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KOURISTUS (Fin) Demo 2022, Demo 2019 & Teurastamo Pro CDr (Grind) gabalgabow 1 gabalgabow 11 days ago
NIHILISTIC Distro/ France (page: 2, 3) gabalgabow 246 gabalgabow 21 days ago
INFECTED PRIEST/ HUMAN TARGET Split tape! (Death/ Finland) gabalgabow 3 gabalgabow 3 months ago
Dementium Records - Black Metal DementiumRecords 0 DementiumRecords 7 months ago
OLDSKULL (Fra) The defeat of humanity Tape out now! (Death metal) gabalgabow 4 gabalgabow 7 months ago
VAYRON (Fra) Demo 2022 tape out now! (Death metal inversion) gabalgabow 3 gabalgabow about 1 year ago
Dunkelheit Produktionen | Releases and News dunkelheit_prod 5 dunkelheit_prod about 1 year ago
VIVISECT - Barbaric death Tape out now! gabalgabow 4 gabalgabow about 1 year ago
Cannibal Corpse Picture discs defend 0 defend about 1 year ago
YOU NEED OLD DEMOS ? gabalgabow 5 gabalgabow about 1 year ago
EXTINCTION AGENDA Tape out now! (Thrash/ Death thrash/ Blackened thrash) gabalgabow 2 gabalgabow about 1 year ago
Compilation cassette/ Death metal gabalgabow 0 gabalgabow about 1 year ago
Devourment promo 99 xkazkaka 0 xkazkaka over 2 years ago
CONFESSOR A.D. - Too late to pray Tape out now! gabalgabow 1 gabalgabow over 2 years ago
PAZUZU (Costa rica) Oath of Unholy Sacrilege Tape. Out now! Morbid death/ Doom gabalgabow 0 gabalgabow over 3 years ago
darkness ..how are you marielisa75 2 MoodyHoneybadger over 3 years ago
greeting evetyone! marielisa75 0 marielisa75 over 3 years ago
ABYSSAL SUFFERING (France) Demo tape... Out now! Death metal/ Old brutal death gabalgabow 2 gabalgabow over 3 years ago
OSSUAIRE - "Mortes fables" Tape. Out now! (Death metal, dark, old school) gabalgabow 1 gabalgabow over 3 years ago
Moonblood - Taste our german steel utrarare original first press. King.of.Pain 0 King.of.Pain over 3 years ago
LIQUID FLESH - “Chair liquide”... Death metal/ Death'n roll gabalgabow 0 gabalgabow over 3 years ago
DEATH INVOKER (Peru) Necromancy, damnation, revenge Tape out now! (Black, death gabalgabow 2 bkneelseeko over 3 years ago
2020: Favourite albums so far? CambsMusic 11 goner_ over 4 years ago
Vintermørke Raw old school , Depressive Black Metal Paranoia24 0 Paranoia24 over 4 years ago
Something like The Berzerker MoodyHoneybadger 2 MoodyHoneybadger over 4 years ago