• Ambient101 over 9 years ago

    Named after the endless poem etched into the stones of a street in the Dutch city of Utrecht – a “social sculpture” designed to encourage long term thinking and creativity over many generations - Letters of Utrecht was formed in 2012 by Brisbane-based musician P A Buchanan.

    This self-titled album is Buchanan’s full-length debut following various Ep and single releases over the last three years. Live instrumentation, found sounds, samples and laptop were utilised to produce eight tracks which run the range from spacey, mellow soundscapes to tense, claustrophobic ambient-noir and crackling, wistful psych-drones. All demonstrate a keen sense of melody and purpose while embracing the raw, semi-improvised quality that Buchanan brings to much of his work.

    A year in the making, the album was inspired both directly and indirectly by the likes of David Lynch & Angelo Badalamenti, the Ghost Box record label, the eclectic work of Mike Patton, film soundtracks, Brian Eno and other ambient pioneers, Aphex Twin, Krautrock, hazy childhood nostalgia, half-remembered dreams, family life… and other bits and bobs far too numerous, significant or fleeting to list.


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