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Dark Techno Disctorsion Disctorsion 0 Disctorsion Disctorsion over 3 years ago
The bridge is over possible origin OrionsLine OrionsLine 0 OrionsLine OrionsLine over 4 years ago
Chris Parker's Group? Stuck_In_1992 Stuck_In_1992 0 Stuck_In_1992 Stuck_In_1992 over 4 years ago
Loop-D-Loop # 23 JosephLongo JosephLongo 0 JosephLongo JosephLongo over 8 years ago
8 Techno IDs:► Dave Tarrida @ Meltpac 24-Apr-2004 [Soundcloud] Disctorsion Disctorsion 0 Disctorsion Disctorsion over 8 years ago
What's the current underground faves? BadStuff BadStuff 0 BadStuff BadStuff over 8 years ago
acid flux BDACID BDACID 1 Disctorsion Disctorsion over 9 years ago
What is the bridge over ? cypherism cypherism 4 crazyowen crazyowen over 9 years ago
the bridge is over? craftwerk craftwerk 2 craftwerk craftwerk over 9 years ago
I sold most of my techno vinyl! SynthArch SynthArch 3 Dr.Jack Dr.Jack over 9 years ago
tips/ tricks for warped vinly paul-flano paul-flano 5 SynthArch SynthArch over 9 years ago
Ishkurs guide to electronic music Tkon Tkon 6 Tkon Tkon over 9 years ago
dubtech suggestions pls!! sanchez on storm today was phat JasonPearce JasonPearce 12 JasonPearce JasonPearce over 9 years ago
Hard Acid Track played by Miss Djax 2008 tront tront 9 cypherism cypherism over 9 years ago
HI EVERYBODY, SEARCH THIS TRACK PLAYED BY LAURENT GARNIER at bcn 7/2/09. Thanks desc2 desc2 1 tweaQ tweaQ over 9 years ago
ATTN: Members, POST YOUR MIXES AND ORIGINAL TRACKS IN THE STICKIES! SynthArch SynthArch 0 SynthArch SynthArch over 10 years ago
Patrice Scott--Deep In Detroit 1 hour mix AndrewDuke AndrewDuke 3 SynthArch SynthArch over 10 years ago
more Derrick May & A Guy Called Gerald AndrewDuke AndrewDuke 1 SynthArch SynthArch over 10 years ago
Purest Techno Mission (Jeff Mills / Paul Langley) t_dub t_dub 3 t_dub t_dub over 10 years ago
samples for routemaster and organgrinder records on the internet techno_driven techno_driven 1 ardee ardee over 10 years ago
It's fun to take a trip...PUT ACID IN YOUR VEINS Alien23 Alien23 0 Alien23 Alien23 over 10 years ago
speedy j - xlr8r podcast themotorcyclegang themotorcyclegang 1 crazyowen crazyowen over 10 years ago
Bandulu - Cornerstone - mp3 crazyowen crazyowen 11 AlexisNembrode AlexisNembrode over 10 years ago
Went to see Green Velvet last saturday..... ardee ardee 4 cypherism cypherism over 10 years ago
where do you get your records from? spirals spirals 17 fixia fixia over 10 years ago