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Australia/NZ CD pressing plants and manufacturing brokers maldoror maldoror 18 maldoror maldoror 4 months ago
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Complete Label Catalog Pure Music (2) & Colossal Records ? Talismann Talismann 0 Talismann Talismann about 1 year ago
Record Shops in Sydney? Korpse Korpse 3 chemical-imbalance. chemical-imbalance. about 1 year ago
Vinnies and the Salvos have gone mad with their vinyl pricing maldoror maldoror 9 maldoror maldoror about 1 year ago
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Building a Vinyl Comparison Site for Australians. Got a survey for some aussies. waxriverofficial waxriverofficial 5 DJ_Spurjack DJ_Spurjack over 2 years ago
Festival Records - the resurrection. Omigod. timhorton69 timhorton69 9 ryzamc ryzamc over 2 years ago
Australian budget and bootleg labels maldoror maldoror 5 lawcamtonmoozik lawcamtonmoozik over 2 years ago
Can we name all Australian CD pressing plants? wxjl wxjl 7 timhorton69 timhorton69 over 2 years ago
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Festival Records in special gift sleeves? maldoror maldoror 0 maldoror maldoror over 2 years ago
anyone ordered from Vinyl Destination? maldoror maldoror 4 maldoror maldoror over 3 years ago
Universal ANZ matrix logo being used as a distro indicator... gogobonobo gogobonobo 2 Bluroo Bluroo over 3 years ago
Trying to ID Didge Techno Trance Track <SOLVED>-SYD radio-Mar.'97 EuroPhil EuroPhil 5 stonehigh stonehigh over 4 years ago
Michael "Ded" Kennedy = Michael Kennedy (3) ? gogobonobo gogobonobo 1 gogobonobo gogobonobo over 4 years ago
Record shops surrounding Melbourne martinpf martinpf 5 fokkerTISM fokkerTISM over 4 years ago
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