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a posté un commentaire sur Arab Strap - Philophobia. over 2 years ago
What a gem this is. Top 5 all time favourites!
a posté un commentaire sur Devoid Of Faith / Voorhees - Devoid Of Faith / Voorhees. over 2 years ago
limited to 100 copies and 216 people have it.... hmmm.

a posté un commentaire sur My Bloody Valentine - Isn't Anything. over 3 years ago
OK, who bought this for USD 242.63?? Does it sound better when you pay 10x the actual price? smh...
a posté un commentaire sur Hiatus (2) - Hiatus. over 3 years ago
(Crust) punk doesn't get much better than this. Good memories having seen their live shows in Belgium plenty of times, back in the day...
a posté un commentaire sur Teargas Rock - Teargas Rock. over 3 years ago
This LP is amazing. More people should know about TGR and the Young Pioneers.
a posté un commentaire sur Ovlov - Am. over 5 years ago
My friend gave me this LP. Never heard of Ovlov before, but boy oh boy! I cannot get enough of this record! The best of Dinosaur Jr. mixed with the best of My Bloody Valentine! Heavy, thick, distorted, raw, melodic, messy,... it is AMAZING. Seeing how... Voir l'avis en entier
a posté un commentaire sur Lotus Eaters - Mind Control For Infants. over 5 years ago
Was listening to this again last night. The recording and production of this pressing is just mind blowing. It's like you're there, in the recording space, in between the musicians, you can here every detail, you can almost here the artist breathing... Voir l'avis en entier
a posté un commentaire sur John Fahey - The Transcendental Waterfall: Guitar Excursions 1962-1967. over 6 years ago
Some of the records in my Transcendental Waterfall box are pressed off-center. What a shame for what is supposed to be a luxurious high quality box set like this.
a posté un commentaire sur Hüsker Dü - Zen Arcade. over 6 years ago
My Zen Arcade press is on double transparent RED vinyl, not one orange/one red disc as stated on this page... not sure what year it's from. I've never seen or heard about an all red vinyl version of this album (except for my own copy then).
a posté un commentaire sur Unhinged - Crime And Punishment. over 7 years ago
this record is just amazing
a posté un commentaire sur Leatherface - Mush. over 7 years ago
Does anyone have any information about this Mush picture disc release? Where and when it was pressed, how many, by whom...? I've only ever seen 2 copies surface on eBay. And also 1 is for sale here too...