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Thrash (also known as Crossover or Crossover Thrash) is a Metal and Punk hybrid which emerged in the early to mid 80's through the likes of D.R.I., Cryptic Slaughter and Suicidal Tendencies, the majority of Thrash bands being American. The style pioneers started out as pure Punk acts and had metal elements incorporated later with the popularisation of Speed Metal, the merging of Metal and Hardcore Punk was seen as a betrayal by Hardcore purists (as the likes of Hardcore/Crust Punk/Noisegrind band Sore Throat). Thrash is described by often short compositions (a majority not exceeding the three minutes mark), short-lasting or inexistent guitar solos, intense drumming, fast songs and mostly drive or shouted vocals.

Bearing in mind the first musicians of the style were teens or recently-turned adults (Cryptic Slaughter, for the case, were 14-16 years old when they recorded their first studio album, "Convicted"), the lyrics mostly deal with everyday struggles and social concerns - including drug use, urban violence, loyalty & trust, unemployment, poverty, environmental issues -, and political causes (a wide majority expressing dissatisfaction with the current establishment), showing preference for a leftist, in some cases anarchist, sociopolitical inclination. Other bands may have diverged from the average Thrash topics, such as The Accüsed (with zombie/gory songs), Wehrmacht (with beer and humourous songs) and Bad Yodelers (a Post-Punk/Speed Metal Hybrid with emotional songs), but still resembled the common Thrash topics in a few songs.

Thrash, in special the band Suicidal Tendencies, is also connected to the skating subculture, an influence of Skate Punk bands like JFA.

Thrash should not be mistaken for Thrash Metal, which is more metal based and is referred to as Speed Metal.

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