Alice Donut ‎– Revenge Fantasies Of The Impotent

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Alternative Tentacles ‎– VIRUS 91CD
CD, Album
Alternative Rock, Punk


1 Rise To The Skin 5:15
2 My Best Friend's Wife 4:35
3 Telebloodprintmediadeathwhore 3:29
4 What 1:21
5 Dead River 3:37
6 Sleep 3:44
7 Naked, Sharp & Perfect 2:53
8 Come Up With Your Hands Out 6:36
9 War Pigs 2:47
10 Good Pasta 2:32

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  • Barcode: 7 21616-0091-2 5

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Procédure D'Annulation Automatique: Les commandes seront annulées si le paiement n'est pas reçu dans les 13 jours.
I've just moved, so some items are hiding in the mailorder at the same time I am adding lots of new and second hand items that have also mysteriously arrived. I am away 2-8 & 14-22, 30-31 October 2019. and November 1-4 2019. Anything received during this time will be looked at on my return.

Overseas shipping is very expensive as Australia is far away from most places and vinyl is heavy so please keep that in mind and maybe look somewhere closer to you, especially if you are ordering 1 7"! or 1 CD <As of 1 October 2019 the prices have gone up again- and system significantly changed for the worse!! will need to check the letter rates, but I know the parcel rates, there is no longer sea-mail for items under 2kgs but value for money from 2 to 5kgs!>

I will combine shipping.

Rabbit Records & Yeah Yeah Mailorder has been operating based in Perth, Australia in one form or another since
June 1994 now as a part time mail order.

Sometimes I am out of town with work and away from the internet, other times Im looking after a toddler. i'm not ignoring you,so please excuse any tardiness.

Please contact me for shipping prices (most places I can send it normal air mail (takes usually between 1-3 weeks and now includes tracking) Economy Airmail (2-4 weeks) or sea mail (between 8-14 weeks, and only for items between 2kg and 5kg) and if your worried about your mail system, there is also registration or add insurance etc,) I'm not looking to overcharge, i just want to get an exact price.

Also I wont be held responsible for any unregistered or uninsured mail, if you are in any doubt then pay for the insurance or signature registration. Please do not ignore this warning..

Will cancel orders if I have no correspondence received within 13 days so get in touch if you have any delays..

If i notice the item condition isn't as is stated i will let you know asap and apologise beforehand.
Please note that with older Shop stock, may have minimal shelf wear

Here is an calculator to estimate how much it will cost to ship to you (it is a bit of a minefield!)

for Australians I'm in 6019 or 6024 for the parcel calculations- 1 LP is usually $9.00 or $12.00 registered plus a $1.60 for a mailer,
after that check the calculator although for multiple orders it usually works out better to put them in a 5KG bag
for either $18.95 or $25.95 Express Mail (as at 1/10/19).

As a rule of thumb guide,
1 12"LP= under 500grams
2-3 12" LP= under 1kg
4-5 12" = under 1.5kg.
6-8 12' under 2kg
There are now 8 different shipping zones, so the further you are away the more it costs, most zones have Air, economy air, or Sea Mail for larger items, then extra services such as insurance and registration they can offer at more cost!

As far as 7"s we can send 1 x 7"record, as an economy air letter for
Australia $4.00
NZ $5
Japan $6.20
US/Can $9.30
Europe $9.30
After that 7"s revert back to Parcels price. (Generally we can fit)

2-4 7"= under 500 grams
6-8 7" = under 1kg
(I can send 1 CD in a new CD Mailer letter post with little no protection)
Australia $4.50
NZ $9.60
Japan $10.30
US/Can $15.00
Europe $15.00
*sometimes the cd can fit under 125grams so will work out cheaper, I will let you know if the cds fits under this rate.
After that or if you want it cardboard wrapped/bubble wrap then it will go back to parcel rates....

Packaging is extra, if it is recycled then its free otherwise I will add the cost of the mailer, i will let you know....

Due to a few dodgy characters/mail systems will only send to the following countries registered mail unless contacted beforehand: Serbia, Mexico,Indonesia.(sorry but the stuff just keeps getting lost otherwise)

Finally feedback makes the discogs world go round! gives me piece of mind that you got what you wanted and are happy enough and that the postal system hasn't eaten or crushed or lost your items and yes I do realise that sea mail lengths makes it difficult for the 3 month response..

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13,00 $AU + expédition
(soit 8,90 $US)