Le Garazi Philanthropik(e) Orkestra ‎– Musiques D'intérieur

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Amanita ‎– AMAGAR01
Dec 2007
Jazz, Classical


Le Garazi Philanthropik(e) Orkestra

The orchestra... from strings to brass band ..... melodies of any kind.

The six multi - instrumentalist personalities of " Le Garazi Philanthropik (e) Orkestra " blow, pinch, strike. Rub, roar, jump.
A musical attitude which turns and builds itself through the manipulation of heterogeneous sound objects (the kazou, the Jew's harp, the yukulélé) and the use of more conventional instruments (trombone, cello, accordion..
An experiment of musical game, a rigorous accuracy of orchestration. Deep and light, the GArazi Philanthropik Orkestra, that's the mix of humor and dream.
Nostalgic, sophisticated, intimate. Unclassifiable, their music results from multiple roots and inspirations.
Listen! and you will see!

The " Garazi Philanthropik (e) Orkestra, that's like being at the corner of a street, a short glance on the moccasin gleaming with an Italian godfather whistling a melody of the post-war years Spanish; and then also as if some minutes later, you fell nose to nose on a wild brass band of toys, interrupted by the music box of a whitefaced clown without red nose; by the lament of a man in his fifties who leans at the counter of a bar; by the furious swing and springing from a joyful memory.

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4,50 € + 6,50 € expédition
(soit 12,09 $US total)