Aphex Twin - Houston, TX 12.17.16 joshuatxuk

28 décembre 2016
edité over 4 years ago
500 pressed, 420 of which were sold at DFN merch table. This according to tweet from WARP representative. Allegedly, according to soundcloud comment replies, this will be the only run and similar releases might occur at later live shows Aphex Twin is playing this year.

One per person policy was eventually implemented before they ran out. When I went around 2:15 PM or so those at merch table were pretty vague and nonchalant about the release, only saying it was an exclusive 12" when asked about it. Like a few others I was able to leave the festival, take it to my car parked indoors, and come back before the weather became crazy. This is why some copies are mint whereas others had sleeves battered up from the show.

Music on both sides is akin to techno styles of output from labels like Tresor or Sandwell District. As far as comparable work to RDJ's other output I'd say it is most similar to his early releases with Mike Dred as Universal Indicator as well as tracks from his Bradley Strider and Caustic Window aliases.

Aphex Twin - Houston, TX 12.17.16 horrelepiep

8 janvier 2020
500 u say? I wonder if that is the same for all the concert releases? Where did u find this tweet?
Thank you.

Aphex Twin - Houston, TX 12.17.16 garzaej1

14 avril 2017
Man I had my hands on one but they didn't take CC's! I was pissed then the ATM was broken... I had to find another one, when I went back the chick in front of me go the last one!!! I WAS PISSED!!! Congrats on the snag thought!! It was an epic show for sure!