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[Events] 2007 niall niall 9 cicerobuck cicerobuck over 14 years ago
releases you'd like to recommend Kater_Murr Kater_Murr 24 airports airports over 6 years ago
obs - CD/TAPES electroac/concrete series акусма shapovalovd shapovalovd 0 shapovalovd shapovalovd over 6 years ago
Merzbow Recommendations pozz pozz 2 pozz pozz over 6 years ago
Some new releases by the Greek electro-acoustic scene tempo21 tempo21 1 Eclanage Eclanage over 7 years ago
Earwaves - newish channel from Soma FM Nick_G Nick_G 0 Nick_G Nick_G over 8 years ago
François Bayle finally... Kater_Murr Kater_Murr 9 travis6johnson travis6johnson over 8 years ago
John Bender - Pop Surgery Bootleg vehscle vehscle 1 Charon49 Charon49 over 9 years ago
Minoru Sato vehscle vehscle 0 vehscle vehscle over 9 years ago
Jean-Claude Eloy: new reissues or first issues Kater_Murr Kater_Murr 0 Kater_Murr Kater_Murr over 9 years ago
Digital Locked Grooves Compilation arnoldboczek arnoldboczek 0 arnoldboczek arnoldboczek over 10 years ago
Milton Babbit RIP moshka-medicine moshka-medicine 2 Knuckles Knuckles over 10 years ago
Héliodrome - Black Meat / Looking For Dr. Benway 7" kidmo kidmo 2 kidmo kidmo over 10 years ago
roland kayn a.so.hyp a.so.hyp 1 cicerobuck cicerobuck over 11 years ago
Intersystems - Number One a.so.hyp a.so.hyp 0 a.so.hyp a.so.hyp over 11 years ago
I'm bummed this place isn't more alive. Christopher_Jion Christopher_Jion 11 moshka-medicine moshka-medicine over 11 years ago
Nuit Bleue: festival for experimental electronic music Kater_Murr Kater_Murr 0 Kater_Murr Kater_Murr over 12 years ago
second appeal for support for IMEB EricLanzillotta EricLanzillotta 0 EricLanzillotta EricLanzillotta over 12 years ago
Andromeda Strain reissue berb berb 0 berb berb over 12 years ago
New cassette label based in Chicago: Notice Recordings thecoloroflight thecoloroflight 1 thecoloroflight thecoloroflight over 12 years ago
Pierre Henry gigs at his own home in Paris cicerobuck cicerobuck 4 cicerobuck cicerobuck over 12 years ago
Hafler Trio / Andrew McKenzie boycotting Touch (?) thecoloroflight thecoloroflight 5 yipyipcoyote yipyipcoyote over 13 years ago
Kapotte Muziek / A Table / Timo van Luijk - Kris Vanderstraeten jmoortga jmoortga 0 jmoortga jmoortga over 13 years ago
BBC Radiophonic Workshop: Live berb berb 1 cicerobuck cicerobuck over 13 years ago
RIP Henri Pousseur jmoortga jmoortga 3 berb berb over 13 years ago