• emilemat over 14 years ago

    I used to visit this site when searching for cd-info:

    Is anyone else familiar with it?
    Is everything he got in the Discogs database too?
  • TIM over 14 years ago

    i was checking it out when i first got on discogs nearly 3 years ago.
    didn't like the way it was set-up so discogs was more of a site i continued to visit
  • kompressorkanonen over 14 years ago

    Excellent pre-Discogs info service but much like Amazing Discographies it's a bit redundant now - one-man operations have limited capabilities compared to a community-built database like the Ogs.

    Much respect to the guy though - great seller too.
  • TIM over 14 years ago

    he had pic's of the album's way before discogs too
  • bhbognar over 14 years ago

    yeah, actually i used his website as a reference for a while. excellent, esp. for a one person operation.
  • mysticulvah over 14 years ago

    He sold me a very sought after record of mine for 8 Euro's; a very top notch guy; This record wasn't even on gemm and the only other person that I have seen who has it is hextatic. I have looked thru his his site and seen what you are talking about. he has spent alot of time doing on his own what we here as a community do here everyday
  • djerome over 14 years ago

    his guarantee is something like, he'll only list a record if he owns it or has held it in his hands. i consider him to be a reliable source for information.
  • zthrockm over 14 years ago

    i used it before discogs, and still use it. between here and wolf's, i doubt there's many records that you can't find info about online.
  • theauxphou over 14 years ago

    He's a good seller - I bought a Patrick Pulsinger CD off him which is not even in the Discogs database yet.. I should get cracking and submit it.. his site is good, too.. but obviously not as good as here.
  • aeternox over 14 years ago

    Yeah I used this site before discogs and before discogs had enough data online. I had quite the same taste as him for some years, but not any more. But it is a very nice site!
  • mentalist over 14 years ago

  • mayday over 14 years ago

    yeah as Kompressor says, he's a great seller - always mint condition, and reasonable prices
  • Anonymous over 14 years ago

    i like the way he lumps everything by an artist into one page, its always interesting reading releases of an artist i like there, which arent on discogs yet.

    nice pictures missus!
  • niall over 14 years ago

    wolf is the king.
  • ecoto_e over 14 years ago

    my source before i stumbled across this lovely place... i think i'll have a little visit.
  • Anonymous over 14 years ago

    bought a few records from him, well pleased, top guy.
  • ElectronichEad over 14 years ago

    lotz of respect for that site and that person. Have used it for several years until i bumped on Discogs at a certain moment
  • browna over 14 years ago

    wolf is a top bloke, he put me on to some great vinyl and also he is very good pals with dr walker(from air liquide).

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