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Test Pressing of Kanye West's Turbo Grafx 16? Stephen.H.Wagner Stephen.H.Wagner 1 ThisShouldBeFun ThisShouldBeFun 7 days ago
SBR 014: NAPOLEON DA LEGEND - HERO´S JOURNEY (VINYL-) PRE-ORDERS ARE LIVE! stereoboomrecords stereoboomrecords 1 CapitalB CapitalB 10 days ago
Freddy Fresh - The Rap Records - The Mastermix musicshaolin musicshaolin 1 musicshaolin musicshaolin about 1 month ago
rare indie rap tracks hiphop_cratez hiphop_cratez 32 kadejonah kadejonah 2 months ago
RNB vinyl collection jononez1 jononez1 2 jononez1 jononez1 2 months ago
Anyone Know Anything About This? trailoff trailoff 3 trailoff trailoff 3 months ago
Anyone interested in 90s Hip-Hop VHS videos? djgrinch djgrinch 8 erreape__4life erreape__4life 4 months ago
UK: VVV (Cappo,Juga-Naut and Vandal Savage) - Bozo Boyz DO LP stereoboomrecords stereoboomrecords 0 stereoboomrecords stereoboomrecords 6 months ago
Looking for rare demo cassettes OGHipHop. OGHipHop. 5 bad-cop bad-cop 10 months ago
Bootleg or? jilles12 jilles12 0 jilles12 jilles12 10 months ago
westside gunn HWH3 black vinyl fischio fischio 0 fischio fischio 11 months ago
Name classic golden era style b-boy instrumentals Rj2431_ Rj2431_ 1 play_dead play_dead 11 months ago
the name of this music pkhonmono pkhonmono 0 pkhonmono pkhonmono 11 months ago
Hip Hop release, need to be merge LaGaletteNancy LaGaletteNancy 4 LaGaletteNancy LaGaletteNancy 11 months ago
1990-1991Unknown track. Long time trying to identify it.. rayasmusic rayasmusic 2 rayasmusic rayasmusic 11 months ago
Hip hop from 80's DjTetoz DjTetoz 2 DjTetoz DjTetoz about 1 year ago
Hip hop from 80's DjTetoz DjTetoz 0 DjTetoz DjTetoz about 1 year ago
R. I. P. UGHH.com hiphop_cratez hiphop_cratez 16 TheBlindMaster TheBlindMaster about 1 year ago
Rap about school DefTechnics DefTechnics 3 jerome99 jerome99 about 1 year ago
Cold breaks track id DISCIPLE-OV-666 DISCIPLE-OV-666 0 DISCIPLE-OV-666 DISCIPLE-OV-666 about 1 year ago
Golden era instrumentals like aim - let the funk ride/concentrate Rj2431_ Rj2431_ 2 Ludwig.Mausberg Ludwig.Mausberg about 1 year ago
what's the id??? ulybasya ulybasya 5 ulybasya ulybasya about 1 year ago
Albums most in need of reissues brydesantis brydesantis 26 ThisShouldBeFun ThisShouldBeFun about 1 year ago
Thick Klick/ Emergency 12inch Re-print Special Summer Sale on Vinyl Shephatiah Shephatiah 0 Shephatiah Shephatiah about 1 year ago
Does anyone need a Tuff Crew - "Back To Wreck Shop" sleeve ShuckAlert ShuckAlert 0 ShuckAlert ShuckAlert about 1 year ago