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Golden era instrumentals like aim - let the funk ride/concentrate damonc1 damonc1 2 Said.surlaplace Said.surlaplace 1 day ago
rare indie rap tracks hiphop_cratez hiphop_cratez 25 badadoom badadoom 15 days ago
what's the id??? ulybasya ulybasya 5 ulybasya ulybasya 2 months ago
Albums most in need of reissues brydesantis brydesantis 26 TakeMeToYourNeedle TakeMeToYourNeedle 3 months ago
Thick Klick/ Emergency 12inch Re-print Special Summer Sale on Vinyl Shephatiah Shephatiah 0 Shephatiah Shephatiah 3 months ago
Does anyone need a Tuff Crew - "Back To Wreck Shop" sleeve ShuckAlert ShuckAlert 0 ShuckAlert ShuckAlert 3 months ago
Unknown hip-hop track from YouTube OlgaCh OlgaCh 3 BoomFat BoomFat 3 months ago
Selling collection of 2600+ mostly hip hop and rap PP_Redick PP_Redick 2 jerome99 jerome99 3 months ago
R. I. P. UGHH.com hiphop_cratez hiphop_cratez 13 Hierarchyfive Hierarchyfive 4 months ago
2017 So far matt-the-rug matt-the-rug 3 matt-the-rug matt-the-rug 4 months ago
R.I.P. Prodigy (H.N.I.C.) subzzee subzzee 3 OrionsLine OrionsLine 4 months ago
Suggest instrumental hip hop damonc1 damonc1 80 jmob4 jmob4 5 months ago
Tracks about graffiti damonc1 damonc1 12 aggle aggle 5 months ago
Upbeat hip hop/trip hop (lyrics or instrumental) damonc1 damonc1 0 damonc1 damonc1 5 months ago
Slept on Albums from the golden era (90's) brydesantis brydesantis 35 humanagain humanagain 6 months ago
Looking for rare demo cassettes OGHipHop. OGHipHop. 2 ItsLando ItsLando 6 months ago
I 'm searching a boom bap group from Tolouse ... DJDJ_ DJDJ_ 3 brydesantis brydesantis 6 months ago
beastie boys sample ??? DISCIPLE-OV-666 DISCIPLE-OV-666 2 metalchuckkey metalchuckkey 7 months ago
2016 so far matt-the-rug matt-the-rug 20 magi115 magi115 8 months ago
Krayzie Bone Live in Germany Hendriks1977 Hendriks1977 0 Hendriks1977 Hendriks1977 9 months ago
Help identify mystery Cleveland group (and possibly label?) pjburkina pjburkina 3 pjburkina pjburkina 9 months ago
Irish hip hop anyone ? jondavey jondavey 10 nobstanutts nobstanutts 12 months ago
DJ Poska Freestyle Tape 25 - What's the beat? mepps mepps 1 mepps mepps about 1 year ago
Looking to swap Flygod, Praise God for Dont Get Scared Now philipfloyd philipfloyd 1 corner1 corner1 about 1 year ago
Does anybody know the name of this track? OGHipHop. OGHipHop. 4 OGHipHop. OGHipHop. about 1 year ago