Eazy-E - The Boyz-N-The Hood hipnogger

19 décembre 2017
If you see the labels compared to the track listings, they don't match you can clearly see 3 tracks on the vinyl, but the label says 2 tracks, that don't even match up to the labels.

Bob & Gene Featuring The Inversions (3) - It's Not What You Know (It's Who You Know) hipnogger

6 décembre 2017
The color I received is green marbled, BTW I love the thicker vinyl on these 45s.

Up Above The World - Unleashed In The East hipnogger

12 mai 2016
Very underrated release that should have been a bigger tune.

The Flaming Lips - The Flaming Lips And Heady Fwends hipnogger

5 mai 2016
I thought they only made 10 copies, why does discogs show 18 people have it?

Oingo Boingo - Nothing To Fear hipnogger

15 mars 2016
edité over 3 years ago
There is also a label variant ("B" to the left of the A&M logo) pressed by Electrosound Group Midwest.

Mr. Lee - I Like The Girls hipnogger

18 novembre 2014
Mr. Lee Jumped The Shark With This One!

House Of Pain - Jump Around / House Of Pain Anthem hipnogger

16 février 2014
It Comes In The Standard Tommy Boy label sleeve.

DJ Quik - Tonite hipnogger

9 avril 2013
Yes, Bootleg, I have it also, and it's clearly taken from the 12" vinyl, lots of crackles & pops.

Tod Foster - Dancin' Disco Remix hipnogger

24 novembre 2010
edité over 8 years ago
This Release Is A Different Version & Better In My Opinion Than The Regular Version.
The youtube video is not this version

Tavares - She Freaks Out On The Floor hipnogger

24 novembre 2010
The Version On The Youtube Video Is Not Included On This Release Only On The JDC Release