Télépopmusik - Genetic World as reviewed by funkynial

24 juin 2019
Sounds amazing! Clean flat pressing. Dynamic with a nice sound stage. It has a full, warm and rich sound. This one was done right!

Tryphème - Thanks God For Air Emotions as reviewed by rising-health

24 juin 2019
edité 4 minutes ago
The mighty french producer Tryphème seems to have keys for very intimate places. A very charming atmosphere can be found on "Thanks God For Air Emotions", less popish and more introverted than her 1st album, she invites us, here, to fall in a very deepful'n'romantic mood. Seems most of the tracks (1 to 5) were recorded as "test" and never been finished, but, they all have their charming and catchy effect like this. "For Olympe" & "Wireless Tattoo" are exactly pieces we would let our soul melt for hours in this hot purple eye by waiting for apocalypse. From 6th track till end, the album will take another direction, inviting to a sensual dance propulsed by more rhythmical recordings.

Tryphème got the point when it comes to space and effects, a bouncing mix of groove and mental language will be delivered. Discovering it in Paris for her concert au "Petit Bain" just before Plaid (16.06.19), "Out Of Time" is presented here as a studio version. Meanwhile, when it comes to be played live, you'll always find exclusive version of this track (of all tracks in general, always reworked for the audience and place). Bonus note> Would be exciting to see "Redlight" and "Musical Object" (?) released in the future.

Thanks little bird for air emotions.

Mr Fingers* - Cerebral Hemispheres as reviewed by Cyrilnoya

24 juin 2019
An amazing album from the Master, we hope for a new one soon, thanks Mr. Heard!

Hooverphonic - The Magnificent Tree as reviewed by funkynial

24 juin 2019
Sounds nice! Decent sound stage. Clean pressing and at a good price!

Neurotron - Dub Mission EP as reviewed by Class77

24 juin 2019
Where can i buy this??? ! !

Roman Debnar - Dark Matter EP as reviewed by alo_o

24 juin 2019
beautiful release. definitely one of my personal favourites for 2019. very well executed, vintage, maybe anachronistic, sound. nice!

Raphael Saadiq - Stone Rollin' as reviewed by DarreLP

24 juin 2019
This is an amazing album. Modern soul done perfectly. I'm a little bummed we haven't heard more from him these past few years. This LP does seem to lack a bit in terms of sound, but I think that was an intentional artistic decision to go with a slightly lo-fi vibe--and it fits the music just fine.

Z-Factor Featuring Jesse Saunders - Fantasy as reviewed by jancito303

24 juin 2019
A bit puzzled that there isn't a single comment about this classic. Whichever side of the mythical "first ever house record debate" you are on (was it Fantasy, was it Jesse's On and on, was it Chip E's Time to Jack?), the historical importance of this record cannot be overstated.

Teflon Dons Feat. Gregory Porter - Tomorrow People as reviewed by natureboy

24 juin 2019
Yeah, pressed at 33 rpm's too. My copy is quiet and the sound is murky. Meh.

Memory Tree - Dual as reviewed by tony_giambrone

24 juin 2019
edité about 2 hours ago
Found this beauty at the much-neglected-and-overlooked 12" Singles section at Record Archive in Rochester, NY for $5 in 2018. It's a big, unorganized, and largely bad section but I always find some cheap gems. Often walk out with 20ish 12"s for ~$50.

Was struck by these during my brief listen at the store, but they sat on my record shelf at home without much attention for about a year. Just rediscovered them and gave a more attentive listen... I'm blown away!!! Two deep, dubby, psychedelic techno burners that absolutely rip at home or at the club. 5 STARS!!! Buy this on sight if you come across it for $5 at your hometown record store!

Jamie Cullum - Pointless Nostalgic as reviewed by funkynial

24 juin 2019
Sounds amazing! Clean flat pressing. Audiophile quality! Dynamic with a nice sound stage. It has a full, warm, rich and expansive sound. This one was done right!

Elvis Presley - Didja' Ever as reviewed by basilenathalie

24 juin 2019
thanks it was super too have it many thanks,from Belgie

Robert Cary & Errol Decambre - The Underground Soundz as reviewed by Class77

24 juin 2019
Phenomenal RECORD!!! Underground to the max!! :)) . !

Katelyn Tarver - Brand New Day as reviewed by rafaelmedinacamm

24 juin 2019
As soon as the Big Time Rush program came out, during its time, I followed the program, chapter by chapter, season by season, until its end.
And when it was over, I found out about the character that makes "Jo Taylor" in BTR "Katelyn Tarver" and when I found her, I realized that besides being an actress, she is a singer.
Then I started looking for his music; his albums, songs, EP's, etc ...
And as soon as I listen to her first album, I totally fell in love with her and her music. Then I kept looking for more albums about her, and listened to all her albums in order to see how she got them out.
And she is very good at doing her work, making her music.
Katelyn Tarver is a very good singer, her music is very good, I really enjoy my moments when I listen to her.
Katelyn is very good at what she does, and she once commented "that she loves music", and that is felt in her music, she feels the love that she has for music in her music.
His style is unique and I value that of her. She is a very good actress and singer. I'm really in love with his work and what he does. She and her music is part of my life, because I also grew up listening to her. She is fantastic!
I am not the best critic, but I have to say that she is fantastic, great, talented, beautiful, beautiful, she is an Angel, because she also has a great personality, which is why I fit more to know her, and I am totally in love with she.
I would do anything to meet her or talk to her, or whatever it is to know her, I'm a big fan of what she does. I'm speechless when I talk about her because I'm totally surprised by her. I really love her and her work too!

Dark (8) - Dark Cross The Ages as reviewed by MARKMP46

24 juin 2019
The pressing is painful. The sound is muffled. This in relation to the original LP.

Pink Floyd - The Division Bell as reviewed by lindy919

24 juin 2019
The ringing of The Division Bell signals the end of Pink Floyd.

Arca (4) - Reverie / Saunter as reviewed by mariano93as

24 juin 2019
I preordered the one and when it arrived my copy didn't have the fishnet casing, ask the store and they didn't wanted to send me a replacement.

Gloria Gaynor - Substitute as reviewed by weedin

24 juin 2019
This 45rpm record is Pressed by Polydor inc. Including the Artist of Gloria Gaynor, with the Songs of I will Survive and Substitute. on this version (my copy) both sides of the record are pressed with the same exact label. Both of which are the Gloria Gaynor Substiture label side, Not with "I will survive". The actual record as both songs recorded but is just not known which side is the i will survive or substitue is on until you play it and find out.

Martin Mull - Martin Mull And His Fabulous Furniture In Your Living Room as reviewed by dmurkland

24 juin 2019
Hilarious songs. Stage banter even more entertaining. This album is Mull at his best, closest to his live show, where his true talent surfaces. Martin Mull even as a musician was master of the audience & stage. That being said, I've heard him play seriously and he's still a way better musician than he shows on his LPs, which tend to accent the comic songs.
The ironic thing is that in 1973 I never thought Martin would be so much more popular as an actor than as a musician. Smart choice, but the music act was way better than millions of people are aware.

Kvelgeyst - Alkahest as reviewed by giantreptile

24 juin 2019
Grade A prime black metal. Even dare I say catchy at times. This genre can suffer from lack of dynamics and severe tunnel vision. This LP will satisfy purists and tourists.

Fat Boys - Big & Beautiful as reviewed by ekiel

24 juin 2019
This album is a ton of fun! My friends always request it at our weekly game nights. If you ever find it at your local used record store, get it.

Dr. John as reviewed by dmurkland

24 juin 2019
RIP Dr John. One of my all time favorites.
Had one rule..."You gotta dance to it" Amen! He lives on through his music.
RIP my man!

Moroccan Coco* - One Day as reviewed by Vinnybee

24 juin 2019
We reviewed the single in 1983, and I called it good music for the sakes of making good music but by www.deadbeatfanzine issue #24 I was watching the band in a classroom just outside Hamilton and drooling. Another great bunch of musicians making my life better. Thanks to their manager Jim, I also had a drink in my hand!

Pat Metheny Group - First Circle as reviewed by winchrecords

24 juin 2019
edité about 5 hours ago
Methany was probably the biggest seller on the ECM label, and he certainly had his moments, but for me, he's one of the least interesting and least enjoyable artists on the label, often either boring or annoying. On the other hand, this set is full of surprises and quite interesting for the most part. Even when it gets a bit boring, it usually remains enjoyable. It makes me wonder if I should at least sample more of his releases.

-- winch (Green Noise Records)

Maria Muldaur - Maria Muldaur as reviewed by dmurkland

24 juin 2019
This LP was briefly hot when it was released. Maria was loved in the music business, probably because she kindly had lent her wonderful voice to so many others.
And if you read the credits you see the amazing payback in side players. (Mac is Dr. John the Night Tripper, R.I.P!)
Though the album fad was short lived after the obligatory heavy radio push...
Fact is, This music is timeless. Look at the category genres and if you like stuff like you read, buy this recording immediately. You can't go wrong. This is a well prepared montage of the genres in the list, and for jazz fans you will appreciate how every single instrument is given that extra special touch.