Probe (7) - Beyond My Planet E.P. RHMRSYNTH

12 juin 2015
go go go go! ..one of my favorites, pure forwards.

Odysee Of Noises* - Circe / It's The Traxx RHMRSYNTH

3 mai 2015
"To my galaxy i'll take you .. through hyperspace.." - Sven Väth used to play this a lot those days in 91/92

C'hantal - The Realm RHMRSYNTH

2 avril 2015
edité about 1 month ago
what a voice..
sampled "pleasures of the highest sense"
sampled "the ultimate seduction..."
sampled "eternity's passed.."
sampled "something for your mind, your body, and your soul,"
"a journey of force .."
sampled "for your mind your body and your soul"
sampled "pleasures of the highest sense"
and of course
sampled all lyrics.

Mescalinum United - We Have Arrived (Remixes By Aphex Twin & The Mover) RHMRSYNTH

16 novembre 2014
edité over 4 years ago
Aphex Twins the Living Legend, but The Mover Remix is far superior imho. I may be FfM-biased,but not PCP-based ;-)

Dux Dux - This Is A Sound RHMRSYNTH

12 novembre 2014
edité over 4 years ago
The Acid Dance Mix was the first electronic dance tune i ever heard, around age 11. Introduced me to a whole new level of sound - the acid came a long time afterwards;)

Reload - The Reload EP RHMRSYNTH

10 novembre 2014
edité over 4 years ago
automatic satisfaction ... - the bassline that follows this sample break has to be one of the best 303 loops there are. 'can't wait tonight' is a monster of an energetic tune.

Fresh (2) - Dum-Dum RHMRSYNTH

5 novembre 2014
One of the first..

.. defining Acid House- and therefore Electronic Dance Music Releases ever.

Marusha - Over The Rainbow RHMRSYNTH

5 novembre 2014
The day that Techno died.

*The early great defining techno from 91/92 that is

Vein Melter - When You Feel It / Pump The Bass RHMRSYNTH

5 novembre 2014
pump the bass p-pump the bass ... - THIS record.
additionally: 2 very nice gems on red vinyl by the then ubercool space teddy label of love parade's dr. motte.