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Request help for this CD MikyMS MikyMS 1 TheEnd123 TheEnd123 2 months ago
问个问题,这里会中文的帮我投个票。 TheEnd123 TheEnd123 0 TheEnd123 TheEnd123 2 months ago
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Need Help To Add Chinese Release spinmarket spinmarket 3 Peterzhutiger Peterzhutiger 4 months ago
僅限Taiwan台灣資深會員答覆,萬分感激! 語言因素 kk6421 kk6421 20 TheEnd123 TheEnd123 4 months ago
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问一下, 就是这个谁知道?! Peterzhutiger Peterzhutiger 1 TheEnd123 TheEnd123 5 months ago
Help with a release (Man Chi Records) funktional_beat funktional_beat 1 Peterzhutiger Peterzhutiger 5 months ago
Need help ! fabstrakt fabstrakt 1 Formosa Formosa 6 months ago
问个问题啊, 就是如何编辑主版本 Peterzhutiger Peterzhutiger 2 Peterzhutiger Peterzhutiger 7 months ago
New Teresa Teng sub needing attention Record-City Record-City 0 Record-City Record-City 7 months ago
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Submit language as printed, this is not about politics Formosa Formosa 0 Formosa Formosa 7 months ago
Cantonese Opera LPs estnyboer estnyboer 4 hylau hylau 7 months ago
你好,我来自中国大陆,今年在Discogs第一次发帖子(会中文或繁体字的都可以留言) Peterzhutiger Peterzhutiger 2 Peterzhutiger Peterzhutiger 8 months ago
Few Chinese records help MusicThatShapes MusicThatShapes 2 Formosa Formosa 9 months ago