2-12Rocky FullerSoon One Morning
Vocals, GuitarIverson Minter
2-13Little WalterMean Old World
DrumsFred Below
Vocals, HarmonicaLittle Walter
2-14Morris PejoeTired Of Crying Over You
DrumsFrank Kirkland
GuitarJody Williams
PianoHenry Gray
Vocals, GuitarMorris Pejoe
2-15John BrimIt Was A Dream
BassWillie Dixon
DrumsFred Below
HarmonicaLittle Walter
Vocals, GuitarJohn Brim
2-16Jimmy RogersThe Last Time
BassWillie Dixon
DrumsA. J. Gladney
GuitarBob Woodfork
PianoHenry Gray
Vocals, GuitarJimmy Rogers
2-17Blue SmittySad Story
DrumsIke Smith
PianoMalron Jett
Vocals, GuitarClaude Smith (2)
2-18L.C. GreenLittle School Girl
HarmonicaWalter Mitchell
Vocals, GuitarL.C. Green
2-19Robert Henry (3)Something's Wrong With My Little Machine
PianoUnknown Artist
Vocals, HarmonicaRobert Henry (3)
2-20Johnny ShinesBrutal Hearted Woman
BassAl Smith
HarmonicaWalter Horton
Vocals, GuitarJohnny Shines
2-21J.B. LenoirI'll Die Trying
DrumsAlfred Wallace
PianoSunnyland Slim
Vocals, GuitarJ.B. Lenoir
2-22Little HudsonI'm Looking For A Woman
DrumsJames Bannister
PianoLazy Bill Lucas
Vocals, GuitarLittle Hudson
2-23John Lee HookerI'm The Boogie Man
GuitarEddie Kirkland
Vocals, GuitarJohn Lee Hooker
2-24Harvey Hill Jr.She Fool Me
DrumsUnknown Artist
GuitarUnknown Artist
HarmonicaUnknown Artist
Vocals, GuitarHarvey Hill Jr.
2-25Jimmy ReedHigh And Lonesome
GuitarJohn Brim
Vocals, HarmonicaJimmy Reed
Memphis & The South - "Take A Little Chance"
3-1Big Joe WilliamsShe's A Married Woman
Vocals, GuitarBig Joe Williams
3-2Howlin' WolfHow Many More Years
DrumsWillie Steel*
PianoIke Turner
Vocals, HarmonicaHowlin' Wolf
3-3Mr. HoneyBuild Myself A Cave
Vocals, GuitarDavid Edwards*
3-4Silver CooksMr. Ticket Agent
GuitarEdgar Blanchard
HarmonicaPapa Lightfoot
PianoTommy Ridgley
Vocals, DrumsSilver Cooks
3-5Edgar BlanchardCreole Gal Blues
DrumsSilver Cooks
HarmonicaPapa Lightfoot
PianoTommy Ridgley
Vocals, GuitarEdgar Blanchard
3-6Stick Horse HammondToo Late Baby
Vocals, GuitarStick Horse Hammond
3-7Pee Wee HughesCountry Boy
DrumsUnknown Artist
GuitarUnknown Artist
Vocals, HarmonicaPee Wee Hughes
3-8David 'Pete' McKinleyArdelle
Vocals, GuitarDavid 'Pete' McKinley
3-9J.D. HortonCadillac Blues
DrumsUnknown Artist
GuitarUnknown Artist
Vocals, HarmonicaJ.D. Horton
3-10Long John HunterSchoolboy
DrumsUnknown Artist
GuitarUnknown Artist
Vocals, PianoLong John Hunter
3-11Sonny Boy Williamson (2)Eyesight To The Blind
DrumsJoe Dyson
GuitarUnknown Artist
PianoWillie Love (2)
Vocals, HarmonicaSonny Boy Williamson (2)
3-12Luther Huff1951 Blues
GuitarPercy Huff
Vocals, GuitarLuther Huff
3-13Eddie "Guitar Slim" JonesNew Arrival
DrumsWillie Nettles
PianoHuey Smith*
Vocals, GuitarEddie "Guitar Slim" Jones
3-14Elmore JamesDust My Broom
BassLeonard Ware
DrumsFrock O'Dell
Vocals, GuitarElmore James
3-15Bobo ThomasCatfish Blues
BassLeonard Ware
Vocals, GuitarBobo Thomas
3-16Clarence LondonGoin' Back To Mama
DrumsUnknown Artist
Vocals, GuitarClarence London
3-17Tommy Lee*Highway 80 Blues
DrumsUnknown Artist
GuitarUnknown Artist
PianoJohn Thorn (2)
Vocals, GuitarTommy Lee Thompson
3-18Chicago Sunny Boy*Western Union Man
DrumsUnknown Artist
Vocals, Harmonica, GuitarJoe Hill Louis
3-19Papa LightfootAfter Awhile
DrumsSilver Cooks
GuitarEdgar Blanchard
HarmonicaPapa Lightfoot
3-20Earl HookerSweet Angel
DrumsUnknown Artist
HarmonicaSam Davis*
Vocals, GuitarEarl Hooker
3-21Willie Love (2)Seventy Four Blues
BassT.J. Green
DrumsJunior Blackmon
Vocals, PianoWillie Love (2)
3-22Jimmy & WalterEasy
GuitarJimmy DeBerry
HarmonicaWalter Horton
3-23Jimmy DeBerryTake A Little Chance
Vocals, GuitarJimmy DeBerry
3-24Arthur Big Boy Crudup*Make A Little Love
3-25Little Sam Davis*Goin' To New Orleans
Vocals, HarmonicaLittle Sam Davis*
New York & The East Coast States - "Rub A Little Boogie"
4-1Skoodle-Dum-Doo* & SheffieldBroome Street Blues
Guitar, HarmonicaJohn Sheffield*
Vocals, GuitarSeth Richard
4-2Gabriel BrownBlack Jack Blues
Vocals, GuitarGabriel Brown
4-3The Blues BoysWorried Man Blues
GuitarLouis Hayes (2)
Vocals, GuitarAlec Seward
4-4Ralph WillisIncome Tax Blues
BassDumas Ransom
DrumsUnknown Artist
GuitarBrownie McGhee
Vocals, GuitarRalph Willis
4-5Dennis McMillan*Poor Little Angel
Vocals, GuitarDennis McMillan*
4-6Blind Willie McTellBroke Down Engine Blues
Vocals, GuitarBlind Willie McTell
4-7Pinetop SlimApplejack Boogie
Vocals, GuitarPinetop Slim
4-8Dan PickettNumber Writer
Vocals, GuitarDan Pickett
4-9Big Boy EllisShe's Gone
BassGene Ramey
GuitarBrownie McGhee
Vocals, PianoBig Boy Ellis
4-10Leroy DallasYour Sweet Man Blues
GuitarBrownie McGhee
PianoWilbert Ellis
Vocals, GuitarLeroy Dallas
4-11Stick McGheeBlues Mixture
BassGene Ramey
DrumsUnknown Artist
GuitarBrownie McGhee
PianoWilbert Ellis
Vocals, GuitarStick McGhee
4-12Little David (10)Shackles Round My Body
Vocals, GuitarDavid Wylie
4-13Curley WeaverTicket Agent
Vocals, GuitarCurley Weaver
4-14Marylyn ScottI Got What My Daddy Likes
Vocals [Male]Unknown Artist
Vocals, GuitarMarylyn Scott
4-15John Lee (26)Blind's Blues
Vocals, GuitarJohn Lee (26)
4-16John Tinsley & Fred HollandKeep Your Hands Off 'Er
GuitarFred Holland
Vocals, GuitarJohn Tinsley
4-17Hank KilroyAwful Shame
PianoUnknown Artist
Vocals, GuitarHank Kilroy
4-18Doug QuattlebaumLizzie Lou
Vocals, GuitarDoug Quattlebaum
4-19Duke BayouRub A Little Boogie
DrumsUnknown Artist
Vocals, PianoChampion Jack Dupree
WashboardUnknown Artist
4-20Brownie McGheeSo Much Trouble
GuitarStick McGhee
Vocals, GuitarBrownie McGhee
4-21Lazy Slim JimWine Head Baby
GuitarUnknown Artist
Vocals, GuitarEdward Harris*
4-22Sonny TerryBaby, Let's Have Some Fun
BassJames Harris*
DrumsMelvin Merritt
GuitarBrownie McGhee
OrganDoc Bagby
Vocals, HarmonicaSonny Terry
4-23Willie Baker*Rumors About My Baby
DrumsUnknown Artist
PianoUnknown Artist
Vocals, GuitarWillie Baker*
4-24Square WaltonGimme Your Bankroll
GuitarMickey Baker
HarmonicaSonny Terry
PianoFletcher Smith
VocalsSquare Walton
4-25Champion Jack DupreeShake Baby Shake
DrumsWillie Jones
Vocals, PianoChampion Jack Dupree

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First released June 15 2004
Artist potraits: The Frank Driggs Collection

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