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Venus and thej Baja Country Jesters-Wild Country mia71655 mia71655 0 mia71655 mia71655 about 1 year ago
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Can anyone shed any light on this release?? rico_swipe rico_swipe 5 SeRKeT SeRKeT over 3 years ago
Selling off metal $2 to $10 a cd motorhead4life motorhead4life 0 motorhead4life motorhead4life over 4 years ago
A rare Japanese Hardcore gem? dreamkrieg dreamkrieg 1 jay.holmes.710 jay.holmes.710 over 5 years ago
Unsually packaged releases Arkhana Arkhana 23 Arkhana Arkhana over 5 years ago
Your Biggest Have / Want Ratio Profoundemonium Profoundemonium 21 microdns microdns over 5 years ago
Cardboard 45s (Cut Out Records) Johnny-Roe Johnny-Roe 4 Johnny-Roe Johnny-Roe over 5 years ago
1940s "Facts Of Life" records Johnny-Roe Johnny-Roe 6 Kadink Kadink over 5 years ago
led Zeppelin 2, side 2 labels on both sides junkntreasurevinyl junkntreasurevinyl 5 Kadink Kadink over 5 years ago
Obscure 9228289 9228289 5 Arkhana Arkhana over 5 years ago
CD question 9228289 9228289 17 9228289 9228289 over 6 years ago
Burgess Meredith rapping reapermadness reapermadness 4 Johnny-Roe Johnny-Roe over 6 years ago
Propaganda releases legumes-SALES legumes-SALES 1 tam89rds tam89rds over 6 years ago
Abkhazian release tam89rds tam89rds 8 tsivihcra tsivihcra over 6 years ago
Maximum Obscurity: Artists with No Online Presence Profoundemonium Profoundemonium 4 Profoundemonium Profoundemonium over 6 years ago
Finnegan & the Vikings cassette only three made? siamcat1238 siamcat1238 0 siamcat1238 siamcat1238 over 6 years ago
Have you heard about Auris Apothecary? Arkhana Arkhana 0 Arkhana Arkhana over 6 years ago
Radio Doom TSwede TSwede 3 TSwede TSwede over 6 years ago
Prodigy - LIMITED EDITION sin4ex sin4ex 0 sin4ex sin4ex over 6 years ago
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Last seven days... andygrayrecords andygrayrecords 8 andygrayrecords andygrayrecords over 6 years ago
does anybody know 'bout these? jimshorts jimshorts 3 jimshorts jimshorts over 6 years ago
The Jazz Butcher - Southern Mark Smith shazzabizarre shazzabizarre 2 andygrayrecords andygrayrecords over 6 years ago
Limited ed Sid Vicious poster fingerz01 fingerz01 3 btowngurl2014 btowngurl2014 over 6 years ago