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a référencé Amanda Gardier - Empathy. about 1 month ago
a référencé Ryan Keberle, Catharsis (25) - Into The Zone. 7 months ago
a posté un commentaire sur Brian Gibson - Thumper. about 1 year ago
I usually like to review records for their musical content--not their pressing quality--but I have to say that, despite some very nice Thrill Jockey albums that I own of Tortoise and Fiery Furnaces, this record sounds like crap. Right out of the sleeve, ... Voir l'avis en entier
a référencé The Bogmen - Lookin' For Heaven In The Barrio (33 1/3). over 6 years ago
a posté un commentaire sur Cornelius - Sensuous. over 8 years ago
  temi: No, you probably are talking about something else. I have the official EverLoving copy too, with no extra tracks. The packaging is 1st rate, but those gaps are pretty annoying. I had to go through each file and crop out the silence to hear it as ... Voir l'avis en entier
a posté un commentaire sur DJ Food - A Recipe For Disaster. over 9 years ago
Just wanted to say that DJ Food are multiple people. At least that's what it says in the liner notes to the Kaleidoscope release.
a posté un avis de Squarepusher - Music Is Rotted One Note. over 9 years ago
This happened to be my first foray into the world of Squarepusher... Odd introduction since it is not representative of what he is known for. I’d read an article back in ’99 in a local newspaper about a new “folk” drum & bass album with Miles Davis ... Voir l'avis en entier
a posté un avis de Theo Parrish - Extended Boundaries. over 10 years ago
First of all, this is the first Theo Parrish mix I have heard, so unfortunately I cannot compare it to other sets he has done.

Overall, it is quite a weird mix of tracks; not your traditional house mix. If you've read any interviews of Theo Parrish, ... Voir l'avis en entier
a posté un avis de múm - Finally We Are No One. over 10 years ago
This album is filled with some magical melodies, but for some reason it has never been able to keep my interest for more than two or three songs. Maybe that's because of the lulling nature of the music: long quiet sections in songs, the half-whispering ... Voir l'avis en entier