M.B.* - [Aktivitat] saintmars

24 novembre 2016
'This LP exists in an edition of five hundred copies only and will not be released on vinyl ever again.'

Except by Rotorelief in 2016?

M.B.* - Carcinosi saintmars

11 mars 2014
Supposedly there are only 57 of the white vinyl edition, and yet mine is #79. Hmmm.

Audiolaceration saintmars

15 novembre 2012
edité over 6 years ago
Does anyone know how to contact this label? Emails to audiolaceration at hotmail dot com bounce back.

Asiko Rock Group* - Asiko Rock Group saintmars

30 octobre 2012
This LP is scratching at the door for a reissue. Anyone?

Doxy Music saintmars

13 août 2012
The complaints are not about low quality or defective vinyl; they concern the fact that there is far too much music is pressed on a single side of the vinyls. This has nothing to do with the Czech pressing plant or any comparison with Lilith. It has to do with poor decisions on the part of Doxy. Complaint stands with me also.