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Gwen Guthrie is the ARTIST, "Padlock" is the TITLE!!! downtown.music downtown.music 9 KWOCR KWOCR over 14 years ago
Welcome to this forum: how I fell in love w/underground disco. downtown.music downtown.music 18 stevo1 stevo1 over 14 years ago
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Mystery Song - help please! asdjq33q4-isdas asdjq33q4-isdas 0 asdjq33q4-isdas asdjq33q4-isdas 1 day ago
Melt Takeover - Danilo Plessow (MCDE) mclean_tom_ mclean_tom_ 2 mclean_tom_ mclean_tom_ 8 days ago
Killer boogie/funk from 80s djclassiclover djclassiclover 0 djclassiclover djclassiclover 13 days ago
Track ids: Sadar Bahar ItsSoGood Mix damonrthomas damonrthomas 4 damonrthomas damonrthomas 13 days ago
Song information please Bouncerollskate Bouncerollskate 11 Nena99 Nena99 22 days ago
Boogie / Italo ID hysteric hysteric 6 Nena99 Nena99 23 days ago
Harvey track Japan blacker blacker 1 casperjaspers casperjaspers 23 days ago
Help with tracklist please Darryn Jones Mix damonrthomas damonrthomas 6 Nena99 Nena99 27 days ago
mystery disco song #2 undercovergroove undercovergroove 6 damonrthomas damonrthomas 28 days ago
Gospel Modern Soul ID weasely_bits weasely_bits 2 weasely_bits weasely_bits 29 days ago
Lumberjacks Tapes 013: Red Greg joeyfoley joeyfoley 1 Jaycaldwell Jaycaldwell 29 days ago
Track ID - Darryn Jones colmmcfc colmmcfc 0 colmmcfc colmmcfc about 1 month ago
80s track id Jaycaldwell Jaycaldwell 2 Jaycaldwell Jaycaldwell about 1 month ago
DJ Harvey - Rumors LA vehmeijer vehmeijer 18 leonjay leonjay about 1 month ago
Information from Instagram video Bouncerollskate Bouncerollskate 3 ronny1980 ronny1980 about 1 month ago
Unknown Gospel Disco / Modern soul track ID loe_ie loe_ie 0 loe_ie loe_ie about 1 month ago
Red Greg - Couleur 3 Radio - 2018 phart_jay phart_jay 8 bigcitydealer bigcitydealer about 1 month ago
Backatcha Tape - Aidan Leacy for The Mixtape Shop Brooklyn Percic25 Percic25 10 WaxistSelecta1 WaxistSelecta1 2 months ago
Song information? Bouncerollskate Bouncerollskate 6 Bouncerollskate Bouncerollskate 2 months ago
Massive disco synth ListeningDog ListeningDog 5 damonrthomas damonrthomas 2 months ago