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Furbetto Svizzero zingodj zingodj 0 zingodj zingodj 12 days ago
boogie / funk [i can't remember] boogieF boogieF 3 Heart-chor Heart-chor 12 days ago
funk 80's error boogieF boogieF 0 boogieF boogieF 22 days ago
Need some help in defining Ballads MamboMadness MamboMadness 0 MamboMadness MamboMadness 2 months ago
The funk to make america gyrate again PlantBass PlantBass 0 PlantBass PlantBass 3 months ago
Sorry but ... ID Track, please DigggggerBarnes DigggggerBarnes 0 DigggggerBarnes DigggggerBarnes 4 months ago
The Deele Sexy RnB song "The Only 1" and "All I Want For ... dtown01 dtown01 0 dtown01 dtown01 5 months ago
[RESOLVED] Help identifying an artist (Breeze - Music) senor_velasco senor_velasco 1 FunKyouS FunKyouS 8 months ago
Track ID needed! Mitter Mitter 2 FunKyouS FunKyouS 10 months ago
TRACK ID: Mid 1980's Japanese City Pop/Boogie Rozario_Agro Rozario_Agro 2 Rozario_Agro Rozario_Agro 11 months ago
Disco track id fumakillaz fumakillaz 4 fumakillaz fumakillaz about 1 year ago
70s/80s Funk mix for dancefloors PlantBass PlantBass 0 PlantBass PlantBass about 1 year ago
Id Song search year 60 or 70 ouelletrobert76 ouelletrobert76 0 ouelletrobert76 ouelletrobert76 about 1 year ago
Disco id's help Aspirations Aspirations 0 Aspirations Aspirations about 1 year ago
HOW MANY OF YOU LISTEN THE TUNES ? Tchouley Tchouley 0 Tchouley Tchouley about 1 year ago
Tune Of The Week For Me bargainvinyl1 bargainvinyl1 0 bargainvinyl1 bargainvinyl1 about 1 year ago
I need help with this soul tune (very rare) JoaquinArG JoaquinArG 12 foogoo foogoo about 1 year ago
All vinyl Boogie and Electro-Funk Mix si_co7 si_co7 0 si_co7 si_co7 about 1 year ago
One Take Funk/Boogie/ModernSoul 80s up to today all vinyl Mix #California #Love oovalen oovalen 0 oovalen oovalen over 2 years ago
Funky song ID, maybe Sister Sledge ? NotSoGood NotSoGood 0 NotSoGood NotSoGood over 2 years ago
Discocut Mix Vol. 1 Discobosa Discobosa 3 Discobosa Discobosa over 2 years ago
Discocut Mix Vol. 2 Discobosa Discobosa 0 Discobosa Discobosa over 2 years ago
80s ballad (female vocal) juffure juffure 0 juffure juffure over 2 years ago
Si:Fi - The Social Service - Winter Warmer *All Vinyl* Jam si_co7 si_co7 1 Tchouley Tchouley over 2 years ago
Any help on these tune ? (Boogie/Modern-Funk) FunkSlaps FunkSlaps 4 Tchouley Tchouley over 3 years ago