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a posté un commentaire sur Push Button Objects - Unauthorized. over 3 years ago
Been unsure of the speed of this one for some time. 45rpm?
a posté un commentaire sur µ-Ziq - Somerset Avenue Tracks (1992-1995). over 5 years ago
acidAlex, there is no expiration date printed so I assume the expiration to be when the download provider ( goes out of business
a posté un commentaire sur µ-Ziq - Tango N' Vectif. over 6 years ago
Agreed, that was Bluff Limbo. Have you seen the artwork? Frustratingly, a friend had (and lost!) Bluff Limbo on LP and it was just as you described, on rather flimsy (easily warped) vinyl.
a posté un avis de µ-Ziq - Salsa With Mesquite. over 6 years ago
On the face of it, this release may seem mediocre, but don't be fooled. I've spent the last 18 years trying to work out if it's just me or is this the best release in my record collection. You have to take the rough with the smooth.
a posté un avis de µ-Ziq - Somerset Avenue Tracks (1992-1995). over 6 years ago
Wow, since long time I've heard about his shoeboxes of DATs and now we get to hear them! Or at least those lucky enough to have been able to jump upon one of the meagre 300 copies of this. It's been a cruel mystery to me why Mike changed his style in '95 ... Voir l'avis en entier
a posté un commentaire sur Fennesz - Seven Stars. over 8 years ago
July on this release is the same track as the June release on Table of the elements as far as my ears can tell.
a posté un commentaire sur Boards Of Canada - Twoism. over 8 years ago
100 copies on Music70, the rest on Warp, surely?
a posté un avis de Hecker - IT ISO161975. over 10 years ago
This is less cerebral than his later works but still very abstract. Some of the tracks make awesome use of the frequency spectrum and the end result is like nothing else. The experience can be compared to being stuck inside a massive industrial machine. ... Voir l'avis en entier
a posté un avis de Drexciya - Grava 4. over 14 years ago
My take is that it's a hit and miss album, but the last track, 'Astronomical Guidepost', is just the moodiest, meanest Drexciya track around. A lot of Drexciya's work seems to be live jams, and for this track they were really on form.
a posté un avis de GAK - GAK. over 15 years ago
Admittedly the tracks go on a bit with not a huge amount of variation, but they have the classic aphex sound to them. Being upwards of 13 years old you can't blame them from sounding a bit dated, but none of his peers sounded like this (did he even have ... Voir l'avis en entier
a posté un avis de Fennesz. over 16 years ago
Fennesz is contemporary electronic music of the highest calibre. Songs usually consist of skillfull application and manipulation of dense sonic textures with a genuine feel of the live, real-time. There is frequent use of controlled time-smearing which ... Voir l'avis en entier
a posté un avis de Seefeel - Fracture / Tied. over 16 years ago
'Fracture' also appears on the succour album. 'Tied' stands out a mile for me here. There's a temptation to describe it as evil but that would be wrong. It is totally uncompromising and dark with a commanding snare-like drum on beats 2 and 4 and full-on ... Voir l'avis en entier
a posté un avis de Locust. over 16 years ago
Mark Van Hoen's project was initially responsible for ground-breaking dark and introspective electronic music. Later releases favour the darker examinations of love and relationships without lyrics (Truth is born of arguments), then with lyrics from ... Voir l'avis en entier