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  • jessfranco2 20 days ago

    2 new albums up on the website__
    Steve Brand_Near:Glow
    Experiments in Silence_Escape To The Skyline
    Both are limited to 150 glass mastered cd's and we celebrate the release of TXT50
  • Vertiphon 17 days ago

    Plus it can be a 'try before you buy' option if you decide you want to buy the cd from say discogs. Find out if you like it enough to pay the asking price!

    Exactly what I'll be doing. They even put Gate/Sol up. Sounds lovely :)
  • thirdsystem 12 days ago

    Think this one merits a mention on here;

    Bridge To Imla - The Radiant Sea . Michael Brueckner and Hans-Dieter Schmidt have created something very special here. Deep oceanic ambience with hints of melody and mystery. Highly atmospheric , stunning in fact. Released on the Winter Light label which looks very interesting. I also got the Seetyca release - Winterlicht , dark deep winter sounds.

  • jessfranco2 10 days ago

    Zeit is a new label from Nacht Plank and Ishq.

    Minimal pure analogue motion musiks
    and experimental sonic geometries and
    interdimensional forms.

    Hynotic time cycles and mood elevators
    for mind body and soul.
    Vinyl and cd formats.

    If you are interested in becoming a member of the Zeit mailing list then please send an email to
    The Zeit website can be found here zeit.org.uk

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