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VariousElectric Psychedelic Sitar Headswirlers Volumes 1-11

Label:Rubble (2) – RUBCDBOX6
Série:Electric Psychedelic Sitar Headswirlers – Volumes 1-11
11 x CD, Compilation, Remastered, Unofficial Release
Genre:Jazz, Rock, Folk, World, & Country
Style:Psychedelic Rock, Folk, Jazz-Rock, Experimental


Vol. 1
1-1Ray Brown (4) & Moonstone (4)Story Of Ali
1-2Linn CountyMoon Food
1-3J.K. And Co.*Magical Fingers Of Minerva
Arranged ByRobert Buckley*
PerformerJay Kaye
1-4Omega Redstar*Rettenetes Emberek
Lead GuitarGyörgy Molnár
1-5The Basement WallTeenybopper
DrumsBarrie Edgar
Lead Guitar, Sitar, VocalsRichard Lipscomb
Rhythm Guitar, KeyboardsGeorge Ratzlaff
1-6Abacus (3)Song For Brunhilde
Vocals, Guitar, SongwriterChris Williams (10)
1-7Bröselmachine*La Rotta
1-8GualbertoLuz De Invierno
1-9Darius (3)I Feel The Need To Carry On
Backing BandGoldenrod (2)
ProducerPat Glasser
1-10Blonde On Blonde (2)Spinning Wheel
PerformerRalph Denyer (3)
1-11The Pretty ThingsBracelets
Bass, Guitar, Wind [Wind Instruments], PianoWally Allen
DrumsTwink (4)
Lead GuitarDick Taylor (2)
Organ, Sitar, PercussionJohn Povey
VocalsPhil May
1-12The Frederic*Morning Sunshine
GuitarBob Geis
VocalsJoe McCargar
1-13The Flames (6)Solitude
1-14July (3)The Way (Unreleased Acetate Version)
BassAlan James
LeaderTom Newman (2)
PerformerJon Field, Tony Duhig
1-15West Coast Pop Art Experimental Band*A Child's Guide To Good And Evil
1-16Fraternity Of Man*Wispy Paisley Skies
PerformerElliot Ingber
1-17The Misty WizardsIt's Love
PerformerDick Keelan*, Ted Lucas
1-18RamasesMolecular Delusion
1-19COB*Let It Be You
PerformerClive Palmer, John Bidwell
1-20Lord SitarI Am The Walrus
Directed By, Producer, Arranged ByJohn Hawkins*
1-21The Vampire's Sound Inc.*Psycho Contact
Vol. 2
2-1US 69*I'm On My Way
2-2Merrell Fankauser & HMS Bounty*A Visit With Ayshia
DrumsLarry Meyers
GuitarBill Dodd (2)
Guitar, VocalsMerrell Fankhauser
2-3The Paper GardenMan Do You
ProducerGeoff Turner (3)
2-4State Of Mickey & Tommy*I Know What I Would Do
2-5Meic StevensThe Sailor & Madonna
2-6The Ghost*Abyssinia
2-7Mandrake Memorial*Dark Lady
BassRandy Monaco
DrumsJ. Kevin Lally
GuitarCraig Anderton
KeyboardsMichael Kac
2-81st CenturyLooking Down
ProducerDon Nix
Written-ByRay Stinnett
2-9People (4)Lucky John
BassRobert Levin*
DrumsDenny Fridkin*
GuitarGeoff Levin
OrganAlbert Ribisi
VocalsGene Mason
2-10SagramHeavenly Feeling
GuitarJim Moyes
Leader [Led By]Clem Alford
TablaKeshav Sathe
2-11Bobby CallenderSade Masoch
ProducerAlan Lorber
2-12Mushroom's GodDraped In Shades
2-13The Orient ExpressFor A Moment
GuitarBruno Giet
OudGuy Duris
2-14Elmer Gantry's Velvet OperaAir
BassJohn Ford (2)
DrumsRichard Hudson
GuitarColin Forster
Lead VocalsDave Terry (4)
2-15Erkin KorayKarli Dağlar
2-16Popol VuhNosferatu
Leader [Led By], KeyboardsFlorian Fricke
2-17BrainticketWatchin' You
Organ, FluteJoel Vandroogenbroeck
2-18Chocolate Watch Band*Living In The Past
ProducerEd Cobb
2-19Big Jim SullivanShe's Leaving Home
2-20Dr. Timothy LearyFreakout / Turn On, Tune In
Vol. 3
3-1The MopsAnthem
3-2Amboy Dukes*Psalms Of Aftermath
Leader [Led By]Ted Nugent
3-3St. Mikael*Bom Bom Mahadev
3-4Strawberry Alarm ClockBlack Butter
Lead GuitarEd King (2)
3-5Saffron (5)All Your Ambition
3-6Truth (13)Thoughts
3-7United States Of ExistenceMakin' My Scene
DrumsGary Schwartz
Guitar, Bass, Sitar [Electric Sitar]Paul Rieger (2)
KeyboardsBob Tiefenwerth*
Vocals, ThereminDennis Davison
3-8Meic StevensYorric
3-9Train (4)Dreams And Realities
SitarVincent Bell*
3-10The Third RailThe Invisible Man
3-11Hurdy GurdyPeaceful Open Space
BassTorben Forne
Vocals, Guitar, Sitar, HarpClaus Bøhling
3-12Mystic Astrologic Crystal Band*Factory Endeavour
3-13Chim Khotari*Eleanore Rigby
ProducerMike Vernon
3-14Them (3)Black Widow Spider
DrumsDave Harvey (7)
GuitarJim Armstrong
Instruments [Multi-Instrumentalist]Ray Elliott
ProducerRay Ruff
VocalsKenny McDowell
3-15Bobby CallenderRainbow Colors
ProducerAlan Lorber
3-16Ray Brown (4) & Moonstone (4)Start Of A New Day
3-17The StorybookPsych-Out Sanctorum
3-18KrokodilSunlight's Beautiful Daughter
LeaderHardy Hepp
PerformerTerry Stevens (2)
Vol 4
4-1Meckmark Men*Free
Leader [Led By]Claes 'Mecki' Bodemark*
4-2Stunts's Blue Leg Expedition*Caves Of Her Mind
4-3The Ugly DucklingsI Know What To Say
Bass [Uncredited]John Read (7)
4-4Jason Merrick & The FindersI'm Not What You Are
Written-ByRonnie Putirka
Written-By [Uncredited]Ron Cobb (4)
4-5MoonkyteWhere Will The Grass Grow
LeaderDave Stansfield
4-6Dantalion's Chariot*This Island
BassPat Donaldson
DrumsColin Allen
KeyboardsZoot Money
PerformerAndy Somers*
4-7Nick Carter (6)Prayer To Saint Peter
4-8The Twilights (3)Time And Motion Study Man
Leader [Led By], GuitarTerry Britten
Leader [Led By], VocalsGlenn Shorrock
4-9The FolkswingersEight Miles High
4-10Ananda ShankarRenunciation
4-11The New Tweedy Brothers*Wheel Of Fortune
4-12Wizz JonesOne Grain Of Sand
4-13Kuni Kawachi & The Flower Travelling Band*Graveyard Of Love
4-14Full Moon Band (2)Morning Is Born
4-15Chim KothariIndian Bat
ProducerMike Vernon
4-16A Little Bit Of SoundIncense & Peppermints
4-17The Lemon PipersThe Shoemaker Of Leatherwear Square
4-18Mehrpoojah*آسمان ميگريد امشب = Tonight The Sky Is Crying
4-19C.O.B. (2)Music Of The Ages
PerformerClive Palmer, John Bidwell
4-20Popera CosmicAurore Cosmic
Arranged ByWilliam Sheller
Vol 5
5-1Can Am Des PuigI Am That Living Soul
Leader [Led By]Juan Arcocha*, Leslie Mackenzie
Recorded By [With The Assistance Of]Daevid Allen
5-2The Shocking Blue*Waterboy
PerformerRobbie van Leeuwen
VocalsMariska Veres
5-3The Poppy FamilyFree From The City
PerformerSusan Jacks, Terry Jacks
TablaSatwant Singh
5-4Magic Carpet (3)Father Time
GuitarJim Moyes
SitarClem Alford
TablaKeshav Sathe
VocalsAlisha Sufit
5-5Saffron (5)Vision Is A Lonely Word
5-6Wendy KesselmanLonely Girl
Written-ByWendy Kesselman
5-7Elyse WeinbergOh Deed I Do
Written-ByBert Jansch
5-8CalendulaDance Of The Red Moon
5-9Montreal (3)Infinity
GuitarJean Cousineau
Piano, BassGilles Losier
ProducerRichie Havens
VocalsFran Losier
5-10Fit & LimoGopher Hat
5-11PentangleOnce I Had A Sweetheart
Acoustic GuitarBert Jansch, John Renbourne*
Double BassDanny Thompson
DrumsTerry Cox
VocalsJacqui McShee
5-12Red Chair FadeawayAll Your Old Tricks
Leader [Led By], Vocals, InstrumentsShirley Souter
PerformerRichard Mason, Tim Vass
5-13Sheila ChandraStorm Trance
5-14Sheila ChandraLament Of McCrimmon (Song Of The Banshee)
5-15Sally EatonFlowers In The Air
5-16Ananda ShankarCyrus
5-17Wylde Olde Souls*The Sun God
Vocals, Guitar, PercussionIvy Vale
Vocals, Lead Guitar, BouzoukiRick Reil
5-18Kali BahluHow Can I Tell My Guru
Vol 6
6-1Tomorrow (2)Real Life Permanent Dream
GuitarSteve Howe
VocalsKeith West
6-2The Shiny Gnomes*Temple Balls
6-3The Fox (4)Butterfly
6-4Mystic Astrologic Crystal Band*Sunbeams & Rainbows
6-5The Cosmic GardenersWay Of Going
Vocals, Bass, Organ, SynthesizerBela Sue
Vocals, Guitar, SynthesizerRiff (2)
6-6The Nova LocalForgotten Man
BassJim Opton
DrumsBill LeVasseur
GuitarJoe Mendyk
KeyboardsCam Schinhan
ProducerElliot Mazer
VocalsRandy Winburn
6-7Family (6)Face In The Cloud
BassRic Grech*
DrumsRob Townsend
GuitarJohn Whitney*
6-8Joseph (16)Cold Biscuits & Fish Heads
Guitar, VocalsJoseph Longeria
6-9Cheops (2)Salem Bibi
Leader [Fronted By], Guitar, VocalsTrev Logan
6-103 Hur-El*Ağlarsa Anam Ağlar
Co-producerRod Stewart
6-12Tomerclaus*Jeg Vil Gerne Standses
6-13Paroni Paakunainen*Mango-Puu
6-14Magna CartaThe Bridge At Knaresborough Town
Guitar, VocalsChris Simpson, Davey Johnstone
VocalsGlen Stuart
6-15The Click*Many Times Jimbo
ProducerTom Wilson (2)
Leader [Led By], OrganRoland Bocquet
6-17The Fallen Angels (3)I'll Drive You From My Mind
Leader [Led By], Vocals, BassJack Bryant
6-18Violeta De OutonoWithin You Without You
DrumsClaudio Souza
Vocals, GuitarFabio Golfetti
6-19The DavidAnother Day Another Lifetime
BassChuck Spieth
GuitarMark Bird
Vocals, KeyboardsWarren Hansen
Vol. 7
7-1EuclidLazy Livin
DrumsJay Leavitt
GuitarRalph Mazzota*
Vocals, GuitarGary Leavitt
7-2The Unspoken WordAnniversary Of My Mind
VocalsDedee Puma*
7-3Oriental SunshineAcross Your Life
7-4Wolfgang Dauner QuintetTake Off Your Clothes To Feel The Setting Sun
DrumsRoland Wittich
GuitarPierre Cavalli
Guitar, SitarSiegfried Schwab
Piano, Organ, VocalsWolfgang Dauner
7-5Truth (32)Archimed's Pad (Squared Room)
7-6Bit A Sweet*Speak Softly
Producer, Written-BySteve Duboff
7-7Flower Travelling Band*Dhoop
7-8Tales Of JustineSitting On A Blunestone
DrumsBruce Hurford
KeyboardsPaul Myerson (2)
Lead Guitar, VocalsDavid Daltrey
7-9The Twilights (3)Devendra
GuitarTerry Britten
Leader [Led By]Glen Shorrock*
7-10Wizz JonesAmerican Land
7-11The Saddhu Band*I Give You Johnnée The Truth
Double BassGlen Moore
SitarCollin Walcott
7-13Lawson & 4 More*Half Way Down The Stairs
KeyboardsTerry Manning
Leader [Led By]Bobby Lawson
7-14Pregnant InsomniaWallpaper
GuitarNeville Wills
Vocals, BassRocky Shan*
7-15The MirageTomorrow Never Knows
BassDee Murray
DrumsDave Hynes*
7-16Brand X (3)Sun In The Night
DrumsPhil Collins
7-17Unknown ArtistUntitled ?
Vol. 8
GuitarRob Huxley*
VocalsStan Solomon
8-2Bill Plummer & His Cosmic Brotherhood*Journey To The East
8-3Boeing Duveen & The Beautiful Soup*Jabberwock
PerformerDr. Sam Hutt*
8-4David HemmingsAnathea
8-5Gates Of FreedomThe Earth Is The Lord's
8-6The KoalaStrange Feelings
Lead GuitarLouis Caine
ProducerArt Polhemus, Bob Wyld
8-7Blossom ToesJust Above My Hobby Horse's Head
Written-ByRichie Havens
8-8101 StringsKarma Sitar
8-9Greenwood, Curlee & ThompsonLittle Willy
Guitar, Violin, Sitar, VocalsRichard Greenwood (3)
Harmonica, VocalsJohn Curlee
Piano, Guitar, VocalsClyde Thompson (3)
8-10Forum Quorum*Girl Make Up Your Mind
8-11Iron ButterflySlower Than Guns
8-12John Renbourne*Lamento Di Tristan
8-13Charlie & EsdorDå Klagar Mina Grannar
Bass, Guitar, VocalsEsdor Jensen
Sitar, Drums, VocalsEdmund 'Charlie' Franzen*
8-14The Living Room (5)Just A Little Song
GuitarKai Becker
Vocals, FluteAnke Schattefor
Vocals, GuitarDennis Busch
Vocals, OrganGolbarg Zolfaghari
8-15The Seventh SealSpiritual Springs
PerformerMakoto Kawabata
8-16Balsara & His Singing SitarsStrawberry Fields
8-17Humble PieThe Light Of Love
8-18Quintessence (3)Notting Hill Gate
Leader [Led By]Raja Ram
8-19Sri AtmaAjit
Vol. 9
9-1Apocolypse*Let It Die
9-2No StrangeSmiling Time
9-3Gandalf (3)Can You Travel In The Dark Alone
Leader [Led By]Peter Sando
9-4The Zodiac Cosmic Sounds*Aries - The Fire-Fighter
NarratorCyrus Faryar
9-5The Surprise SymphonyLion Song
Guitar, Bass, Piano, Sitar, CelloDamien Youth
Instruments [Instrumental Support]Berkeley (3), Zane Armstrong
Lyrics ByRobyn Nice
9-6Universe (22)Jade
9-7Alex*Tales Of Purple Sally
9-8The Dave Pike SetMathar
9-9Gabor SzaboSearch For Nirvana
9-10Superfine Dandelion*Ferris Wheel
9-11The HobbitsI'm Just A Young Man
9-12The FolkswingersNorwegian Wood
9-13Them (3)Time Out For Time In
DrumsDave Harvey (7)
GuitarJim Armstrong
ProducerRay Ruff
VocalsKenny McDowell
9-14Chad & JeremySunstroke
ProducerGary Usher
9-15Pierrot LunaireNarciso
9-16J.A. Caesar*A Psychedelic Opera...Excerpt
Volume 10
10-1GalliardAsk For Nothing
GuitarRichard Pannell
VocalsGeoff Brown
10-2Shawn Phillips (2)Stargazer
10-3Brian BennettTricycle
10-4Sopwith CamelDancin' Wizard
ProducerErik Jacobsen
10-5Rick HaywardLight In The Sky
Instruments [All]Rick Hayward
ProducerMike Vernon
10-6The HoneydewNever By Me
Lead GuitarFrank Harrison (7)
Rhythm GuitarStewart Mawdesly*
10-7The Flower PotWantin' Ain't Gettin'
PerformerMike Deasy
Written-By [Uncredited]Mike Deasy
10-8The Sugar ShoppeThe Attitude
10-9The Fallen Angels (3)Most Children Do
Leader [Led By], Vocals, BassJack Bryant
10-10Doug McArthurDreams & Visions
10-11Rebecca And The Sunny Brook FarmersWhat Do You Think Of The War?
10-12William TruckawayI Go Slow
10-13The Ceyleib PeopleZendan
Leader [Led By]Mike Deasy
PerformerRy Cooder
Written-By [Uncredited]J. Horn*, J. Osborn*, L. Hyd*
10-14Twinn ConnexionI Think I'll Just Go And Find Me A Flower
Backing Band, GuitarJay Berliner
10-15The Free SpiritsI'm Gonna Be Free
FeaturingLarry Coryell
ProducerBob Thiele
10-16The World Of OzLike A Tear
10-17The Virgin SleepLove
10-18Tony Scott (2)Homage To Lord Krishna
SitarColin Walcott*
Volume 11
11-1Chris Thompson (12)Hugo Spellman
11-2Volker KriegelZoom
11-3Indo-British Ensemble*Yaman (The Colonel's Lady)
11-4Raw (22)What To Do
Guitar, SitarZed Jenkins
11-5The Panbers*Rock & The Sea
11-6The DavidPeople Saying, People Seeing
BassChuck Spieth
GuitarMark Bird
Vocals, KeyboardsWarren Hansen
11-7The Whatt FourDandelion Wine
DrumsTom Ference
Lead GuitarJohn Langdon (5)
Lead Vocals, BassGreg Sanders (5)
Rhythm GuitarTom Bitters
Written-ByJerry Scheff
11-8Big Jim SullivanTallyman
11-9Zoot MoneySoma
11-10The Morgans (2)Rasal
11-11The Lewis & Clarke Expedition*House Of My Sorrow
InstrumentsKen Bloom
Leader [Fronted By]Boomer Clarke, Travis Lewis
11-12Vampires' Sound Incorporation*Dedicated To Love
11-13Gordon JacksonThe Journey
11-14Friend & Lover*Room To Let (To Rowena With Love)
PerformerCathy Conn, Jim Post
11-15Sagittarius (2)Glass
11-16Blue CheerBabaji (Twilight Raga)
PerformerGary Yoder
Sitar, DrumsNorman Mayell
11-17Shocking BlueAcka Raga
PerformerRobbie van Leeuwen
11-18Quintessence (3)Chant
Leader [Led By]Raja Ram


• 11 CDs • Over 200 tracks
• 84 page full colour booklet with rare photos, detailed biographies and full discographies

Track 1-4 is mistitled "Rettenettes" on the release.
Tracks 2-4 and 2-5 are in the wrong order in the track list.
Track 2-15 is mistitled "Kardi Daglar" on the release
Track 4-4 is erroneously listed as "Color Me Columbus" by Johnny Thompson Quintet on the release.
Track 4-7 is mistitled "Prayer To St Peter" on the release.
Track 4-9 is mistitled "8 Miles High" on the release.
Track 4-18 is mistitled "Love Dance Of The Lemmings" on the release.
Track 5-1 artist is miscredited to "The Book Of Am" on the release.
Track 6-1 is mistitled "Real Life Performed Dream" on the release.
Track 6-10 is mistitled "Aglarsa Aram" on the release.
Track 6-12 is mistitled "Jeg Vil Gerne" on the release.
Track 6-13 is mistitled "Mango Pu" on the release.
Track 7-3 is mistitled "Oriental Sunshine" on the release.
Track 7-5 is mistitled "Archimedes Pad" on the release.
Track 7-9 is mistitled "Devandra" on the release.
Track 7-10 is mistitled "America" on the release.
Track 7-11 is mistitled "I Give You Johnee" on the release.
Track 7-13 is mistitled "Halfway Down The Stairs" on the release.
Track 8-13 is mistitled "Da Klagar Mina" on the release.
Track 8-19 is not mentioned anywhere on the release.
Track 9-4 is mistitled "The Fire Fighters" on the release.
Track 9-7 is mistitled "Purple Sally" on the release.
Track 9-9 is mistitled "In Search Of Nirvana" on the release.

Some of the CDs have several skips throughout. This is due to a manufacturing error and applies to all copies.

Code-barres et autres identifiants

  • Code-barres (Text): 5 059179 000736
  • Code-barres (Scanned): 5059179000736
  • Société des droits d'auteur: AEPI
  • Autre (Catalog number CD 1): RUBCDBOX6A
  • Autre (Catalog number CD 2): RUBCDBOX6B
  • Autre (Catalog number CD 3): RUBCDBOX6C
  • Autre (Catalog number CD 4): RUBCDBOX6D
  • Autre (Catalog number CD 5): RUBCDBOX6E
  • Autre (Catalog number CD 6): RUBCDBOX6F
  • Autre (Catalog number CD 7): RUBCDBOX6G
  • Autre (Catalog number CD 8): RUBCDBOX6H
  • Autre (Catalog number CD 9): RUBCDBOX6I
  • Autre (Catalog number CD 10): RUBCDBOX6J
  • Autre (Catalog number CD 11): RUBCDBOX6K
  • Informations sur la matrice (CD 1): RUBCDBOX6-A
  • Informations sur la matrice (CD 2): RUBCDBOX6-B
  • Informations sur la matrice (CD 3): RUBCDBOX6-C
  • Informations sur la matrice (CD 4): RUBCDBOX6-D
  • Informations sur la matrice (CD 5): RUBCDBOX6-E
  • Informations sur la matrice (CD 6): RUBCDBOX6-F
  • Informations sur la matrice (CD 7): RUBCDBOX6-G
  • Informations sur la matrice (CD 8): RUBCDBOX6-H
  • Informations sur la matrice (CD 9): RUBCDBOX6-I
  • Informations sur la matrice (CD 10): RUBCDBOX6-J
  • Informations sur la matrice (CD 11): RUBCDBOX6-K


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