• BRUCE1991 over 13 years ago

    What is techno without Mr. Beltram...
    Just a game to see what's your favorite records.
  • BRUCE1991 over 13 years ago

    My top:

    PSYCHO BASS (souvenirs souvenirs)

    CODE6: THE AFTERLIFE (made with the heart)

    THE MELODY (so sweet)

    ENERGY FLASH (you can't miss it)

    MENTASM (revolutionnary)

    WITHIN YOURSELF (you should have been so sad the day you made it... genius!)

    Of course i can't forget the 2x12" on trax (5027).
    acid tracks between 1989-1991.

    there is so many more...

  • 909_bd over 13 years ago


    hey lets instead find his most obscure and weird releases.


    the rest is all in my box to play

  • BassBooster over 13 years ago

    Code 6: Third Aura is the best in my opinion.
  • TEKNONUTTER over 13 years ago

    Mental Mayhem - Where Are They Hiding / Joeys Riot (Atmosphere)1990 is the one for me, although every track above is also excellent :-)
  • Anonymous over 13 years ago

    Code 6-third aura....the whole ep is superb
  • Anonymous over 13 years ago

    Rush To The Rhythm

    "Yo Beltram, break it down like this! Rush to the rhythm, step to the trance!"

  • BUNKERHEADZ over 13 years ago

  • Anonymous over 13 years ago

    Fuzz tracks ....man just had a mix with this using a pioneer 600 for the first time ....fuk it right up with the effects and eq's ...........lovely :)
  • kleez.one over 13 years ago

    do you know this one

    groove attack is a great acid track
  • Anonymous over 13 years ago

    my eyes are peeled
  • Anonymous over 13 years ago

    energy flash ...i know its a obvious one ...but this track practically changed my life ...the min i heard it ...shit it blew me away still does ..
  • kleez.one over 13 years ago

    i just got a copy of Messiah - There Is No Law (Remix)
    also from beltram.....

    not that good btw..
  • mayday over 13 years ago

    another vote for Code 6
  • mayday over 13 years ago

    I think I've got every JB release there is now. Not necessarily all the remixes, mind...you, but certainly all the main releases on the oggs under every alias :)
  • kompressorkanonen over 13 years ago

    Code 6 on EXperimental
    Evil AD on Syntox
    Sintox on 23
    Trax Re-Releases
  • mayday over 13 years ago

    Evil AD. MMmmmm :)
  • djrickythedragon over 13 years ago

    Energy Flash is my favorite ,still spinning this one ,every gig I do....
  • Nick_G over 13 years ago

    Lost Entity - Annihilate
    Beltram Vol 1
    Mental Mayhem - Joey's Riot
    Second Phase - Mentasm/Mind to Mind
    Any of the Code 6 material
  • BomberOne over 13 years ago

    Same as you all : All of his 90>>92 tracks are so perfect and innovative. But I would add that his 93 warp release was brilliant, and that I keep on worshipping the AONOX LP.
  • DALI over 13 years ago

  • Anonymous over 13 years ago

    absolute.ruler edited over 13 years ago
    aonox for me too pls. nice memory: in 1995 we cruised by camping car from middle of Spain back to Ghent - one long trip "straight on caffeine", héhé - with that album playing auto-repeat for approx. 900 km. very nice experience as we took "routes nationales" during night time. chillin'!!
  • rastacapoeira over 13 years ago

    My Sound !!! Ha Ha Ha Ha

  • 909_bd over 13 years ago

    I dont know how and why You leave out "Places". You´re a bunch of weird folks for sure...the records that are obscure crap get the most props here LOL
  • Anonymous over 13 years ago

    we love crap! we love obscure shite! we are old skool nerds right! ps. beltram i could be your father ;)
  • mayday over 13 years ago

    Places is good too! It's pretty hard to decide ya know?!
  • djfrankiebones over 13 years ago

  • Benjamin_Le_Dauphin over 13 years ago

    For me the best is : Mentasm !!!!

    I want it !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • fred_funk over 13 years ago

    FAO Benjamin_Le_Dauphin - I think mentasm is probably his worst tune. I've got it on R&S and if that was the only tune on the EP then I would have frisbied the record out of the window a long time ago. The B-Side: "Mind To Mind", on the other hand, is a work of art.
  • vin100vega over 13 years ago

    Frequency Release
    vol 1 & 2 of course :)

  • vin100vega over 13 years ago

    the second mentasm i wrote is the remix with the huge trax on B side: VORTEX
  • BRUCE1991 over 13 years ago

    @ Fred_Funk
    Back in 1991 the sound of mentasm was indeniably a UFO in techno, nobody heard something like that before.
    The only reason not to love this record at this time is because it was too hard or too strange.
    Of course since 1991 twousands of records used this hoover sound and spoiled the original spirit of it.
    Just like Joey said in an old interview, he wanted to make something totally new and he nearly didn't release this record because he thought it was too different.
    Hopefully r&s released it.
    The art in this record is the 2 faces of the music of Joey,
    half hard,experimental and catchy with Mentasm, half moody and foul of emotions with mind to mind.
    You can't miss this record!!
  • 909_bd over 13 years ago

    could you please give credit where its due, the mentasm sound was created by Mundo Muzique not Joey. Get the facts straight.
  • BRUCE1991 over 13 years ago

    you mean that Joey is a liar?
  • Joey_Beltram over 13 years ago

    Hello all.
    Thanks for this thread :)

    @ Pacou.
    You are wrong. Me and Mundo created both those tracks together.
    Its not called Beltram or Mundo but Second Phase because it was a equal collaboration between the both of us. Mundo is a very talented person so the two of our minds together made something phenominal.
    He did own the Juno alpha though, not me. Back when we dicided to work on a project he brought it with him to my house (where we recorded both tracks) and conected it to the rest of my stuff. Then we started working. While scrolling thru the sounds we came across that sound, he said" we should do something with this" I thought 'fuck yeah'.
    We edited the shit out of it, sampled it in another keyboard I own and proceeded to edit it some more (that gave it the extra punch that the alpha didnt have). Thats why nobody had ever been able to duplicate that sound quite like mentasm and thats why it has that deep sub in the midle and acid filter parts toward the end, we were no longer working with the alpha.
    Most people figured this out and just sampled it from our record.
    because you cant just duplicate it with the alpha, its imposible.
    i aint saying the other keyboard we used ;)

    Also i read on here that mundo released on another record first, The Tranztecho EP vol 1. That would be incorrect.
    That came AFTER Second Phase 'Mentasm'.
    Go look for yourself Here
    Mentasm is release number 9109 and Mundo's Tranztechno is 9110
    You can see its the release after Mentasm
    Second Phase was his first release on R+S records.
    and mentasm was the first ever record to use that sound, period.

    Please dont try to tell me what i did and what i didnt do and what history is. I was there, this shit was made in MY house.

    Anyway, this isnt to discredit Mundo, he is a talent and a close friend and i tell him on a daily basis to make and release more records. He made some real greats on his own. Unfortunately he stopped in 1993 and persued other interests. He'll still remain one of the bests ever.

  • 909_bd over 13 years ago

    Great facts thanks Joey. I just wanted to point out he was also a good part of it, so now we even know the "inside" of the whole story !!! This should be in the "history of techno" book. I have a lot of respect for your works please dont get me wrong. Played "rising sun" in Tel Aviv and Vienna last month ;)

    Do you have some info on the vortex thing for us too? it was a "big mystery" in the "frontpage" magazine here around the time...how did you and Richie get along?
  • Joey_Beltram over 13 years ago

    No prob Pacou, we cool :)
    I got love for my extended Tresor fam.

    I posted a while back about my thoughts on Vortex.
    I get asked about that from time to time. the basic summary is "I think in coudlve been better" and it was better. But the final product that was released on Vinyl lacked a bit to me.
    I dont even think I played it out much.
    Maybe when it was new, thats it.
  • Joey_Beltram over 13 years ago

    No prob Pacou, we cool :)
    I got love for my extended Tresor fam.

    I posted a while back about my thoughts on Vortex.
    I get asked about that from time to time. the basic summary is "I think in coudlve been better" and it was better. But the final product that was released on Vinyl lacked a bit to me.
    I dont even think I played it out much.
    Maybe when it was new, thats it.
  • Joey_Beltram over 13 years ago

    ^^^ wow, my first double post :)
  • BUNKERHEADZ over 13 years ago

    ^^next time that happens you'll have to post us a mix, old or new ;)
  • kleez.one over 13 years ago

    hi joey.. i am interested what mr muzique other interest where..its a shame he stopped making music, he produced some fine tracks that are in my everlasting top 10.....
  • 909_bd over 13 years ago

    I talked to Advent a little while ago and he said he was trying to get Mundo back to do something, or release some of the session recordings of the R+S time. Apparently theres some "old gold" in the drawer LOL...
  • Joey_Beltram over 13 years ago

    Hey, here's some info for anyone who cares. (probably not many)
    I saw the URL Calibre e.p. on Warp and FUZZ tracks on Xsight mentioned above.
    If you own Both those releases, listen to them together.
    They were originaly supposed to be a double pack for Warp.
    They wanted an ablum but thought we should release an e.p. first so i picked 4 tracks and made it the Calibre ep.
    I rest eventually got released a month or two later (Fuzz tracks ep) and I started tracks for an album that eventually turned into 'Places'.
    How it went from Warp to Tresor is another story.
    But it all worked out perfectly.
  • 909_bd over 13 years ago

    "...then went on to JB3"

    ;) (obvious blinking eye from Carola@Tresor)

    damn now someone tell me where to get the Fuzz Tracks single
  • Joey_Beltram over 13 years ago

    909_bd wrote:
    I talked to Advent a little while ago and he said he was trying to get Mundo back to do something, or release some of the session recordings of the R+S time. Apparently theres some "old gold" in the drawer LOL...

    yeah bro, we all are. it would be great if Mundo would record and release some music again. I think one day he will. i even told him I would make sure it gets released on Tresor :)

    He did release the lost goodies he was sitting on from the R+S days. This one on Synwave
    It was mostly stuff from '91 and '92
    I brought Damon over mundos house in 94 and we went thru old dats and reels. Damon convinced Mundo to let him release that stuff. Renaat was pissed and found out about it because they had already been submitted to him after he signed mundo. He was just waiting a few years for more stuff. I guess he was the last to find out Mundo had quit recording.
    Damon worked it out with him and wrote "appears courtesy of R+S records" on the label.
    Thats probably the last record Mundo ever appeared on, sadly.

    @Kleez. He got into computers and programing. Apple powermac stuff.

  • kleez.one over 13 years ago

    well, thats kind of the same as making music..... thanx..
  • kleez.one over 13 years ago

    do you also know how mundo, got his name, i suppose it 's an artists name..?
    as mundo meaning world ...
  • BRUCE1991 over 13 years ago

    Thank you for all these elucidations.
    Once and for all we now know all the truth about this story,
    like said Pacou it's a page of history.
    Of course Mundo deserve also a high respect.
    Don't you have also some kind of unreleased old school stuff
    dating back to 89-93 era???
    Hummm....please tell us, i will make a reservation of 2 copies (1 I play the other that i keep just in case of emergency) ; )
  • Benjamin_Le_Dauphin over 13 years ago

    hey bruce1991 i want to buy one copie of your 2 copie of Mentasm hi!!! hi!!!!

  • djfrankiebones over 13 years ago

    Did anyone mention OPEN MIND? I just was going through stacks of records in my basement and that one and Ralphie Dee's 12" that uses the same drums as DIRECT popped out.

    I think that maybe the most overlooked 12" in the catalog...OPEN MIND "The Trance" (Easy Street)

    LOST ENTITY (Nugroove). Another forgotten goodie....
  • kleez.one over 13 years ago

    LOST ENTITY is out on buzz also..

    great album...
  • langster over 13 years ago

    I think that a certain user may have gone to clean some shit of the end of his tongue.
  • 909_bd over 13 years ago

    @"DJ LANGSTER" -I know this was directed at me and you will pay for your bullshit. You are ONE annoying twatface.
  • langster over 13 years ago

    Your right it was directed at you, only because of how you had a go at others in a condescending tone and said that Joey did not invent the hoover sound, then when Joey came in and proved you wrong you suddenly turned into a star struck kid.

    I think you may be having delusions of grandeur, how will you make me pay? In euros?

  • 909_bd over 13 years ago

    youre a stupid asshole and dont even understand either what I was saying nor Joeys answer. Keep your personal issues out of this thread you retarted piece of fuck.

    @BUNKERHEADZ please remove the bullshit end of this thread. Langster needs to get a different forum for his idiotic babbles.
  • Jooles over 13 years ago

    To get back on topic:
    Code 6 - C.O.D.E.S. on Second Chapter

    1991, Pure in Edinburgh. Twitch & Brainstorm used to drop that one early evening when most people were still down in the Chill Out room, "preparing". There would invariably be less than 20 peeps on the dance floor, all smoke filled and the strobe pipe flashing down the centre of the ceiling. That track just embodies the whole "oh yeah, it's gonna go OFF tonight" feeling!
  • djpepsi over 13 years ago

    78th Street Project - A Sure Shot Mix EP

    my fav atm
  • adamx over 13 years ago

    Hey Joey you have to get Mundo on here to lay claim to that Mentasm thing. He has told me conflicting things in the past with this. Im not sure which one of you to believe.
    He also e-mailed me over a year ago saying that the "White 004" release on R&S had nothing to do with you. He saw it listed on the Sonic Groove site and that I had you listed as co-producer on it. Which you yourself told me you had involvement with. Mundo said you werent involved in that release. I could swear I remember him saying that the Mentasm sound was first used on this particular release. Also unless a different release date in Europe the Tranz Techno EP came out first in the USA. I know the catalog #s are different but Renaat had a way of holding certain records back for months.

    All time favorite JB record is for sure "Open Mind" on Easy Street. Can someone name a darker techno record then this? I dont think its possible.
  • adamx over 13 years ago

    adamx edited over 13 years ago
    Hey Joey dont get mad at me for the above comment. I doubt Ill ever get to ask you guys at the sametime and I myself would like to know once and for all who the person is that created the sound.

  • fred_funk over 13 years ago

    @ BRUCE1991
    What do you mean "I can't miss this record"?
    Of course I can't: as I have already said, there is a work of art on the b-side. I like my art :)
    Basically, I never was the biggest fan of the "hoover" sound, hence me not liking Mentasm very much. I think the song would be a million times better if you just took that sound out of it and left the rest in. That's my personal taste and I make no apology for that. My musical taste might live where the sun don't shine, but the world would be a boring place if we all loved exactly the same stuff

    Anyway, but what about the b-side, the f**kin b-side! IMO opinion, I think it has aged like a fine vintage wine.

    Also, nice to hear very nice things said about Mundo Muzique as I always rated him very, very highly - just like Mr Beltram as well. Shame Mundo Muzique stopped as he had some serious talent. I welcome the day when he might record some new stuff.
  • Joey_Beltram over 13 years ago

    If it makes anyone feel better, go get your copy of 'Mentasm' and scratch my name off the record. Cross out Second Phase and put in Mundo Muzique. I really dont care....LOL

    I know I made 50 percent of that record, and anyone who listens to the other 100+ records I made over the years will tell ya I can pull my wait in the studio.
    Mundo owned the keyboard the sound was made on (as I stated), yeah its possible he used the sound in tracks before we worked on 'Mentasm'. And so could anyone of you reading this out there who owned one too. But 'Mentasm' was the first one to be released.
    maybe you got the Tranztechno ep in the store first adam, but everyone in Belgium can tell you "Mentasm' was released first.
    Its cataloged that way cause it is that way. We did 'Mentasm in my house, and used my stuff (aside from the alpha Juno). Mundo did the Tranztechno ep in Belgium (it even says on the record itself), He recorded it in Gent, on his first trip there, after he was signed to the label. After the Second Phase record.
    Mundo's my boy, always will be. I love that guy. So go ahead, scratch my name off your record.

    Also adam, I heard you on here lay claim to co-producing the record I did with your brother, Mental Mayhem, the A side track.
    that track took two days to record. One day Bones came to my house and we layyed out the basic idea, took about two hours.
    We never arranged the track. He left before we started to arrange it. Said he'd come back and we'd finish it.
    He never came back, you came over instead and watched me arrange the song by myself. What did you co produce on that day,
    I sat there and was like "Hows that sound?" and you'd be like "cool". Is that worth a credit on the record? Which riff/line did you come up with? which parts did you play? Please point out the parts of that record you came up with adam. But its cool, you sat in a chair in my basement so that should be a co production credit. Dont get mad, I'm just pointing something out that I read on here :)
    The B side is a track I did by myself.

    Also me and Mundo, worked on other tracks together later on, we even did some over his house. Some as late as 1994.
    Shit me him and Damon even did a track together over damons house around that time (that one we never finished).
    I know some of those tracks did eventually end up in renaats hands. I dont own that particular white 400. I was under the impression one of those tracks was one of those songs.
    I thought thats what both Renaat and even Mundo told me, And i didnt care. I had left the label at that time.
    In fact the "Fuck all you mother fuckers/ machines" white label wasnt even suposed to come out, after i left R&S.
    At that time it wasnt under the best of terms with R&S and they released stuff afterwards that they werent supposed to. The ep with the squid on it for instance. So I thought there was others too. thats what i was told.

    Later Renaat and I beacame really cool again (around 94'), and i even did some remixes (mengs theme, etc..) and we've remained close till this day. I stayed at his house last november.

  • adamx over 13 years ago

    adamx edited over 13 years ago
    Damn. OUCH!!! Hey Mundo made me bring up cause he contacted me after not hearing from him for over ten years all because I had that White 004 record listed as you as co-producer on the Sonic Groove website. I got him 10 copies of that record from Watts in 1991 cause he wasnt able to get any from Renaat. He told me back then that that was the precursor to Mentasm. Ive asked you about it and both you guys have conflicting stories of what was first. Its not a matter of who did what on Mentasm. Its a joint production.
    So I dont think anyone should question who did what on that release.
    The question is was White 004 produced before Mentasm. Mundo said yes. This sound and the Basic Channel sound are the two most used sounds in techno outside of ther thousands of Kraftwerk sampled sounds out there. I think people really want to know the history of the sound.

    As for Mental Mayhem I dont ever recall saying I co-produced it. I was in the studio with you and I gave you input on the arrangement. If I ever mentioned anywhere that was all that was said from me. I will at least say the foot steps at the end were totally my idea. So their. lol :P. I remember telling you the track had a vibe of a patient in a mental hospital. Perhaps thats where the name of the release came from as well. Who knows , who cares. If I co-produced it you would of seen it in my discography. It has never been in my discography . For the record I know I never touched a keyboard or drum machine on it but I did at least give input on the arrangement and some of the sounds.
    I played a small very tiny part in it. I would never say I wrote any of it ever though.

    Anyway you know Im not one to try and push buttons with you.
    That Mentasm thing with you and Mundo is funny though.
    One day I hope to see you and Mundo together so I can put both you on the spot at the same time.

    In any event you know I love so many more of your records over that one anyway. So their...calm down ,keep it cool.
  • adamx over 13 years ago

    Also I bought it up here because I reviewed "White 004" on Discogs awhile as being the first record to use "The Watt" sound so I felt obliged to have to backup why I wrote that.

    That review was written very soon after Mundo had called me at the shop.
  • Joey_Beltram over 13 years ago

    LOL...I'm always calm, part of my personality.
    No problem. i got the mental mayhem coment from Here

    Maybe Mundo did do those tracks first. I dont know. Its posible.
    He did own that keyboard. I bought one later on after that. Used it on Code 6 on EX, for one.

    However white 004 was released well after Mentasm.
    Mentasm was the first, release to use it.
    First time the world heard it. I can only comment on that cause i was there and it was in my house.
    That was the first relase ever to have that sound.
    I'm sure somewhere out there, someone else, maybe a few others used that in a production. But there's didnt come out before Mentasm so fuck em.

    White 001 was my record, "machines" and "Fuck all..."
    That came out well after Mentasm. Infact, well after The Omen record, my last official record on R&S.
    So I know, white 004 mustve been released well after that, probably into 92'.

    Mentasm was the first record Released with that sound.
    And I co produced and wrote half that record. Period.
    What other people did and didnt release till later on, I cant comment about and who even knows.

    Mundo was/is a great producer and I know is proud of what we did together (Vortex too), as well as all his terrific solo work.

  • adamx over 13 years ago

    Well the record does say inspiration on it. I didnt inspire you or Bones to work in the studio. Do you think I inspired the song? I dont. When I came to your house not much was done with the song. I definatley sat and gave my input as you put it all together. Im sure if I wasnt there it would of been a bit different. A production credit isnt a writers credit. Its like DJ Hell for instance. Artist like Abe Duque and Richard Bartz produce his ideas. He doesnt write the tracks. I'm not saying most of the song was my idea but I definatley had input on parts of the arrangment and sound structure layout on the song. Inspiration sounds more like I was not in the studio with you at all. Still in all I never ever had listed in my personal discography. I just think the label notes are wrong and I asked for it to be changed.

    As for White 004. I discovered that record in Watts by accident sometime in 1991. Whether it came out before or after Mentasm, Mundo claimed the track that uses "The Watt" sound was written before. If that is the case that means he had already created the sound by the time you guys went into the studio together. So IMHO I think he deserves credit for the creation of the sound. Hey at the end of the day you have such a vast incredible collection of tracks you did on your own that you got 100% credit for. Id say let Mundo get some fame for the work he created in the short time he made music. Perhaps if he got a bit more noteriety from people back then for his music he still be producing now. I think the fact that he dissappeared the away he did is why I stand up and try to get more people to recognize how much of a wicked producer he was.

  • buchla over 13 years ago

    Hey Joey,

    Let's talk about some other great stuff you made.
    Can you tell us something more about the recording of Beltram Vol. 1 and Beltram Volume 2. First one seems to be a collaboration with Per Martinsen, the second one with Marcos Salon. Was this a real co-production are was this just a technical help from those guys?

    Did you send a demo of Energy Flash to Renaat? That track was recorded in your studio. The other tracks were recorded in Ghent.
  • adamx over 13 years ago

    Yeah Per made the main sound in Energy Flash...IM KIDDING JOEY>LOL.LOL>LOL.(Runs for cover) Hey Joey can I least take credit for being the first DJ in the USA ever to play it at party in the USA. Do you remember lending me the acetate when you came back from Belgium with it? I baptized it at the Mayan Club in LA in late 1990.
  • Joey_Beltram over 13 years ago

    Hey if mundo says he made that track earlier than Mentasm, thats good enough for me.
    Mentasm was released first and that was the first record ever released with that sound. So that should still stand on record.

    But I aint buying that richard james did those ambient tracks in 1985!!!! LOL.

    I recorded "Energy Flash" proior to my first trip to belgium.
    I did it in my house, brought it with me when i got to ghent and played it for renaat. he loved it.
    I went in the studio there in ghent, the one at Limburgstraat, and recorded 3 more songs.
    I had never been in a proper studio before (except for my little basement setup i had been recording on) and of course was overwhelmed with all the gear they had there so Renaat asked Per to engineer the studio so i could record.
    thats it, thats all that Per did. Engineer and show me my way around the studi at Limburgstraat.
    The same with Vol. II...record a month or so later. I did 'My Sound' at my house, by myself, but the other three tracks (and a few others) at the Studio on Limburgstraat. Per wasnt available so Marcus engineered the sessions. I didnt like working that way and never did again after those records....they lacked something the others had....they were good...but the production i did at my house, by myself were much better.
    After those two records i did all the rest at my studio, by myself from then on.
    I think when you work with an engineer your idea'a lose something. The best is when you go from you brain to your gear without the middle man.

    i was always glad i did "Energy Flash" and "My Sound" in my house, by myself. i think you could hear the difference, between those two and the rest of the tracks from those two ep's.

    And yes Adam, you were the first to play that record in the US, right of the dubplate (which i still have) :)

  • adamx over 13 years ago

    Fair enough on the Mentasm thing.

    I love all the tracks on Vol 1 & 2 but I will agree with you that the music you created outside of the R&S studios was even better.

    Also I will always be honored to have had that place in techno history. Not only that but it ws my first dj gig ever. Ahhh the memories.

    Off to bed now. Nighty night.
  • Joey_Beltram over 13 years ago

    Man, you guys got me thinking...LOL
    Going back to shit I aint thought about in years.

    Back when I did Direct "Let it Ride", I remember talking to Frank Mendez, owner of Nu-Groove. He told me the real money at the time was in licensing. So I went home and was like, "Better get my shit Licensed"....LOL....
    The Direct record was the most recent shit I guess...so thats the one i sent out.....i sent it to 3 labels..
    One was WAU Mr. Modo (dont know why...I had there address and a name) They never got back to me. Still to this day dont know if they even recieved it.
    The other was Vinyl Solution. I loved that label and was really hoping they would be the one to get back to me.
    They did call me but there were two guys there, One liked it the other didnt really care for it...so it was a 'no' but they knew who I was and wanted to hear more stuff....i never sent them anything ever again.....LOL
    The third one was R&S and they got back to me with a 'YES'.
    Renaat liked the record and asked for something exclusive for the B side, which i did.

    After that we stayed in contact....I asked them to license more stuff....i sent them everything I was doing and he had a bunch of my records that he bought......he asked me to record stuff R&S directly, without having to license them.....

    We worked it out that I would come to Ghent in august 1990.....and record some stuff there.....he wanted to meet me.
    I had never left the US before...so it was a big deal to me.
    I brought "Energy Flash" with me....dint want to go there empty handed, in case the stuff i did there wasnt any good...didnt want it to be a wasted trip.

    I stayed the for like a month on that trip. I played all the hot clubs in Belgium and Holland on that trip.
    Boccacio, La Rocca, 55 in Ghent and the other '55 in brussels (or was in Antwerp?...cant remember) and a bunch of other old time new beat clubs. It really blew my mind.

    before i went home, I played at the Roxy in amsterdam, Derick May was also playing there. I was with renaat. I never met Derick before but renaat new him. We gave him the dubplate of 'Energy Flash'.
    He played it and afterwards wanted to keep it to play the rest of his tour.

    About two weeks later i bumped into him agian at Rage/Heaven in london. And he still had the dubplate. he was like "Yo, I have to have this record for my label Transmat".
    I told him, It was already signed to R&S. Nothing i could do about that now.
    He was like "I gotta call renaat. This need to be on Transmat"
    After i got back home, derrick called me and said they worked it out and sure enough a short time later it was out on Both R&S and Transmat.......yeah, i was a happy man. :)

    I honestly havent thought about this sht in years...LOL
    See what ya's did. :)
  • 555xtrafunk over 13 years ago

    Wow. Love the discogs forums for this kind of story.
  • buchla over 13 years ago

    Well thank you very much for those stories Joey. They are very interesting. It's always good to know how thinks were made and released those days.

    And what about the author rigths. Who owns them now for your R&S tracks? Did Renaat sell the rights to someone else or do you have them?
  • KidJ over 13 years ago

    wow, joey, those are definitely a couple of interesting stories. thanks for sharing :)
  • rastacapoeira over 13 years ago

    Mr Joey Beltram,

    Thanx for making the most Beautyfull tracks of the 90 's !!

    Maximum Respect.
  • buchla over 13 years ago

    Was the Direct release on Allabi Records already released when you send the Let It Right track to Renaat? Did you send the original or the remix to Renaat? No mention of Allabi Records on the R&S release.
  • mayday over 13 years ago

    This is the kinda stuff I want to read in Discogs!
    Respect JB!
  • KidJ over 13 years ago

    btw, joey, do you possibly have a couple of spare copies of your nu groove stuff left somewhere? i'd be glad to take it :)
  • TIM over 13 years ago

    TIM edited over 13 years ago
    "but I aint buying that richard james did those ambient tracks in 1985!!!!"


    as mayday just said!^
    great story Beltram, this thread is bookmarked!

    from bones being the first dj in american to play Moby's "go" and adam x being the first dj to play "energy flash" you can see why the Mitchell brothers get so much respect. that's fucking dope.

    joey beltram: where can i check where you dj next? i'm near D.C., it's been nearly 8 years since i saw you dj.
  • BRUCE1991 over 13 years ago

    I asked myself dozen of questions about THE STORY (i'm not the only one); ).
    And thanks to discogs YOU personnaly tell it with details.
    What can i say...
    thanks and respect

    PS(When will you play in Europe.?.?.?.?.?.?.?.)
  • BRUCE1991 over 13 years ago

    @ Fred_Funk
    My english is not that good, i just meant that everybody should have listened this record once in his lifetime.
    I also respect your taste of course.
    I love Mind to mind but I think that mentasm was completely new and an incredible avant-garde record.
    ; )
  • Joey_Beltram over 13 years ago

    Thanks all :)

    I think I'm over there again in Dec. I have to check.
    I was there last in late august into september of this year.
    I started the new album in september and been working on it since. So no gigs the last two months. Hoping to have this thing out in February. And then I'll be over there touring.

    I sent Renaat, the US 12" of Direct on Alibi.
    I sent it to all three labels.

    I'll be back on later
  • BRUCE1991 over 13 years ago

    Where exactly in Europe.. Belgium...?
  • MONK over 13 years ago

    heard and saw you on TV at Clubnight in FFM a year ago, was surprised you play and still play such disco/filter house stuff :O
  • BRUCE1991 over 13 years ago

    Hope you will come in France, you have a lot of fans, i don't think you came often there...: (
    It must'n be easy to book you...
    Please come...............................

  • TIM over 13 years ago

    TIM edited over 13 years ago
    joey: can you let me/us know when you play somewhere on the east coast?

    some people will laugh but your remix of Erasure's "breath of life" but it was dope.
    too bad it's not an instrumental version? although i like the song
  • BRUCE1991 over 13 years ago

    You mean that Joey was only playing house?
    I'm surprised...
  • Anonymous over 13 years ago


    I really have nothing to say here that hasn't already been said, "right, but still", massive respect to you Joey for all the classics. EVEN "Rush To The Rhythm". Actually, I loved the breakbeat hardcore influenced stuff, wish you did more like that! Same for the top notch remixes. Was rocking out to the We Are Phuture remix earlier today. Slamming.

    My fiancee's one of "them there goffs" and yet she still loves Energy Flash. How many technoheads can claim victory over the spooky dominion of the night? ;)

    By the way... what was your opinion on that Graffiti On Mars quote-unquote "Remix" of Energy Flash that did the rounds a while ago? And are there any tracks that wholeheartedly rip you off that you think, "Hey, this is actually kind of good"? Or do you find that most of it is so half-hearted that it's not even worth discussing?
  • Joey_Beltram over 13 years ago

    @Buchla, I'm Playing at the Rex in Jan.
    I dont have the exact date in front of me, but I'll let you know.
    I was at the Rex club twice this year. Once with the Advent live and once by Myself. Where were you?....LOL

    I played a lot of stuff in that set, Lots of techno in there.
    Claude Young, Dave Clarke, Cave, Sims, Broom, Kobbe....and many others in that set...I have the tape too.

    I can tell you the new album is really dark and probably some of the hardest stuff i've done since '93/'94.
    My mood changes every few years, musically.
    I been at this a long time. This project is like what would 20 year old Joey do in 2006?
    Even some AONOX influence on some of the tracks.
    Check the track on the new Tresor 'Its not over' comp.
    A longer 12" version of that coming soon.

  • adamx over 13 years ago

    Hey Joey....are you ever going to let me re-release Techincal Onslaught on Sonic Groove. I asked you about a million and onetimes...and you never actually said no. Cmon Sauderson , Lieb , Baxter have all let me re-release classic records from there back catalog. Technical Onslaught is such a timeless classic.
    Id be honored if you let me release it. Im sure many in here would like to have a chance to own this record.
  • adamx over 13 years ago

    On the topic of Aonox I would definately say this record is the precursor to the whole modern day Power Noise/Experimental Industrial scene. This album would fit so nicely on labels like Ant-Zen and Hands. I know you dont know this stuff Joey but these labels are like the R&S records of the industrial scene. A huge following of people who follow every release.
    I know you would dig alot of the stuff on these labels.
  • TIM over 13 years ago

    it sucks being ignored. maybe joey has me on ignore. lol

    put me down for Technical Onslaught!
  • Joey_Beltram over 13 years ago

    Wow...hard questions....
    I'm not big on that 'Graffit on Mars' remix.
    Havent really heard anything that sampled me that I really enjoyed except for Plexus "Cactus Rhythm".....I have to admit that one was dope. Maybe there was something else i liked but i cant think of it off hand.
  • Joey_Beltram over 13 years ago

    Ha ha...sorry tim.
    I will let you know when I'm playing here....its very rare though.
    Email me when your passing thru NYC next.
  • adamx over 13 years ago

    yeah no love in NYC for the homegrown talent. It's rare to see any of us play here these days. We got hit by the German minimal invasion.
  • TIM over 13 years ago

    okay then Joey:)
    i will definitly email you then.

    AONOX was an excellent album adam. you were rockin the German minimal stuff for ahwhile...but you always did more techno than tech house minimal stuff. see you in Baltimore.
    play Energy Flash adam:)
  • Joey_Beltram over 13 years ago

    I already gave Tresor a few of those classics such as Technical Onslaught, Calibre ep, Fuzz Tracks, AONOX, etc....all that stuff will be available again soon.
    Just trying to get some new stuff out there first.

  • BRUCE1991 over 13 years ago

    Sorry Paris is too far.
    Would you please come in southern France...
    i'm sure you've never been there, you could spend your summer holidays(beach, sun, sea etc....)
    i can find you some good plans.
    Holidays 2006 on Montpellier, alright?
    ; )
    PS i'm not Buchla(even if it's a nice guy)
  • Joey_Beltram over 13 years ago

    LOL.....sorry Bruce1991.
    I got confused....too many questions...I forgot who I was answering.
    Plus I havent slept yet...... :)
  • BRUCE1991 over 13 years ago

    don't worry i don't blame you ; )
    but you'll have to come in southern France
    i'll invite you to take a French meal...
  • langster over 13 years ago

    Joey I would personally like to kill you for almost single handedly inspiring every record ever made in the UK hard house scene. More hoovers than a fucking electrics store. :P

    But seriously must give some respect to you for some awesome tunes. My favourite must be X-Buzz Overload, superb tune.

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