We are an antifascist crust-punk DIY Label then you should know that we have a life too and we ship twice a week , one time for abroad packages and another day for european customers (france included !).

Please be patient we never rip off someone and your parcel will finally arrive even with little delay ..
Thanks for your comprehension.

Precision : If you want a trackable parcel please you should ask us when you will place an order , otherwise we try to send parcels by the cheapest way even in international shipping !
Please don't ask few days after the shipping process to get a tracking number if you didn't ask to us before !!! Thank You !

All our parcels are secured with bubble wrap, cardboard protection in special vinyl / cd expedition parcels !
Vinyls out from covers to prevent damages during shipment except on demand or if sealed records.

Stickers in each mailorder , extras with packages + 30e +50e and +100e (Cd,Ep, Lp ,patchs, buttons, etc).

ATTENTION PLEASE !!! Sometimes (often ) with the new discogs expedition settings there's some mistakes in the shipping rates !
On the website the price is too much expensive for some vinyls and not enought for the seven inches (7") for one 7 inch postage international is 7,5e, for one tape it's 3e for one Lp it's 12e and less in europa and france !
Then please drop us a line when you want to place an order and we will give you the right price (better for you i think !!)
Many thanks

you can place an order but the eshop will be closed btw 31/12/2020 & 07/01/2021 !! Thanks

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Thanks to add it please!
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