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Up for swaps: breaks on wax, B-boy funk, jazz, rock, pop, etc. Svorosman Svorosman 0 Svorosman Svorosman 14 days ago
Rolling Stones Live at The Checkerboard Lounge - Japan myeah myeah 0 myeah myeah 14 days ago
Happycore, gabber, speedcore and punk records up for swaps GreezusEuro GreezusEuro 0 GreezusEuro GreezusEuro 16 days ago
FT: Lou Reed's Berlin & H.P. LoveCraft's ATMOM jessiiie jessiiie 0 jessiiie jessiiie 29 days ago
records available swap Twice.Discos Twice.Discos 2 Twice.Discos Twice.Discos about 1 month ago
anyone to swap 7" singles? Luettin Luettin 10 ravetothegrave ravetothegrave about 1 month ago
all my stock is up for swaps and offers ravetothegrave ravetothegrave 0 ravetothegrave ravetothegrave 2 months ago
Pink Floyd, Kraftwerk, Soundtracks, Joy Division la-voie-du-sabre la-voie-du-sabre 0 la-voie-du-sabre la-voie-du-sabre 3 months ago
Motorhead, Hawkwind, The Deviants, Pink Fairies... Lindhurst Lindhurst 0 Lindhurst Lindhurst 3 months ago
Mixtape Trading in the Cassette Tape Group mca mca 2 mca mca 5 months ago
Duplicates for sale/trade jazzcornerneuwied jazzcornerneuwied 1 jazzcornerneuwied jazzcornerneuwied 6 months ago
Records for trade : rock, afro, french, Beatles, Sisters Of Mercy... Lynda_Snarloc Lynda_Snarloc 0 Lynda_Snarloc Lynda_Snarloc 6 months ago
Looking to trade HQ Lps (in NYC area) stonecutter1 stonecutter1 0 stonecutter1 stonecutter1 8 months ago
My entire inventory is up for swaps. Nada1977 Nada1977 0 Nada1977 Nada1977 8 months ago
Records for trades: Burzum, Sodom, Crossed Out, Sepultura, Celtic Frost, etc... JC_Grinder JC_Grinder 0 JC_Grinder JC_Grinder 9 months ago
Trades metal and other Sarunas25 Sarunas25 0 Sarunas25 Sarunas25 10 months ago
 theFBI theFBI 0 theFBI theFBI 10 months ago
a few dozens for trade-goth &related, prog, rock, metal. low_lander low_lander 0 low_lander low_lander 11 months ago
gatefold sleeve pfeeiffer pfeeiffer 0 pfeeiffer pfeeiffer about 1 year ago
gatefold sleeve pfeeiffer pfeeiffer 0 pfeeiffer pfeeiffer about 1 year ago
Hamel-Peter Michael Hamel pfeeiffer pfeeiffer 0 pfeeiffer pfeeiffer about 1 year ago
Trading 45's soul/rock/pop Vinylaudiohound Vinylaudiohound 2 Vinylaudiohound Vinylaudiohound about 1 year ago
Lost Highway - Limited Edition (numbered) Coloured x 2 LP woodleigh woodleigh 0 woodleigh woodleigh about 1 year ago
nnknlknklnmnkl Lynda_Snarloc Lynda_Snarloc 2 Lynda_Snarloc Lynda_Snarloc about 1 year ago
swap & trades from France, metal & more alkbazz alkbazz 0 alkbazz alkbazz about 1 year ago