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    How to get people downloading your mix

    > Post a working hyperlink to your mix
    > Ask yourself what people see in your post and why they should download it without listening to it...
    > Please post a complete playlist. Take the time to write it and users will appreciate that, cos you can't describe a mix better and motivate more to d/l than by giving a playlist to your mix. Most people even save the playlist with the mix.
    > Please try to enter all relevant infos: a working direct link with your DJ (or user) name and mix name (for renaming the file if needed), maybe also style, size, kbps, duration infos.
    > Just post the thread when the mix is uploaded, not like "here's my thread or preview, the mix will be uploaded soon".
    > Before you upload your mix, think of a good file name including your user / DJ name so people can find your thread days after downloading. So don't use "Mix_Name.mp3" but "User_Name_-_Mix_Name.mp3"
    > Same goes for thread titles. Threads reading "my new mix" won't help much finding a thread again.

    Listeners: If you liked a mix, please come back and post a line! If you don't think you'll come back, just post that you're downloading it! DJ's are thankful for every post!

    If you can't play ogg files or use Windows Mediaplayer (lol) for playback, the free winamp or foobar players are strongly recommended!

    You need a free host for your mixes?
    Most important: Don't pay hosting companies such as streamload.com or waxdj.com! There are so many ways to host your mixes for free:

    max file size | file deleted if not downloaded for XX days:

    100 MB | unlimited: MediaFire.com: no waiting counters, ok d/l speed. register to create folders.
    1000 MB | 180 days: FileFront.com: quick register to upload, no reg. needed to d/l. note: link to the page, not directly to the file.
    500 MB | 90 days: MegaUpload.com: 45 sec counter, very reliable host
    1000 MB | 100 days: RogePost.com: no counter, fast and easy, no upload status field, hits counter, test download after upload!
    250 MB | 60 days: Share.am: ok speed
    250 MB | 30 days: DepositFiles.com: fast speed!, no d/l amount limit, 45 sec counter
    100 MB | 30 days: RapidShare.com: fast but 100 sec counter, extremely uncomfortable, d/l limits > try RapGet
    300 MB | 30 days: RapidUpload.com: fast, no counter
    300 MB | 30 days: Uploading.com: fast, 20 sec counter
    500 MB | 30 days: Zupload.com: direct linking, slow speed, upload not working for everyone

    Not recommended:
    YouSendIt.com: deletition after 7 days(!) or 25 downloads (what happens first)
    waxdj.com: too many problems with their server since they exist, do not pay them!
    BestSharing.com: 125 MB only, often not working, slow, they have massive server problems
    FileFactory.com: 500 MB | but only for 15 days, no counter
    MegaShares.com: 1,5 GB but 1 d/l in 7 days and 5 d/l in 25 days needed to keep up
    ShareBigFile.com: 300 MB | 30 days w/o d/l but extremely slow speed!
    Spread-It.com: 500 MB but only for 14 days
    SendSpace.com: deletition after 7 days w/o d/l, most often "There are no d/l slots available" Bad!
    TheUpload.com: 200 MB | 90 days, but slow speed and u/l often not working
    Uploaded.to: deletition after 7 days w/o d/l, but fast though

    spam.la: fake e-mails for registering wherever

    Problems downloading mixes on FTP servers?
    Firefox is not working for this by default! So better use any other browser of your choice like MS Internet Explorer or any download manager.

    Related forums:

    Mixes by famous DJ's (like Richie Hawtin etc) should be posted in Mixes by non-discogs users

    Self made / home produced tracks should be posted in Music Producers or Re-Edits / Remixes / Mash Up's

    Check out the Mixes Archive for creating your own DJ profile or mixes overview and get people downloading your mixes even if the threads in the Mixes forum 'disappeared' on page 2 (eg link your thread on your discogs profile)

    The Discogs Radio is always looking for new DJ's who want to stream live from home.

    How to properly encode mp3 / ogg

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