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DJ Psycobaba - The Goa Side Of Me (Old school GoaTrance) Mint071 Mint071 0 Mint071 Mint071 28 days ago
GMS Vs. Skazi – Shagadelic [Unknown version] Paracroniax Paracroniax 0 Paracroniax Paracroniax 2 months ago
Vinyl set 1999 by DJ Jera | Please help me to solve the missing IDs Paracroniax Paracroniax 2 Paracroniax Paracroniax 3 months ago
Paradise Trance Festival Berlin 1996 Track ID ? J.T-Goa J.T-Goa 0 J.T-Goa J.T-Goa 3 months ago
91/92 Goa Techno track id [SOLVED] adaracd adaracd 1 adaracd adaracd 6 months ago
man with no name? Mantra1 Mantra1 2 Mantra1 Mantra1 6 months ago
Looking this track ID, Pre 2009 WGuilfoyle94 WGuilfoyle94 2 WGuilfoyle94 WGuilfoyle94 8 months ago
2 Track Ids Needed from the mid 90s Scorpianking Scorpianking 2 Scorpianking Scorpianking 11 months ago
unknown goa trance track 1997 hightea hightea 0 hightea hightea about 1 year ago
HELP!! Goa-Guitar set popa_jo popa_jo 1 GeorgeMoonstoneD GeorgeMoonstoneD about 1 year ago
Goa Trance Track 1994 Phil_Moreno Phil_Moreno 1 GeorgeMoonstoneD GeorgeMoonstoneD about 1 year ago
[2 SOLVED] 3 ID's from Love Parade truck 2000 [Psy-Trance & Trance] djenergyro djenergyro 0 djenergyro djenergyro about 1 year ago
Goa Trance 1992/93 - Can anybody please help ID this Track Dj_illusion Dj_illusion 0 Dj_illusion Dj_illusion about 1 year ago
A furious and menacing Goa Trance(/Hard Trance?) snippet (SOLVED) Psysnek Psysnek 5 newretroproductions1 newretroproductions1 over 2 years ago
Please help to ID Acid/Goa Trance . Kobi706 Kobi706 0 Kobi706 Kobi706 over 3 years ago
Transwave Radio Show 26.06.1996 kode14 kode14 0 kode14 kode14 over 3 years ago
Wrong ID for 2 tracks with same name artist – Please ID! (1/2 Solved) Paracroniax Paracroniax 5 BogzBinny BogzBinny over 3 years ago
Track id - French Goa with EBM groove hrt hrt 1 GeorgeMoonstoneD GeorgeMoonstoneD over 3 years ago
Track ID please‼︎ kode14 kode14 3 BogzBinny BogzBinny over 4 years ago
Puretone - Addicted to Bass (Psytrance Remix)?? thoscha.2002 thoscha.2002 2 thoscha.2002 thoscha.2002 over 4 years ago
1996 Acid Goa Trance / Hard Trance to ID please Speciman Speciman 2 Speciman Speciman over 4 years ago
Jesus Raves Goa Spirals mix collector_in_nc collector_in_nc 2 collector_in_nc collector_in_nc over 4 years ago
Goa ID heard at a concert of non-goa music NotSoGood NotSoGood 0 NotSoGood NotSoGood over 4 years ago
Another old school 90's goa trance track? Malkov Malkov 1 BogzBinny BogzBinny over 4 years ago
Old school goa trance track? Malkov Malkov 3 Malkov Malkov over 4 years ago