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Neue Deutsche Todeskunst coldwar1977 coldwar1977 11 coldwar1977 coldwar1977 2 months ago
Christian Death - Love is Dead rodheltir rodheltir 3 Xerox-Clone Xerox-Clone 9 months ago
Recommend contemporary Deathrock / Post-Punk / Gothic-Punk / Wave record labels? woodraf woodraf 3 ficrom1334 ficrom1334 12 months ago
The Dead Relatives (80's italy) tapes Efraim42191 Efraim42191 0 Efraim42191 Efraim42191 about 1 year ago
New Sex Gang Children release - Electric Jezebel LiberationLondonUSA LiberationLondonUSA 1 LiberationLondonUSA LiberationLondonUSA over 2 years ago
Christian Death crediting question ficrom1334 ficrom1334 0 ficrom1334 ficrom1334 over 3 years ago
Dark Punk blogs pekka_fever pekka_fever 0 pekka_fever pekka_fever over 3 years ago
Greek Cold Dark Wave Goth exhaustedblood exhaustedblood 2 MislealiaRecords MislealiaRecords over 3 years ago
Nausea - Vocal Expression Reissue MFGRECS MFGRECS 0 MFGRECS MFGRECS over 4 years ago
Searching for bunxh of C. Twins ..DIJune ..AATT..DCD in offer NM perugoth perugoth 1 lunajason lunajason over 4 years ago
MERCHANDISE section deinduft deinduft 1 deinduft deinduft over 4 years ago
Track I.D. Profoundemonium Profoundemonium 0 Profoundemonium Profoundemonium over 4 years ago
Help to I.D. Any of the songs. xavis xavis 1 xavis xavis over 5 years ago
Help to I.D. xavis xavis 9 xavis xavis over 5 years ago
hi there vjweirich vjweirich 3 sgath92 sgath92 over 5 years ago
Help to ID any of this SONGS. xavis xavis 3 xavis xavis over 5 years ago
Post Punk Revival djdiseased djdiseased 3 Darksoul23 Darksoul23 over 5 years ago
Who would you like to see reform? insekt3 insekt3 35 Detra Detra over 5 years ago
Bat-Cave Prod. - record label and mailorder woodraf woodraf 0 woodraf woodraf over 5 years ago
The Mish, real goth or not ? olivia171 olivia171 6 coldwar1977 coldwar1977 over 6 years ago
What styles would you like to see added to Discogs (Deathrock?) TimP TimP 6 djinsect djinsect over 6 years ago
Batcave - Goth Daze - Zwischenfall - Zwischenfall verenakakerlake verenakakerlake 2 a.so.hyp a.so.hyp over 7 years ago
hocico/dulce liquido-degradacion bajo el alma ltd 255 wastrash wastrash 1 verenakakerlake verenakakerlake over 7 years ago
Punctured Tough Guy 7" For Sale Avicus Avicus 0 Avicus Avicus over 8 years ago
Batcave - list of bands played there! woodraf woodraf 7 LloydT LloydT over 8 years ago