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    Weetzie about 1 year ago

    Great, thanks SirVize!
  • Staff 71

    Weetzie about 1 year ago

    Hi German Team! I have a quick request that I'm hoping someone can help with:
    Can someone translate these two sentences for me?

    See the most expensive records sold in Germany on the world's largest website for music collectors.
    Top 100 Most Expensive Records Sold in Germany

    Here's my attempt:
    Die teuersten in Deutschland verkauften Schallplatten finden Sie auf der weltweit größten Website für Musiksammler.
    Top 100 der teuersten in Deutschland verkauften Schallplatten

    But I imagine that isn't quite right... can someone else improve that for me?
    Thank you!
  • no_noise_reduction about 1 year ago

    I would slightly rephrase it to:

    Die teuersten in Deutschland verkauften Schallplatten können Sie sich auf der weltweit größten Webseite für Musiksammler ansehen.

    Else absolutely perfect.
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    Weetzie about 1 year ago

    Thank you so much, no_noise_reduction! I really appreciate it! :)
  • no_noise_reduction about 1 year ago

    You're welcome ; )
  • Staff 71

    Weetzie about 1 year ago

    Hello again!

    We've separated more homonym strings that may need different translations.

    I've added String Instructions for all of these newly separated strings: https://www.transifex.com/discogs-1/discogs-i18n/translate/#en/$/175859639?q=tags%3AContext_Added

    You'll notice that most of those strings have translations filled in by "DiscogsStaff"... but that really just means those translations were populated by our Translation Memory. Many of those translations are likely wrong. So if you have time, please take a look! Thanks!
  • Staff 71

    Weetzie about 1 year ago

    Hello German Translation Team!

    Our developers have added translation tags to several areas of the website that were missing translations previously.

    So there are many new strings that need translations. Any help you can provide with translations would be much appreciated: https://www.transifex.com/discogs-1/discogs-i18n/translate/#de/$/179022108?q=translated%3Ano

    We also separated out a few strings related to feedback. Since "Feedback" is both plural and singular in English, the plural and singular strings were combined previously. Here are the related strings that might need to be corrected:
    (Note that our Transifex "Translation Memory" just filled in the previously used translation. So although there are translations filled in, it's likely that two of those translations are incorrect.)

    Remember newly provided translations aren't added to the website until the resource gets to 100% translated and reviewed, so let's try to get those translations complete. Thanks everyone!
  • Clothdrum 5 months ago

    Hi everybody,

    I opened a thread in the Deutsches Discogs-Forum just recently, because I found an issue in the guideline translations today. Nothing serious I guess, but who knows? However, I did get some replies, that did not help really. Here is my post (in german - if you need translation into english language, let me know ;o) ):

    "Hallo zusammen,

    ich lese gerade (und immer wieder mal) die Guidelines, und da ist mir ein Fehler aufgefallen:

    In den Definitionen für Label und Unternehmen (grauer Kasten) steht unter Licenced To "wird manchmal auch als 'Licensed By' bezeichnet".
    Das ist falsch. 'Licensed To' bedeutet 'lizensiert an'.
    'Licenced By' ist vielmehr mit 'lizensiert durch' zu übersetzen, bedeutet in rechtlicher Hinsicht (bzgl. des Lizensierungsverfahrens) also quasi das Gegenteil, und ist somit Licensed From zuzuordnen. Der Fehler könnte zu erheblichen Schwierigkeiten bei den Submissions führen.

    Kann das jemand korrigieren? Und falls nicht, an wen wende ich mich diesbezüglich?


    - For your information: I did read the mentioned guidelines in german only. Which means, I don't know if the translation is completely correct and the issue is already in the english orignal, or it was added to the german version.

    Thanks again,
  • Clothdrum 5 months ago

    Pinging Weetzie, pianoman74, and no_noise_reduction just to call your attention to my post above, since you seem to be the most active Users here. ;o)
  • Clothdrum 5 months ago

    Sorry, one more thing:
    In the Definitionen it is paragraph 4.6.2., keyword 'Licenced To' I found the issue in.
  • no_noise_reduction 5 months ago

    Hey there. I can have a look into it - I'm very busy lately and did not have a lot of time to work on the German localization. Give me 24 hours, please. Dankeschön ;-)
  • Clothdrum 5 months ago

    Hello no_noise_reduction & all,

    looks like the issue has been clarified, due to user Rhineheart in the Deutsches Discogs-Forum:
    Has been translated word by word from the english original, and 'Licensed by' can mean 'Licensed To' (although I must say I never heard it being used this way) as well as 'Licensed From'.

    Nevertheless - thanks for any help!

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