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Merger of Psychedelia and Prog Rock groups static_electrician static_electrician 0 static_electrician static_electrician over 11 years ago
Are there any Aussies in the group? gbourke59 gbourke59 0 gbourke59 gbourke59 about 1 year ago
Out Of Focus ( Krautrock ) hector275 hector275 1 zinkhund zinkhund over 2 years ago
The prog rock playlist! gabalgabow gabalgabow 1 gabalgabow gabalgabow over 2 years ago
Need for advice: Jazz/ Prog gabalgabow gabalgabow 0 gabalgabow gabalgabow over 2 years ago
5 unknown progressive bands worth the hear gabalgabow gabalgabow 1 prog_nonsense prog_nonsense over 2 years ago
Anderson Rabin Wakeman finally going to happen in late 2016? prog_nonsense prog_nonsense 0 prog_nonsense prog_nonsense over 3 years ago
need help identifiying a prog-rock 7" pearl futurist29 futurist29 5 futurist29 futurist29 over 3 years ago
Dutch Rock Bands that sound like Finch and German band Jane Progman1964 Progman1964 0 Progman1964 Progman1964 over 4 years ago
Progshine - Prog Website progshine progshine 1 mightyvinyl mightyvinyl over 4 years ago
Old Bootlegs darksorrow darksorrow 0 darksorrow darksorrow over 4 years ago
Prog for sale spunkyrocker spunkyrocker 0 spunkyrocker spunkyrocker over 4 years ago
Canterbury Scene GJV GJV 3 spunkyrocker spunkyrocker over 4 years ago
Rick Wakeman RAH Torkaw Torkaw 4 Kolossusuk Kolossusuk over 4 years ago
prog rock facebook group darksorrow darksorrow 1 WeirdlyCoolRecords WeirdlyCoolRecords over 5 years ago
Any Ethos fans? embryonicstardust embryonicstardust 0 embryonicstardust embryonicstardust over 5 years ago
any Marillion or Porcupine Tree fans here? mightyvinyl mightyvinyl 7 Huub123 Huub123 over 5 years ago
tell me, what this group is about.. musicman74 musicman74 1 Dillin Dillin over 6 years ago
Who is playing this? rambul rambul 1 rambul rambul over 9 years ago
Forum Links.. Karnevil9 Karnevil9 0 Karnevil9 Karnevil9 over 11 years ago
Welcome to the Prog Rock group! static_electrician static_electrician 4 Karnevil9 Karnevil9 over 11 years ago