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a posté un avis de Cyberchrist - Salvation E.P.. over 19 years ago
B1 - Spirit. Has one the wickeds distorted 303 basslines i've ever heard. There used to be own "djunglefever" modification for 303 available back then and i beleive it was used on this track as well. I originally found this tune from Braindead 1... Voir l'avis en entier
a posté un avis de Headware - Outburst E.P.. over 19 years ago
Yet another classic from Martin Damm (one of the few true gurus of all kinds of styles). this time bounding with breakbeat, pianobreaks, acid, happyhardcore, hardcore at the same package. Lot of tricks and nice effects. What can i say, must record for... Voir l'avis en entier
a posté un avis de Rules Of Anger - Rules Of Anger EP. over 19 years ago
B2 - You Sad Pervy is one one the real "HARDtrance" tunes i personally consider excellent, starts with long bass-string (taken from tb303 i believe) for few minutes then electro styled beat going for quite a long.. and after 3-4min starts the... Voir l'avis en entier
a posté un avis de Space Cube - Kool Killer Vol 2. over 19 years ago
I've never heard this on any old school breakbeat mixes, but i consider this as one of the best of that time. Ian Pooley and Tonka really did it well back then. Excellent fusion of harder sound and some house-samples.
a posté un avis de Moby - Next Is The E. over 19 years ago
Next Is The E was originally released as U.H.F. - U.H.F.
both versions are very nice, i like the piano stuff.
Also.. Thousand is a real classic. Nice end track for
any dj of any style. ;)
a posté un avis de Aurin - Anagrams. over 19 years ago
I consider this record as one of the best records from Harthouse, very nice 303 action and heavy bassdrums at Mecons tune. I hunted this for years i finally got it.