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What the mailman delivered...the industrial version 1.0 (page: 2 ... 90, 91) industrialgyrl industrialgyrl 9,043 Kater_Murr Kater_Murr 1 day ago
SPAM (page: 2 ... 5, 6) kreuztot kreuztot 592 Borde_UY Borde_UY 22 days ago
Live Shows (page: 2, 3, 4) Bili-Rubin Bili-Rubin 321 kromosom54 kromosom54 over 5 years ago
I'm looking for music featuring the rauschpfreife please. jondavey jondavey 2 jondavey jondavey about 19 hours ago
amplifier discuss ooatclinicsdhbudhlad ooatclinicsdhbudhlad 3 Lautreamont Lautreamont 15 days ago
Tomorrow Manchester: THE NEW BLOCKADERS 'Live At Sonic City' premiere + ... ColdSpring ColdSpring 0 ColdSpring ColdSpring 16 days ago
dark ambient industrial horror faxinger666 faxinger666 21 faxinger666 faxinger666 about 1 month ago
daktron - my project darktron darktron 2 bloodfeast07 bloodfeast07 3 months ago
A stomping dark crunchy distorted ep by bambra. bambra_ bambra_ 2 bambra_ bambra_ 3 months ago
Tomorrow! Leeds Record and Book Fair www.leedsrecordandbookfair.com recordsandbooks recordsandbooks 0 recordsandbooks recordsandbooks 3 months ago
VISCERAL CIRCUITRY Records: New webshop / Indus, Noise gabalgabow gabalgabow 8 gabalgabow gabalgabow 3 months ago
electro dark rhythmic noise ▷tune for ID◁ from 1985 or previous jordi242 jordi242 0 jordi242 jordi242 4 months ago
London Meetup group for authentic Industrial, noise and aggressive alt-techno Geroff Geroff 0 Geroff Geroff 5 months ago
Music For Sleep - Infinite Loops: A Song For Quiet Wednesday Nights Reel-Audio Reel-Audio 0 Reel-Audio Reel-Audio 6 months ago
adventurous listening mixes encephalone encephalone 2 encephalone encephalone 6 months ago
27/09, Manchester, UK: CONSUMER ELECTRONICS / SKULLFLOWER / IRON FIST OF THE SUN ColdSpring ColdSpring 0 ColdSpring ColdSpring 7 months ago
I hope this is the right audience alternating_bit alternating_bit 1 alternating_bit alternating_bit 7 months ago
any suggestions for really disturbing Dark Ambient or Experimental glufs glufs 28 bloodfeast07 bloodfeast07 8 months ago
This Saturday! Leeds Record & Book Fair 10am-4pm recordsandbooks recordsandbooks 0 recordsandbooks recordsandbooks 8 months ago
Leeds Record & Book Fair (free admission) this Saturday recordsandbooks recordsandbooks 0 recordsandbooks recordsandbooks 9 months ago
SNTS Fans around the World Thiark Thiark 8 GaB89 GaB89 9 months ago
Vinyl Mixes From RoomDjs eniac277 eniac277 0 eniac277 eniac277 10 months ago
deeeeeeep dub techno new release oscpllex oscpllex 0 oscpllex oscpllex 10 months ago
Turbund Sturmwerk, INADE, Loki Found related material Bedon Bedon 0 Bedon Bedon 11 months ago