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a posté un avis de Βαγγέλης Παπαθανασίου* - Φόρος Τιμής Στον Γκρέκο. 2 months ago
Some themes are very similar to Mythodea concerto from 2001.
a posté un avis de Vangelis - Delectus (The Polydor & Vertigo Recordings • 1973-1985). 2 months ago
I really wonder if Vangelis will be ever releasing the music from IAAF in 97 played at Athens, 2004 Athens olympic opening, Antigone, Qatar concerto from 2012. What about the Tegos tapes, the Cosmos unreleased music and every piece he played for singular ... Voir l'avis en entier
a posté un commentaire sur Vangelis. 4 months ago
It may be similar to Mythodea but at the same time is not. I know that from the live version bootleg, and so it disapoints me to hear that! It was cancelled for what, low budget, conflict of interests or something else?! Now those recordings will stay in ... Voir l'avis en entier
a posté un commentaire sur Various - Unity (The Official Athens 2004 Olympic Games Album). 5 months ago
Where is Vangelis in this bunch of arbitrary random names typed on keyboard?
a posté un avis de Various - 5th IAAF World Championships In Athletics Göteborg 1995. 7 months ago
And the 1997 Vangelis IAAF edition is not even today released! Of course, we have to stick to the random crappy names typed on keyboards! Vangelis masterpieces must stay in old dusty archives!
a posté un commentaire sur Vangelis - Qatar. 7 months ago
Unbelievable! There are people which launch every single week a bunch of noise as music and this is just a live recording. Why Vangelis? Why you have to keep for yourself the studio recordings as you did with the IAAF performance in 1997. He could ... Voir l'avis en entier
a posté un avis de Vangelis - Live at Qatar. 7 months ago
Really trash quality audio of this music. It deserves a studio clean recording!
a posté un commentaire sur Vangelis. 8 months ago
Does anyone know anything about his recordings of IAFA Athens 97? I'm looking for a good recording, either from DVD or from a CD!
a posté un avis de Sofia Vicoveanca - Astăzi Joc Și Mă Simt Bine . over 2 years ago
This is such a poor quality CD! All tracks are mp3 quality!
a posté un commentaire sur Zinaida Julea - Pentru Inima Oricui.... over 2 years ago
All tracks are mp3 remaster! Thank you music master for this:(((
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a posté un commentaire sur Gheorghe Zamfir - Maestrul Naiului. over 2 years ago
First CD is with Doina Moldovei and conductor Botgros?! Quite strange colaboration!