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TRACK ID From Traxx - The Music Box/Promomixes/Chicago/2010 phras 0 phras over 2 years ago
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Silent Majority adam.barone.14 0 adam.barone.14 over 5 years ago
Indie rock playlist gabalgabow 3 gabalgabow over 6 years ago
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T h e S o u n d - Adrian Borland Documentary agileo 0 agileo over 8 years ago
Closer Records Is Back ! CloserRecordsShop 0 CloserRecordsShop over 9 years ago
Post Punk Revival djdiseased 4 nochanges over 9 years ago
3 unknown tracks, 1/3 SOLVED tasso85 1 rozz1980 over 9 years ago
Help to ID. xavis 0 xavis over 9 years ago
eclipse schism ranzig 0 ranzig over 9 years ago
unknown tracks-expired tasso85 0 tasso85 over 9 years ago
Primal Scream - Screamadelica vinyl tableware 0 tableware over 10 years ago
punk hardcore crust grind metal stuff to sell here on discogs copsarecords 0 copsarecords over 10 years ago
Good news for Twee Pop fans njhipster 0 njhipster over 10 years ago
Jackie Leven R.I.P. shivaascending 0 shivaascending over 11 years ago
Jet Black Berries/new math meetstheeye77 0 meetstheeye77 over 11 years ago
Peter Hope, The Box, Richard H. Kirk, David Harrow etc shivaascending 0 shivaascending over 11 years ago
SKYGIRLS - Rogério Skylab in Skygirls: album: pure psychedelia! HarlemPinheiro 0 HarlemPinheiro over 13 years ago
Help with song, darkwave, electro, postpunk,...of 1986 or previous. JAVICHAMELEON 0 JAVICHAMELEON over 13 years ago
Doing a show with SACCHARINE TRUST, CRAWLSPACE & PEG LEG LOVE DrippingNeedles 1 DrippingNeedles over 13 years ago
Tape Trading soleacciaio 0 soleacciaio over 13 years ago
Looking for .... rare Goth / Post Punk: Avicus 2 Avicus over 13 years ago
Obscure Punk Tune - please help! colonelmulf 1 cicerobuck over 14 years ago
Unfactory - She Bleeds Ep: electro-postpunk @ Psicotropicodelia Music [netlabel] HarlemPinheiro 0 HarlemPinheiro over 14 years ago