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Anyone know of a good online shop for current british hip hop ? jondavey jondavey 8 Duplos Duplos 1 day ago
your tune of the day! j90s j90s 15 j90s j90s 3 days ago
goodie mob – survival kit / i really like it j90s j90s 0 j90s j90s 6 days ago
Track ID from a hip hop record around 1990 beetseeker beetseeker 4 jayney224 jayney224 about 1 month ago
Hip Hop Grails Plug_Vinyl Plug_Vinyl 10 jdelfresco jdelfresco about 1 month ago
A Tribe Called Quest „The Love Movement“ ckgsberlin ckgsberlin 8 cnsprings22 cnsprings22 2 months ago
Check out my Japanese Hip Hop Mixes! BobyTheDamaja BobyTheDamaja 0 BobyTheDamaja BobyTheDamaja 3 months ago
Jazzy Stretch & Bobbito Beat BoyshCarpet BoyshCarpet 0 BoyshCarpet BoyshCarpet 3 months ago
Track ID of Hip Hop Megamix (possibly an AV8) track ??? clifforda2005 clifforda2005 1 MRGRIM MRGRIM 3 months ago
Hip-Hop vinyl for sale Allbutterbaby Allbutterbaby 0 Allbutterbaby Allbutterbaby 3 months ago
A Tribe Called Quest Live VHS ckgsberlin ckgsberlin 0 ckgsberlin ckgsberlin 4 months ago
Fabrice Hio Hop Track IDs (1992) homerjs2 homerjs2 3 homerjs2 homerjs2 4 months ago
Hey guys check my lost tapes compilation. BoyshCarpet BoyshCarpet 1 KingBSiri KingBSiri 5 months ago
Looking for rare CD gsaetre gsaetre 0 gsaetre gsaetre 6 months ago
TRACK ID HELP NEEDED / OLDSCHOOL semc semc 2 breakbeatpete37 breakbeatpete37 6 months ago
can any1 ID this hip hop track beautifulsounds beautifulsounds 0 beautifulsounds beautifulsounds 7 months ago
Mixtape - mostly 90's underground and classic hip hop vinyl TomMagoo TomMagoo 0 TomMagoo TomMagoo 8 months ago
90s Heroes from your Neighborhood cheezwhizz cheezwhizz 2 subzzee subzzee 11 months ago
Apache 207 wastingyourtime wastingyourtime 1 Sir-Dan Sir-Dan about 1 year ago
Streetsounds Electro 6 & 22 on cassette uk-fresh uk-fresh 0 uk-fresh uk-fresh about 1 year ago
Be sure to listen, they are very raw recordings, they are very difficult to find Agabo Agabo 0 Agabo Agabo about 1 year ago
instrumentals only! the best. wastingyourtime wastingyourtime 3 BoomFat BoomFat about 1 year ago
dutch artists the_man_2310 the_man_2310 2 play_dead play_dead about 1 year ago
SALE / DOWN TO THE LAST COPIES (DJ DOOM, JUNCLASSIC ETC) myballsarerad myballsarerad 0 myballsarerad myballsarerad about 1 year ago
Track ID from around 2000 MatisseRecords MatisseRecords 0 MatisseRecords MatisseRecords about 1 year ago