Ryota Koduka, Kenichi Tsuchiya, Toshiki Konishi, Shoji Meguro, Hidehito AokiShin Megami Tensei IV Original Soundtrack

Ryota Koduka - Shin Megami Tensei IV Original Soundtrack album cover
Label:Mastard Records – LNCM-1043~6
4 x CD, Album
Genre:Electronic, Stage & Screen
Style:Synthwave, Video Game Music


1-01Ryota KodukaMain Theme2:08
1-02Ryota KodukaSelf2:23
1-03Tsukasa MasukoHallucination1:17
1-04Ryota KodukaPremonition1:26
1-05Ryota KodukaHomesickness2:13
1-06Ryota KodukaThe Eastern Kingdom of Mikado2:41
1-07Ryota KodukaAquila Statue Plaza2:17
1-08Ryota KodukaBarracks1:45
1-09Ryota KodukaNaraku: Upper Strata3:04
1-10Ryota KodukaNegotiations1:27
1-11Ryota KodukaBattle - a12:00
1-12Ryota KodukaBattle Over0:43
1-13Ryota KodukaRooftop0:36
1-14Ryota KodukaK's Tavern2:14
1-15Ryota KodukaNaraku: Lower Strata3:04
1-16Ryota KodukaDomain2:19
1-17Ryota KodukaCrisis1:27
1-18Ryota KodukaBattle - b13:02
1-19Tsukasa MasukoMurmur0:43
1-20Ryota KodukaDistress2:21
1-21Ryota KodukaKiccigiorgi Forest2:47
1-22Ryota KodukaUnrest2:37
1-23Ryota KodukaConfrontation1:45
1-24Ryota KodukaBattle - b23:13
1-25Ryota KodukaExcavation Worker's Quarters1:51
1-26Tsukasa MasukoTerminal1:17
1-27Ryota KodukaCall1:10
1-28Tsukasa MasukoTraffic2:31
1-29Tsukasa MasukoCathedral of Shadows #13:11
1-30Tsukasa MasukoCathedral of Shadows #23:39
1-31Kenichi TsuchiyaCathedral of Shadows #33:55
1-32Hidehito AokiCathedral of Shadows #43:24
1-33Ryota KodukaCathedral of Shadows Demon Fusion0:46
2-01Ryota KodukaTokyo2:59
2-02Ryota KodukaBattle - a22:01
2-03Ryota KodukaAboveground Urban Area A2:46
2-04Ryota KodukaUeno Underground District2:48
2-05Ryota KodukaThe Hunter Association3:05
2-06Toshiki Konishi, Tsukasa MasukoBattle - c13:39
2-07Ryota KodukaAboveground Urban Area B3:35
2-08Ryota KodukaChallenge Quest α3:00
2-09Toshiki KonishiBattle - c23:13
2-10Ryota KodukaShinjuku Underground District3:53
2-11Ryota KodukaAshura-Kai Authorized Shop3:15
2-12Ryota KodukaBlack Market2:42
2-13Ryota KodukaAboveground Urban Area C3:35
2-14Ryota KodukaIkebukuro Underground District3:31
2-15Ryota KodukaKagome Tower2:31
2-16Ryota KodukaDistrust1:52
2-17Ryota KodukaRoppongi Area2:42
2-18Ryota KodukaShibuya Underground District3:42
2-19Ryota KodukaTension2:22
2-20Ryota KodukaGinza Underground District3:18
2-21Toshiki KonishiTsukiji Hongwanji3:46
2-22Ryota KodukaUnderground Passage1:26
2-23Ryota KodukaChaos Theme2:39
2-24Ryota KodukaTennozu Shelter1:57
2-25Kenichi TsuchiyaBattle - c43:34
3-01Ryota KodukaThe River Styx0:49
3-02Ryota KodukaCharon1:48
3-03Ryota KodukaChallenge Quest β2:37
3-04Ryota KodukaBattle - c33:43
3-05Ryota KodukaConversation1:43
3-06Shoji MeguroCLUB MILTON1:29
3-07Ryota KodukaMembers-Only Club2:00
3-08Ryota KodukaCafe Florida2:26
3-09Ryota KodukaTokyo Midtown3:10
3-10Ryota KodukaReverse Hills3:42
3-11Ryota KodukaAdvent1:13
3-12Ryota KodukaLaw Theme2:51
3-13Ryota KodukaSeparation0:43
3-14Ryota KodukaCamp Ichigaya3:05
3-15Ryota KodukaEnd0:46
3-16Ryota KodukaYamato Perpetual Reactor2:41
3-17Ryota KodukaThe White2:42
3-18Ryota KodukaBlasted Tokyo3:10
3-19Ryota Koduka, Tsukasa MasukoKiyoharu2:23
3-20Ryota Koduka, Tsukasa MasukoBlasted Tokyo: Underground Shelter2:09
3-21Ryota KodukaPluto Castle2:17
3-22Toshiki KonishiBattle - a33:41
3-23Tsukasa Masukochaos -origin-4:10
3-24Ryota KodukaBlasted Ichigaya1:32
3-25Ryota KodukaInfernal Kasumigaseki2:12
3-26Ryota KodukaInfernal Tokyo2:42
3-27Ryota KodukaInfernal Tokyo: Underground District3:15
3-28Tsukasa Masukolaw -origin-1:10
3-29Ryota KodukaInfernal Ichigaya1:59
3-30Ryota KodukaBattle - b31:50
3-31Ryota KodukaRelease1:11
3-32Ryota KodukaMonochrome Forest2:40
4-01Ryota KodukaThe National Defense Divinities0:45
4-02Ryota KodukaNeutral Theme1:44
4-03Ryota KodukaBattle - b44:13
4-04Ryota KodukaPurgatorium4:16
4-05Ryota KodukaBattle - b53:19
4-06Ryota KodukaBattle - b64:07
4-07Ryota KodukaKing1:07
4-08Ryota KodukaReign1:46
4-09Ryota KodukaLucifer Palace4:23
4-10Ryota KodukaBattle - b73:29
4-11Ryota KodukaBattle - b84:36
4-12Ryota KodukaMission0:44
4-13Ryota KodukaMessiah0:54
4-14Ryota KodukaMasakado0:44
4-15Ryota KodukaThe Great Spirit of Hope1:59
4-16Ryota KodukaDaybreak2:18
4-17Ryota KodukaGoddess0:47
4-18Tsukasa MasukoShop2:39
4-19Shoji MeguroShinjuku3:28
4-20Tsukasa MasukoBattle - c54:12
4-21Ryota KodukaBattle - c63:49
4-22Ryota KodukaEnd Credits3:59



Credits adapted from

Original composer:

Ryota Koduka
Disc 1: 01, 02, 04~18, 20~25, 27, 33
Disc 2: 01~05, 07, 08, 10~20, 22~24
Disc 3: 01~05, 07~21, 24~27, 29~32
Disc 4: 01~17, 21, 22

Kenichi Tsuchiya
Disc 1: 31
Disc 2: 25

Toshiki Konishi
Disc 2: 06, 09, 21
Disc 3: 22

Tsukasa Masuko
Disc 1: 03, 19, 26, 28~30
Disc 2: 06*
Disc 3: 19*, 20*, 23, 28
Disc 4: 18, 20

Shoji Meguro
Disc 3: 06
Disc 4: 19

Hidehito Aoki
Disc 1: 32

(*: composer info from the liner notes)

Arrangers (from the liner notes):

Ryota Koduka
Disc 1: 26, 28~32
Disc 2: 09
Disc 3: 06, 23
Disc 4: 18

Kenichi Tsuchiya:
Disc 1: 03, 19
Disc 2: 25
Disc 3: 28
Disc 4: 19, 20

Toshiki Konishi
Disc 2: 06

2.06 based on Virtual Battler from SMT2 by Tsukasa Masuko.
2.25 based on Fiend (also called Majin) from SMT1 (PS version) by Kenichi Tsuchiya.
3.06 based on Normal Battle from SMT3 by Shoji Meguro.
3.19, 3.20 based on Law from SMT1 by Tsukasa Masuko.

Mastering Engineer: Yuta Nakamura (SMC)
Mastering Studio: Sony Music Studios Tokyo

Barcode and Other Identifiers

  • Barcode: 4 580357 660592
  • Matrix / Runout (Disc 1): LNCM-1043 1X
  • Matrix / Runout (Disc 2): LNCM-1044 1X
  • Matrix / Runout (Disc 3): LNCM-1045 1X
  • Matrix / Runout (Disc 4): LNCM-1046 2W
  • Mastering SID Code (Disc 1): IFPI L231
  • Mastering SID Code (Disc 2): IFPI L231
  • Mastering SID Code (Disc 3): IFPI L231
  • Mastering SID Code (Disc 4): IFPI L244
  • Mould SID Code (Disc 1): IFPI 4011
  • Mould SID Code (Disc 2): IFPI 4011
  • Mould SID Code (Disc 3): IFPI 4011
  • Mould SID Code (Disc 4): IFPI 4011


  • kal222's avatar
    coolest game soundtrack artwork ever, wish it wasnt so expensive
    • Knight_Falchion's avatar
      comes with a in a very nice box package. CDs all sound great and the tracklist covers pretty much everything you hear in game. well worth it for any fans of the game and its amazing soundtrack, both as a collector's item and a listening experience.


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