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please can someone help with the details of this one? sodaknows sodaknows 5 sodaknows sodaknows 26 days ago
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Need help with submission, this 10'' vinyl is written in Chinese oreivis oreivis 2 oreivis oreivis about 1 month ago
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Michael Jackson CD Hong Kong MikyMS MikyMS 2 MikyMS MikyMS 3 months ago
HELP identifying pressing Andyhistamine Andyhistamine 1 small_plastic_discs small_plastic_discs 3 months ago
Figures of the Grottos - cassette needs to be submitted BlueBirdie BlueBirdie 0 BlueBirdie BlueBirdie 3 months ago
Entry in need of a title Seelentau Seelentau 0 Seelentau Seelentau 3 months ago
Chinese text on back of Australian release fokkerTISM fokkerTISM 0 fokkerTISM fokkerTISM 4 months ago
Who lives in the mainland? VincentDrakeHarman VincentDrakeHarman 0 VincentDrakeHarman VincentDrakeHarman 5 months ago
Quick Guide To Identifying Chinese Pirate Releases Formosa Formosa 0 Formosa Formosa 5 months ago
Requesting assistance on Taiwanese release T-Bar T-Bar 0 T-Bar T-Bar 5 months ago
中国唱片 - DB-20358 clear red 10" flexi from 1983 punkportaldan punkportaldan 3 punkportaldan punkportaldan 5 months ago
Need assistance with a Hulusi music CD Jx10 Jx10 1 Jx10 Jx10 5 months ago
Chinese 78 rpm records - Transcription Help Needed xiphophilos xiphophilos 1 xiphophilos xiphophilos 6 months ago
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