The Wiseguys - Executive Suite as reviewed by RoryHoy

20 août 2019
One of my favourite albums. The artist to be known as Fake Blood, DJ Touché and DJ Regal produced a real downtempo jazzy Big Beat masterpiece that still sounds just as (if not more) fresh in 2019 as it did all the way back in 1996. You would be a fool to miss out on this one.

Calvin Harris & Rag'n'Bone Man - Giant (Purple Disco Machine Remix) as reviewed by RoryHoy

17 août 2019
This is a great song, as it shows you can make a really good commercial Dance track without being super-cheesy, not to mention I really like Purple Disco Machine's remix too.

Christina Aguilera - Ain't No Other Man RoryHoy

11 août 2019
The producer of this song is none other than the legendary Golden Age Hip-Hop wizard - DJ Premier from Gang Starr, making it his Black Sheep Pop Hit. It's sort of like the 2000's equivalent of having a trendy underground House producer of the moment doing a tune with Ariana Grande.

While not a big fan of noughties teen pop, It's actually not a bad tune IMO.

Tom Waits RoryHoy

27 juillet 2019
Interestingly, he was one of the inspirations for Heath Ledger's portrayal of the Batman villain, The Joker in the 2008 classic 'The Dark Knight'. Watch an interview of Tom, and you'll see where Heath got his iconic voice and mannerisms from.

Kylie* - Can't Get You Out Of My Head as reviewed by RoryHoy

25 juillet 2019
A bit of a guilty pleasure of mine - When you hear it once, you won't get it out of your head. Na Na Na, Nana Na Na Na, Na Na Na, Nana Na Na Na, Na Na Na, Nana Na Na Na, Na Na Na, Nana Na Na Na . . . Oh crap, It's still in my head . . . Na Na Na, Nana Na Na Na, Na Na Na, Nana Na Na Na . . . Ms. Minogue sure knows how to make a great ear worm!

Daft Punk - Discovery as reviewed by RoryHoy

17 juillet 2019
2001 was a dark year in our history - 9/11, the Foot & Mouth crisis, the rise of lowbrow reality TV . . . thank goodness Tom and Guy-Man retuned and released this wonderful, wonderful album to take our minds off those awful events!

Every tune on this masterpiece of an album is a winner and was so good, there was even an awesome anime movie (Interstella 5555) that was made which uses this album as a soundtrack. Not much more to say other than if you haven't bought the album already - go ahead and buy/download/stream it right now - you won't regret it!

Shakin' Stevens - Green Door RoryHoy

8 juillet 2019
edité about 1 month ago
Saw this in a charity shop today, and I wondered if the sleeve is where Michael Jackson got the inspiration to do the iconic cover for his 'Thriller' LP?

Riva Starr - Curveballs (Remixes) as reviewed by RoryHoy

15 juin 2019
Harvey McKay's remix of 'Disco Loco' is 1000 flavours of epicness. It's a fantastic peak-time disco-tinged Techno tune that will get the dance floor going crazy.

Mike Gates RoryHoy

8 juin 2019
R.I.P. Mike - Will be missed dearly, Thank you for designing the sleeve of my first album + collaborating with me on 'Chase That Money' with Freddy Fresh. It's been an honour working with such talent.

Duke - New Beginning (Remixes) as reviewed by RoryHoy

23 mai 2019
Really lovely tune - Reminds me of 'What's Going On' era Marvin Gaye. The remixes from Cooly D are really good not forgetting the remixes from JayDee (Plastic Dreams) and The Wiseguys too!

Chevron - Memory Disks. Volume Two. as reviewed by RoryHoy

15 mai 2019
Absolutely stellar album from Chevron, who hails from the wonderfully tacky place known as Blackpool. Favourite tune would have to be 'Branches', which I initially heard on a Fake Blood DJ Mix. It's a really innovative and eclectic tune that combines sombre church organs with acid house and b-boy breaks. It sounds like a mess, but it works so well.

Chagrill's Gang - Rapper's Delight RoryHoy

12 mai 2019
I'd presume 1979 or 1980 to cash in on the success of Sugarhill Gang and early rap.

Fake Blood - USED Vol. 1 RoryHoy

27 avril 2019
This is a fantastic mixtape series - Love the way F.B. cuts up classic funk/jazz/library records that were sampled in golden era Hip-Hop tunes, which make you go "hey - that's where so-and-so got that sample from!". Highly recommended.

Madonna - Erotica RoryHoy

25 avril 2019
We all know she is REALLY singing “Bill Oddie, Bill Oddie, Rub Your Beard All Over My Body” - For those who don’t know, Bill Oddie is a famous Bird Watcher in the UK and one third of the comedy trio - The Goodies. The song was written at the time Madge had a secret relationship with him, though I probably made all this up, and I’m paying tribute to one of my favourite mondegreens (Misheard song lyrics)! Still, the thought of Madonna hitting on Bill Oddie is hilarious.

The Chemical Brothers - No Geography as reviewed by RoryHoy

20 avril 2019
Really enjoyed the latest album from Tom and Ed Chemical - Great to see the spirit of Big Beat is alive and well in 2019! Best tracks would have to be 'Bango', 'Got To Keep On', 'Gravity Drops' and the acid banger that is 'MAH'. Highly recommended for lovers of good Electronic Dance Music

A Tribe Called Quest - Like It Like That RoryHoy

17 avril 2019
One of the funkiest Hip-Hop productions ever courtesy of the Ummah, who were the late J.Dilla, Q-Tip and Ali Shaheed Muhammed. RIP to both the amazing Phife Dawg from Tribe Called Quest and of course J.Dilla

The Wiseguys - Ooh La La RoryHoy

23 mars 2019
Incredibly funky Big Beat track that never gets old. Always gets the dance floor going at Clubs, Festivals, Weddings, Bar Mitzvahs etc, and it hasn't aged a single day. The B-Side is also really good - very chilled Native Tounges-esuqe Hip-Hop.

Time Zone - Throw Ya Funky Hands Up RoryHoy

7 mars 2019
The instrumental version of this record was very influential in the 1990's Big Beat music scene in the UK, notably tunes such as Fatboy Slim's 'Gangster Tripping' were very heavily influenced by it.

John Lennon And Yoko Ono* - Two Virgins RoryHoy

27 février 2019
Beatle fangirls - be careful for what you wish for! A photo of John Lennon in the nude isn’t a pretty sight (or Yoko for that matter!).

Oasis (2), Mat Whitecross - Supersonic as reviewed by RoryHoy

16 février 2019
edité 6 months ago
Excellent documentary about one of the greatest rock & roll bands (and potty-mouthed hedonists) of all time. The only criticism would be that their famous beef with fellow Britpoppers, Blur doesn't get any mentions (despite being all over the Newspapers at the time) and only briefly mentions their career post-Knebworth towards the end but other than that, this is a very well made and highly entertaining and informative film, and these minor flaws do not detract from the viewing experience.

Amy Winehouse - Pumps RoryHoy

16 février 2019
Great trio of mixes of the tune 'F**k Me Pumps' from Amy's first album 'Frank'. MJ Cole's remix is classic UK Garage, while Mylo (who did the track 'Destroy Rock & Roll') does it in a Fatboy Slim-esque Big Beat style (which suits my sets perfectly) and of course, the already great original mix. Very catchy tune with humorous lyrics.

Michael Viner's Incredible Bongo Band* - Bongo Rock RoryHoy

6 février 2019
John Lennon and Ringo Starr from The Beatles have been rumoured to have been involved in some capacity on this album. If so, it just adds to the awesomeness of an already super dope record!

Mr. Scruff - Giffin RoryHoy

2 février 2019
edité 3 months ago
Fantastic tune from Manchester's best DJ. The original mix is a soulful 2-step esque Breakbeat tune and the vocal version by Speechless is simply beautiful. Nothing beats a good release from Mr. Scruff!

Doc Martin RoryHoy

15 janvier 2019
Legendary House DJ, NOT to be confused with the TV Character, Doc Martin (Martin Ellingham), a grumpy, but talented G.P. from Portwenn in Cornwall, who has a fear of blood portrayed by Martin Clunes.

Anna Calvi - Hunter RoryHoy

5 décembre 2018
Totally agree with you - Anna Calvi is a very talented lady - She has so much gravitas with just her voice and guitar. Can't wait to see her again at Deershed Festival next year - should be amazing.