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Haven't updated this in a while. I'm still quite into dnb, it's just a genre of music where the vast majority sounds right and interesting, and I haven't found another one yet. That said, less House now and a lot more Techno and Dub Techno. Dubstep, in it's myriad of flavors and some Post Rock and Modern Classical are what I'm listening to these days. And Breakcore still holds a special place in my eardrums, and some of the Dubstep coming out these days sounds similar, for better or worse.

Tracks I'm looking for:
0=0 - Awake
Mishko - Distorted Stringz
Nuriya Hamid & Moises Modesto - The Americans Are Coming (A remix of [Invalid Artist]'s Bombay Theme) (Original version? A slightly different version got released here: The Americans Are Coming)
The Upbeats - Red Lobster [MOZAIK002]
The Upbeats - Bat Fuel / Poopoochaloop / Fuck U (Drop On Request Recordings dubs?)
The Upbeats - Zip Zap Wrap Attack
Roqqert - untitled future-garage Burial-sounding tracks?

eBay (or any other offers)
No thanks! ...unless it's something mentioned immediately above, which I'll consider buying regardless.
To paraphrase the above: NO EBAY OFFERS PLEASE. (Unless it's something particularly rare. Maybe.) Thanks.
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a référencé Dwardo - Planet Surface. over 4 years ago
a posté un commentaire sur Breakage - Forgot The Name / The Look. over 6 years ago
Aptly, forgot about the A side to this. Really smooth mellow workout, the bass just rumbles in and rolls you along. Great in a good set of headphones.
a posté un avis de James Blake - James Blake. over 7 years ago
Wasn't really sure what to expect from this album. The name 'James Blake' seems to get passed around a lot, but I've never stopped to read-up on him. I've heard a few things by him in mixes, mainly fairly good (UK) dubstep.

Discogs has this album as ... Voir l'avis en entier
a posté un commentaire sur Various - Retrieval Cue. over 8 years ago
A very impressive release. Found it via a forum's 'free releases' thread - Technicolour caught my eye, as I'm familiar with some of his music, and so I downloaded it.

The contents were not what I was expecting, to say the least. Very mellow, laid-back, ... Voir l'avis en entier
a posté un commentaire sur Moises Modesto - The Americans Are Coming. over 8 years ago
Saw this on Beatport and picked it up, having heard the other version in a 0=0 mix. Unfortunately it doesn't seem to be exactly the same version that was making the rounds (there's a clip from Bailey's show that gets linked most often).

The intro is the ... Voir l'avis en entier
a posté un commentaire sur Nsect - Okain Treas. over 8 years ago
You'll often run into tracks that run a little longer than they need to. Their point is well established in the first minute or two and the rest only serves to reinforce, and thus a 7 minute song can drive you crazy because it lacks any evolution.

These ... Voir l'avis en entier
a posté un commentaire sur Boddika - Bodikka's House / Syn Chron. over 8 years ago
Boddika's House is the tune everyone's heard, it's what's been played the most in various D-Bridge and Instra:mental sets.

The flip is what does it for me though. A bit unexpected - much more fierce than A, albeit in a different tone. Both sides have ... Voir l'avis en entier
a posté un avis de Mike Sheridan (2) - I Syv Sind. over 9 years ago
In a word: Trentemøller

Good, certainly, but very, very similar to Trentemøller's Last Resort. Stjernekiggeri, the track which led me to I Syv Sind is actually one of the standout tracks, being it's own style of ambient rather than cover-band-level ... Voir l'avis en entier
a posté un avis de Jonny.L* - Synkronize / Phreak. over 9 years ago
Synkronize is a weird tune, in a sort of Jonny L-kind-of-weirdness which is no bad thing. His usual warped bass sounds over a vocal sample and a nice chimes melody, and the expected clean drums. But there's also these out-of-place samples that pop up ... Voir l'avis en entier
a posté un avis de Various - Ghostly Swim. over 10 years ago
Gave it a 5 just for Deastro's track.

I'm a fan of [adult swim]'s little interludes w/ music, and had been keeping an eye out for the music in case it got released in some obtainable form. Noticing this label (and it's easily accessible digital ... Voir l'avis en entier
a posté un avis de Crossfire - Sensation / Icarus. over 12 years ago
Is there such a thing as minimal Drum & Bass? Regardless, Icarus definately fits. Slow, calm buildup over subbass into an Ed Rush & Optical-like shaker/cymbal/drum combo. A very clean operation, with even the slightly distracting beeps and whistles ... Voir l'avis en entier
a posté un avis de Various - Master Of The Sixth Speed. over 12 years ago
I was surprised to find this here, though I suppose it makes sense given the musical content.

I blame the Hive track for getting me into Drum & Bass. After hearing this track, I searched out what I could find by Hive (since 'Elias Associates' are ... Voir l'avis en entier
a posté un avis de Denius. over 13 years ago
This guy has been producing stuff since 2003, and the fact that he hasn't had a proper label deal by the end of 2005 is a travesty!

I actually heard one of his songs first in a set (having little access to Knowledge Magazine), 'Catch Your Breath', ... Voir l'avis en entier
a posté un avis de Eye-D / Black Sun Empire - Unicorn MF (Black Sun Empire Remix) / Skin Deep (Eye-D Remix). over 13 years ago
The Black Sun Empire remix of 'Unicorn MF' is amazingly heavy. Starts off slow, and builds up around this horror-movie-soundtrack-like stab, which drops in between the (very very fast) beats throughout the song. But when that bass drops at about 2 ... Voir l'avis en entier
a posté un avis de An Albatross - We Are The Lazer Viking. over 13 years ago
A stunning 8 minutes of noise. Heard the first track alone, and had to hear how an album starting out as such could possibly sound. Full of screaming vocals, guitars and tinny electronic melodies, I don't imagine it gets more unique than this, but then, ... Voir l'avis en entier
a posté un avis de The Upbeats - The Upbeats. over 13 years ago
Got this shipped direct from New Zealand, and it's been the best 30 bucks I've spent in a while.

If you've heard tracks The Upbeats (or the stuff under their alias D. Wolf & T. Snake) then you know they've got a fairly unique sound, a grinding, ... Voir l'avis en entier
a posté un avis de Bonobo - Dial 'M' For Monkey. over 13 years ago
One of the few albums where I've enjoyed every track. Bonobo reminds me of Amon Tobin a lot on this release, but in a much more light-hearted way. While Tobin follows the DnB doctorine of heavy and sinister basslines, Bonobo drops simple meodies over ... Voir l'avis en entier