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Is this the thread for private press? regenerativemusic regenerativemusic 2 MarchHair MarchHair 3 months ago
Visual effects on vinyl records xpirux xpirux 3 xpirux xpirux 4 months ago
WWF "12 white label thing from 1992 + Kevin Ayers cover Crash-Loader Crash-Loader 0 Crash-Loader Crash-Loader about 1 year ago
i need to search a member polidrugo87 polidrugo87 1 MarchHair MarchHair over 4 years ago
Help! Any info on this record? andyhaiku andyhaiku 1 rico_swipe rico_swipe over 4 years ago
Can anyone shed any light on this release?? rico_swipe rico_swipe 0 rico_swipe rico_swipe over 4 years ago
Stuff I'm looking into. FiveCraft FiveCraft 0 FiveCraft FiveCraft over 4 years ago
Please tell me the title of this song. marginal_psychicmann marginal_psychicmann 1 velocity_kendall velocity_kendall over 5 years ago
Help finding info on this record!? I have the sleeve, but not the vinyl. squirmles squirmles 1 MarchHair MarchHair over 5 years ago
Cosmic experimental fictionsaloon fictionsaloon 0 fictionsaloon fictionsaloon over 6 years ago
Balearic & Disco.... marginal_psychicmann marginal_psychicmann 0 marginal_psychicmann marginal_psychicmann over 7 years ago
8 rpm ! Stringtickler Stringtickler 1 soulchap soulchap over 7 years ago
Leong Lau chrisbonato chrisbonato 0 chrisbonato chrisbonato over 7 years ago
Wolfie's World Wolfie_Rankin Wolfie_Rankin 0 Wolfie_Rankin Wolfie_Rankin over 7 years ago
Unusual pressings CykoMF CykoMF 19 CykoMF CykoMF over 8 years ago
hi there vjweirich vjweirich 4 vjweirich vjweirich over 8 years ago
Testosteroso - Lanco PA band vjweirich vjweirich 0 vjweirich vjweirich over 8 years ago
Obscure Sound.... marginal_psychicmann marginal_psychicmann 1 Radiator_Phillip Radiator_Phillip over 8 years ago
Any other release like this? o6eah o6eah 0 o6eah o6eah over 9 years ago
Russian Melodia! u55r u55r 0 u55r u55r over 9 years ago
not so beautiful covers fahrzurhoellestewart fahrzurhoellestewart 0 fahrzurhoellestewart fahrzurhoellestewart over 9 years ago
WARP/REPHLEX CDs available... adamLONDONcd adamLONDONcd 0 adamLONDONcd adamLONDONcd over 9 years ago
Stefano Torossi Feelings Reissue makuma makuma 0 makuma makuma over 9 years ago
TALE TWIST - Path Collapse EP: idm/experimental, rhythmic noise & soundtracks HarlemPinheiro HarlemPinheiro 0 HarlemPinheiro HarlemPinheiro over 11 years ago
PILL - P-Type mini-album: fictional game score: 8-Bit, breaks & oldschool techno HarlemPinheiro HarlemPinheiro 0 HarlemPinheiro HarlemPinheiro over 11 years ago