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MINOR THREAT 'Filler' EP insert FOR TRADE Maltodextrin Maltodextrin 2 Maltodextrin Maltodextrin about 1 month ago
Looking for Minor Threat insert ericcaldwellturner ericcaldwellturner 0 ericcaldwellturner ericcaldwellturner about 1 month ago
Looking for Breakeven album Barroomhero88 Barroomhero88 2 Barroomhero88 Barroomhero88 3 months ago
What is the Rarest Lp or 7" in your collection? (page: 2) jaked67 jaked67 149 captainA captainA 4 months ago
records you had to sell off you wish you had back guilala guilala 17 madrid_spacestation madrid_spacestation 4 months ago
missing an insert? NOXIOUSPRICK NOXIOUSPRICK 19 BillyShears1973 BillyShears1973 5 months ago
Crass Feeding Of The 5000 621984 insert question guilala guilala 2 guilala guilala 7 months ago
Extra inserts muskellunge27 muskellunge27 0 muskellunge27 muskellunge27 8 months ago
Record swap and fair in Berlin! BoredTeenagers BoredTeenagers 0 BoredTeenagers BoredTeenagers 9 months ago
Record Stores in your area ChargerBullet ChargerBullet 3 mikel68 mikel68 9 months ago
Looking for Bonecrusher Animal ep White vinyl Stamp-out-disco Stamp-out-disco 1 Monktorch Monktorch about 1 year ago
OI POLLOI - six of the best, plasic case edition? javipcriot javipcriot 0 javipcriot javipcriot about 1 year ago
sale, taken offers on all my stock ravetothegrave ravetothegrave 0 ravetothegrave ravetothegrave about 1 year ago
unknown (90s?) track PSville PSville 8 PSville PSville about 1 year ago
1st Minor Threat and "In My Eyes" 3rd Press sleeves redhairred redhairred 0 redhairred redhairred about 1 year ago
Clockwork Criminals 7"ep WANTED strawdog79 strawdog79 0 strawdog79 strawdog79 about 1 year ago
Kabinett Död Peteroutrecords Peteroutrecords 0 Peteroutrecords Peteroutrecords about 1 year ago
Crack "All or Nothing" 7"ep wanted! strawdog79 strawdog79 0 strawdog79 strawdog79 about 1 year ago
looking for dúisg! & saorsa OI POLLOI CDs (only barter) javipcriot javipcriot 0 javipcriot javipcriot about 1 year ago
Wild Boys - Last One Of The Boys 7" WANT IT!!! PurePunkRecords PurePunkRecords 1 martin_gbg martin_gbg about 1 year ago
Does anyone recognize this autograph? BornToDie BornToDie 0 BornToDie BornToDie over 2 years ago
Japanese fastcore/powerviolence/thrash QUESTION(s) !!! djcampblood djcampblood 8 edwardiv edwardiv over 2 years ago
OVALTINEES EP on BAA Records wanted, £350 paid. strawdog79 strawdog79 0 strawdog79 strawdog79 over 2 years ago
Youth of Today trade mountain_dude mountain_dude 0 mountain_dude mountain_dude over 2 years ago
How to get off Contributor Improvement Program dannyarell84 dannyarell84 2 dannyarell84 dannyarell84 over 2 years ago