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What are/were you listening to today? aion aion 23 Mergi Mergi over 9 years ago
Anyone watching? bbill77 bbill77 2 bbill77 bbill77 2 days ago
Haydn boxes bbill77 bbill77 3 bbill77 bbill77 3 days ago
Ensemble "The Hamburg Soloists" bbill77 bbill77 8 saftregal saftregal 4 days ago
helping a new user bbill77 bbill77 4 bbill77 bbill77 5 days ago
made in, printed in ... bbill77 bbill77 4 mikery1 mikery1 6 days ago
Reconstructed by credit? bbill77 bbill77 4 bbill77 bbill77 7 days ago
Requests for votes on your classical submissions PanHistoricus PanHistoricus 69 bbill77 bbill77 8 days ago
Frustrating bbill77 bbill77 1 bbill77 bbill77 11 days ago
Classical n00b coopzilla coopzilla 3 coopzilla coopzilla 20 days ago
A difficult one: Мелодия – SUCD 10-00015 bbill77 bbill77 1 andrew.lisowski.1 andrew.lisowski.1 21 days ago
Adding my Naxos collection bbill77 bbill77 9 andrew.lisowski.1 andrew.lisowski.1 21 days ago
Best classical record company? Mrk-Records Mrk-Records 10 coopzilla coopzilla 27 days ago
What classical record did you buy today/this week? bbill77 bbill77 3 Kater_Murr Kater_Murr about 1 month ago
two contemporary classical tunes faxinger666 faxinger666 6 bbill77 bbill77 2 months ago
What label? Hairlessheart Hairlessheart 2 Hairlessheart Hairlessheart 4 months ago
Virtuoso Series (Decca, Deutsche Grammophon) saftregal saftregal 1 saftregal saftregal 4 months ago
Music Box Records losingyourshadow losingyourshadow 1 droneloop droneloop 8 months ago
I search these titles recorded from TVE, Spanish TV channel in the year 1987 DAVIDBRUNNER DAVIDBRUNNER 0 DAVIDBRUNNER DAVIDBRUNNER 8 months ago
Artist A. Kraft should be merged, but which name to use? Mrk-Records Mrk-Records 1 Kater_Murr Kater_Murr 11 months ago
DGG Red Stereo Releases jasondees jasondees 5 tarantoga tarantoga about 1 year ago
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heading or index track? thwinter12 thwinter12 1 ratzrotz ratzrotz about 1 year ago