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Slept on Albums from the golden era (90's) brydesantis brydesantis 32 everton1878 everton1878 4 days ago
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Krayzie Bone Live in Germany Hendriks1977 Hendriks1977 0 Hendriks1977 Hendriks1977 16 days ago
Help identify mystery Cleveland group (and possibly label?) pjburkina pjburkina 3 pjburkina pjburkina 25 days ago
R. I. P. UGHH.com hiphop_cratez hiphop_cratez 11 hiphop_cratez hiphop_cratez about 1 month ago
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DJ Poska Freestyle Tape 25 - What's the beat? mepps mepps 1 mepps mepps 3 months ago
Looking to swap Flygod, Praise God for Dont Get Scared Now philipfloyd philipfloyd 1 corner1 corner1 3 months ago
Does anybody know the name of this track? OGHipHop. OGHipHop. 4 OGHipHop. OGHipHop. 3 months ago
Looking for rare demo cassettes OGHipHop. OGHipHop. 1 OGHipHop. OGHipHop. 4 months ago
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Albums most in need of reissues brydesantis brydesantis 24 tbrcooley tbrcooley 4 months ago
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beastie boys sample ??? DISCIPLE-OV-666 DISCIPLE-OV-666 1 Hiihtopipo Hiihtopipo 5 months ago
DJ Editkut - What If This Beat DJ Mix Set editkut editkut 0 editkut editkut 7 months ago
Cassette Only Releases? BeatsBroke BeatsBroke 6 Hornslayer Hornslayer 8 months ago
Hip Hop Artist with the most massive discography? td61430 td61430 8 Hiihtopipo Hiihtopipo 8 months ago
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Best 2015 Album? OrionsLine OrionsLine 42 brydesantis brydesantis 9 months ago
Dug up an old mixtape from 2004! Heavy Stylus - The Payback Mix (Part 1) heavy-stylus heavy-stylus 0 heavy-stylus heavy-stylus 10 months ago
IN SEARCH OF HIP HOP DJS FOR FESTIVAL IN EXETER lezzo13 lezzo13 8 heavy-stylus heavy-stylus 10 months ago
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DJ krush & Toshinori Kondo Mergi Mergi 1 Mergi Mergi about 1 year ago
Looking for an all in one turntable. johnnypayne243 johnnypayne243 1 cadillacjamez21 cadillacjamez21 about 1 year ago
What about Queens hip hop group: Hellraisers MattCoops MattCoops 0 MattCoops MattCoops about 1 year ago