• simfonik over 17 years ago

    I'm looking for a copy of:

    Steve Loria - Cybersonictechnotronic - (Milkyway Rave Tapes)

    I would be happy to pay for a copy -- or pay even more for an original.

    (The spelling of the name of the tape may be off, but if you have it you'll know what I'm talking about)
  • djnikadeemas over 17 years ago

    Is that from '92 ???

    I have a mix of his from that summer
  • simfonik over 17 years ago

    It was 91 or 92 ... Im pretty sure it was 92 though. What tracks are on the tape?
  • spirals over 17 years ago

    holy mother of god; simfonik- i had quite a few old steve loria mix tapes- the milky way one you mention- that was a damn good tape- it has the "i am the god of hellfire!"
    milkyway had another old house tape of steve loria that was very good, plus that he had awesome ones from citrusonic as well as more, and another good one "in the lion's den"
    i used to go to his clubs, citrusonic, more, and the Ghetto Elms he did with doc martin religiously 92-94- i was always there. they even snapped a pic of me for urb magazine in 93 when it was still free.
  • spirals over 17 years ago

    oh, btw- it was DEFINITELY 1992- the tape you mention

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