• lcaise over 17 years ago

    Are any dj shops in this city? Please help me - I'm looking for cheap 2nd hand stuph with lot of house, deep house and progressive records ;)
  • Finn over 17 years ago

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    Hard Wax
    (Still going strong with new stuff in all fields of electronic music, a fine backstock of all things Detroit and Chicago plus a good selection of Disco reissues. Highly knowledgeable and friendly staff)

    paul-lincke-ufer 44a
    2nd backyard, door A, 3rd floor
    10999 berlin-kreuzberg

    open: mon - sat 12-20 h.
    phone: +49 (0)30 611 301 11.
    public transport: U1 / U8 kottbuser tor

    (Shop linked to Sonar Kollektiv. Specializing in new Hip Hop, Disco, Soul/Funk and House of the deeper or jazzy variety. They know what their second hand stuff is worth.)

    12047 Berlin
    public transport: U8 Schönleinstraße

    Space Hall
    (A must for the technoheads, very big selection of news and classics. They stock House too, but not very organized, so bring time to flick through. Staff is notoriously impolite. Have two branches located in the neighbourhood for other styles, Space Honda (Drum And Bass/Breaks/Hip Hop) and Industrial Garden (everything else). Second hand stuff of all styles.

    zossener str. 33
    10961 berlin-kreuzberg

    phone: +49 (0)30 694 76 64.
    public transport: U7 gneisenaustr.

    Oye Records
    (Fine basement shop with a wide selection between Soul, Funk, Disco, Electro, Drum and Bass, House, Techno, Minimal, Jazz, Brasil and lots of other stuff. New and used, and reissues.)

    Oderberger Str. 4
    10435 Berlin

    open: mon-fri 13-20h | sat 12-18h
    phone: +49 (0)30 66647821.
    public transport: U2 eberswalder str.

    Das Drehmoment
    (A favourite of the C-B-S regulars)

    lychener str. 23
    10437 berlin-prenzlauer berg

    phone: +49 (0)30 4737 4707.
    public transport: U2 eberswalder str.

    (Good for buying the things you read about in De:Bug magazine)

    Oderberger Strasse 34, 10435 Berlin, Tel. 030-44340292

    It Rocks
    (This shop specializes mainly in new and used Hip Hop and R&B, but it has also some crates with old school electro and dance classics, so worth checking.)

    Schönhauser allee 49
    10437 berlin

    open: mon-fri 13.30-19.30 / sa 12-16
    phone: (0049) 030 - 48 49 28 49
    public transport: U2 Eberswalder Straße

    Tricky Tunes
    (Specialist for Drum and Bass and all others things Breakbeat)

    Mainzer Str. 8
    10247 Berlin

    open: Mo-Fr: 13-20 / Sat: 12-16
    public transport: U Samariterstr.
    phone: 030 29770964

    (As the name says, this is Hip Hop in all its variations past and present, also including some Reggae, Soul/Funk breeaks, R&B and other clubsounds plus lots of cheapo crates for diggings. And I mean lots.

    Grünberger Str. 54
    second yard left, 4th floor
    10245 Berlin

    open: Mo-Fr 14:00 - 19:30 / Sat 12:00 - 16:00
    phone: +49 30 42012516
    public transport: U5 (Frankfurter Tor)

    (Shop with all kinds of media, ranging from CDs, records to books and art. Specializes in Electronica)

    rosenthaler str. 39
    haus schwarzenberg, 2nd backyard, 1st floor
    10178 berlin-mitte

    open: mon - sat 14-22 h, sun 14-20 h.
    phone: +49 (0)30 30872576.
    public transport: U8 weinmeisterstr., S hackescher markt.

    (the formerly dutch Industrial Music legend)

    torstr. 72
    10119 berlin-mitte

    phone: +49 (0)30 20054697.
    open: tue - sat 14:00 - 19:00 h.
    public transport: U8 rosenthaler platz, U2 rosa-luxemburg-platz.

    (Fine store with a tasty selection of House and Techno, plus a good department with classics and label backstock)

    weinbergsweg 3
    10119 berlin-mitte

    phone: +49 (0)30 2532 9116.
    public transport: U8 rosenthaler platz.

    Dig A Little Deeper
    (Very knowledgeable in terms of House, Drum and Bass, Rare Groove, Brazil, Disco, Funk and Soul. New and second hand.)

    Torstraße 102
    10119 berlin germany
    phone (0049) 30 97005106
    public transport: U8 rosenthaler platz.

    Mr Dead and Mrs Free
    (A shop mainly for Indie stuff, but in their field renowned. Leftfield dance finds possible.)

    Bülowstr. 5
    Subway: Nollendorfplatz

    (Club soundtrack back and forth, plus good label backstock for filling gaps.)

    Eberswalder Straße 30
    public transport: U2 Eberswalder Straße

    Da Capo
    (Second hand store for diggers)

    Kastanienallee 96
    10435 Berlin
    open: tue-fri 11-19, sa 11-16
    public transport: U2 Eberswalder Straße

    Angry Plastic

    liberda str. 10
    12047 berlin-neukölln

    open: fri 16-20 h.
    phone: +49 (0)30 60690393
    public transport: U8 schönleinstr.

    Melting Point
    Kastanienallee 55
    Phone: 030 44047131
    public transport: U2 Eberswalder Str. or U8 Rosenthaler Platz
    (One of the finest stores for deep and techy House, old and new. Very good second hand House and Disco classics. Highly recommended)

    Ghosttown Records
    Gabriel-Max-Str. 10
    Berlin Friedrichshain
    public transport: U5 frankfurter tor, U1 warschauer str.
    (Fine second hand House, Techno and Disco records, worth checking. Also a good choice for digging other styles, like Dub, Jazz for example.)

    Alberto's Schallplatten
    Gneisenaustraße 86
    10961 Berlin
    Tel.: 030 6933517
    Fax.: 0170 5877478
    open: mo - sa 12:00 - 19:00

    (Don't know the exact new adress, it's near Südstern subway station, good for Disco and Synth Pop digging)

    Franz & Josef Scheiben
    Kastanienallee 48, Prenzlauer Berg
    (Good selection of used dance 12"s. Knowledgeable variety of other styles too.)

    Scratch Records
    zossener str. 31

    open: mon - wed 11-19 h, thu + fri 11-20 h, sat 10-16 h.
    phone: +49 (0)30 69817591.
    public transport: U7 gneisenaustr.
    (Good selection of various styles, shop is linked to Soul Trade)

    Cover Music
    Kurfürstendamm 11
    (0 30) 88550130
    10-20, Sa 10-18
    U1 Kurfürstendamm
    (Stock all styles, but have plenty of crates with used dance music 12"s, if you have the time to dig)

    Comeback Records
    Hasenheide 9
    10967 Berlin
    (some crates with used Synth Pop and Disco stuff)
    Subway: Hermannplatz

    Some route planning tips. These shops are located very near each other:

    - Dig A Little Deeper, Staalplaat, Rotation

    - Melting Point, Franz & Josef, Da Capo, Oye

    - It Rocks, Drehmoment, Dense

    - Hard Wax, Soul Trade

    - Ghosttown, Tricky Tunes, Hip Hop Vinyl

    - Space Hall, Scratch

    (If you use a car for record shopping trips, be aware that parking lots in some Berlin districts don't come easy. I recommend using public transport. Stick to trains, it's easier to understand than the buses. Don't worry about food or shopping for other things than music. Berlin has a ridiculous amount of cheap and good food joints from all over the globe. If your accompanying girl/boyfriends or just friends get bored there should also something be there shoppingwise in most of the areas of the listed shops, be it clothing, books, arts, DVDs or whatever)

    Useful links for logistics:

    Public Transport

    Online City Map

    Bonus Tip: If you like to dig, check the flea markets on Boxhagener Platz and Mauerpark on weekends. There are plenty other markets, but these are the best in my book. Check the city mags Tip or Zitty for details.
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    Anonymous over 17 years ago

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    (store+mailorder run by YaYa23 & Cyberrise Soundsystem)

    Laskerstraße 9
    10245 Berlin

    public transport: S Ostkreuz

    opening hours: thursday, friday 16.00 - 21.00
    (be sure to check their website if actually open!)

    styles: techno, hardcore, breakcore, drumnbass, breakbeats, experimental,... + 2nd hand

    every friday: vernissage / special event

    Klanggold Mini Store

    Simplonstraße 14
    10245 Berlin
    fon 030 - 29 35 11 89
    Mo-Fr 12-18

    styles: exp/electronic, avantgarde, neue musik

    go to Rigaer Str. / Samariterstr. to find a punk-shop and straight across the street in Samariterstraße another record shop with mostly 2nd hand stuff (pop, rock, electronic, etc).
    the punk store is a bit filthy, but may be good for pop/rock finds aswell; the other shop is never open it seems.
    (public transport: U5 Samariterstraße or S Frankfurter Allee)

    FREIZEITGLAUBEN: you'll also find a techno/house/experimental/idm-shop at Bersarinplatz. not worth visting unless you're into, well..., techno, house and idm. :(
    (public transport: U5 Frankfurter Tor)

    there's also a house / hip-hop record shop in the smaller part of Rosa-Luxemburg-Straße, near Alexanderplatz.
    AVOID at all cost! VERY expensive and "new" records might turn out to be 2nd hand copies in bad condition (grrrr). salesman in the shop might treat you like a beginner and try to fuck you over too...
    yes, this is first hand experience. fuckers.
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  • norimaki over 17 years ago

    I´m kind of surprised nobody´s mentioned this place yet:


    Club Sound Records
    Eberswalderstr. 32
    10437 Berlin

    Tel.: 030 - 449 27 03
    Fax: 030 - 449 27 03

    They specialize in garbage (trance that is), but the guy keeps ordering lots of good techno, house and electro records, which nobody buys and quite often end up in the bargain bin. Found some nice dutch electro records there which nobody else had at the time, not even Drehmoment (In fact I´m wondering if I should really tell everybody about this ?).

    Also, please boycott Space Hall. The people running the place are complete wankers and unless you´re a wellknown DJ, you´ll probably be treated like shit. Even if they sold every KMS record for 1$, I will never ever buy anything from these bastards again.
  • guyverIII over 16 years ago

    does Tonhalle on Eberswalder have a site? That was a great store, real gems.

    As for the above I recall after attempting to put back a decal record after having a listen i was told:

    "That's my job. I don't know where you come from but here we put the records back!"

    God love being Irish abroad, everyone thinks your English.
  • Speciman over 16 years ago

    Also some "Floh Markt" are worth being checked. I'm talking about those public markets that take place on sundays usually. Personally, I already found some really interesting stuff there and of course the price is usually very interesting...here are 2 examples of records I bought there for a very cheap price:

    Jeff Mills - The Extremist
    The Pump Panel - Confusion / Re-Mover -> bought this crazy original 2x12" for only 5 €!!!!

    There are surely a lot of different "Floh Markts" but the one I had been to was on the Boxhagener Platz.

    Hope you'll be as lucky as I had been...;-))
  • jape over 16 years ago

    That Club Sound Records store sounds interesting. After all I DO play trance (well, and techno etc). I will visit Berlin at the end of a trip through Central Europe. I don't think I will want to carry around records all the time, but since it's my last stop I may visit a couple of stores there :)
  • DJPC over 16 years ago

    You should also check these stores in Berlin:

    Apollo Disc

    Kantstr. 130
    10625 Berlin

    for HipHop, Electronic Dance (House, Techno, Electro), Rock and Indie Vinyl Albums, great back catalogue stock on all styles, too!!
    and a reasonable cd selection.

    next is


    13581 Berlin (Spandau), Klosterstrasse 12 - Fon:030/332 20 72

    basically comparable to Apollo, but still different enough and worthwhile visiting as it's close to the old part of Spandau.

    Also of interest:

    near Mr. Dead and Mrs. Free there's a fantastic second hand store with lots of vinyl albums covering all areas and a nice slice of 7" vinyl thrown in:

    Rock Steady Records

    Motzstr. 9; Schöneberg; (0)30-2172721
    Nollendorfplatz Tube

    finally for the moment:

    Shubashi in Steglitz

    hubertusstraße 7,
    fon: (0)30 - 79 74 13 50
    close to Tube Schloßstr.

    CDs, DVDs, VHS and Vinyls galore! additionally posters + stuff
    ranges from pop, rock, metal, black, jazz to german music.
  • lcaise over 16 years ago

    And where is dj shop in Berlin with lot of used and 2nd hand records from disco house, to minimal and techno ??
  • lcaise over 16 years ago

  • simcut over 16 years ago

    I've been to both DNS and to Clubsounds.

    Clubsounds is great if your into trance but the guy didnt seem very polite when I spoke to him...maybe I caught him at a bad time?

    I also popped in DNS Records which is 6 or 7 shops down the street and the guy in there was really nice....really helpful but their trance selection is non existant, they specialise in other genres instead....they have lots of records in there. House & Techno in particular :)
  • chava over 16 years ago

    Audio-In, for 2nd hand.
    libauerstr. 19 F-Hain

    Audio-In ´

    haven't been there yet, though...
  • stffn over 15 years ago

  • tom over 15 years ago

    Great news, since i'm there in 5 weeks :)
  • legumes-SALES over 15 years ago


    Oranienstrasse 3
    Berlin - Kreuzberg.

    public transport: U1 Görlitzer Bahnhof

    New + 2nd hand + merchandising

    punk, hardcore-punk, grindcore, ....

    relatively big store.
  • pong9 over 15 years ago

    Mitte Musik
    Alte Schönhauser Strasse 33-34
    Berlin - Mitte

    House, Tech, Minimal and much more.

  • junglizt over 14 years ago

    Downbeat Recordstore Oranienstraße 44, 10969 Berlin
    specialized in Reagge, Drum & Bass, some HipHop and Raregrooves
    and sometimes you are serveded by some of most popular underground dj's and producers...

  • tricky23 over 14 years ago

    Downbeat Recordstore closed down since 5/9/2005
  • Finn over 14 years ago

    Some updates:

    Mitte Musik has moved to Libauer Str., which is actually not in Mitte but in Friedrichshain, same as Audio/In, which is a very recommendable store.

    While there, check:

    Krossener Str. 18, D-10245/ B Berlin

    Good for Disco digging, and lots of other weird stuff. Good Jazz selection, too.

    Dense has moved to the old location of Freizeitglauben, which is no more.

    Soultrade fused with Scratch, and moved in to their shop at Zossener Str.

    There is also Leila M, and they have an affiliated Second Hand Store around the corner on Torstr., which is the storefront of this, so worth checking.

    Dig A Little Deeper has moved:

    10178 berlin
    opened: /wed 12-19 uhr, sat 12-18

    As far as I know, DNS and It Rocks are no more.
  • dischi-memorabilia over 13 years ago

    Hi, i search a RECORDS STORE in BERLIN specialized in TECHNO - TRANCE - RAVE MUSIC of 90"/98" years !!! You have an idea? Tchiuss :-)
  • mrformic over 13 years ago

    Hardwax might have some
  • Rillo over 13 years ago

    I am a US DJ based in Orlando, FL. this will be my first travel overseas to Germany. I have seen many record shops listed, but are there any recommendations on two or three shops that specialize in, or have a great selection, of House, Progressive House, Progressive Trance, and Progressive Breaks?

    Any and all advice would be greatly appreciated.
  • eskoner over 13 years ago

    Das Drehmoment is closed since last year, unfortunetly i missed that Dense has just moved around the corner, damn!.
  • Scrap_Iron over 13 years ago

    Hello, going to Berlin in the week end, what's a good record store for Industrial, Experimental, EBM, New Wave and 80s'?
    Apart from Staalplaat that I already know.
  • wows over 13 years ago

    WOWSVILLE Record Store
    Skalitzer Str. 80 10997 Berlin
    Kreuzberg U1 Schlessisches Tor
    jazz, soul, 50´s, 60´s,70´s Punk, New Waveplus modern indi garage lo-fi stuff like Norton, Crypt, SFTRI, Get Hip, etc....
  • beogram8002 over 13 years ago

    Hello, I'm going to Berlin in Friday.
    What's a good record store with french music (e.g. Polnareff, Higelin, Gainsbourg, Mama Bea Tekielski)?

  • Scrap_Iron over 13 years ago

    Hi there, going to Berlin again next week!
    I'm trying to find again a great small record store located somewhere between Kastanienallee and Mitte, that had an incredible selection of Kraut Rock, Punk, New Wave, EBM and industrial. The guy was very friendly and he also had craters and second-hand books regularly exposed on the street right outside the shop.
    Can anyone help?
  • praxis over 13 years ago

    The Praxis record shop, specialized in breakcore, hard-&speedcore, hard drum'n'bass, heavy dubstep and experimental electronics (plus magazines, books, dvd's etc) has moved!
    After 2 years with Tricky Tunes at Mainzer Str. it's now located in the Cagliostro bar/cafe at Lenbachstr. 10 next to Ostkreuz.
    Opening times are 15-21h every day except mondays, Thursdays it's open till midnight (and it's quite common on other days that it's open later than 9...
    This is the store of the Praxis label, so you may also find some older breakcore and hardcore rarities.
    Since it's now located in a bar, you can also just go there for a coffee, beer or other drinks... and check out some records while you're at it.
  • Joseph_S over 13 years ago

    Well, about time you update your contact info on profile then ;)
  • loukash over 13 years ago

    loukash edited over 13 years ago
    trying to find again a great small record store located somewhere between Kastanienallee and Mitte

    Possibly the Record Store Berlin, Brunnerstraße 186?
  • Disco_Segreta over 12 years ago

    hello going to Berlin in a couple weeks........I need some advice on a shop where to dig for disco, italo-disco, nu-disco, electro.......anyone? thanks guys
  • mindblow_ over 12 years ago

    Ich bin ein Berliner. within a couple of weeks. for a short while.
  • ballmouse over 12 years ago

    HipHopVinyl is located at Revaler Strasse 9 10245 Berlin now. Ghosttown is closed. I'm not sure about Dense, that might be closed too. And did the store Melting Point change names? I saw a store nearby (could've been it) but didn't see the name Melting Point anywhere. The store had lots of disco, 80's, and "electro" records.
  • ballmouse over 12 years ago

    berlin was somewhat disappointing for records. I failed to get to the flea market on sunday, but the only 2 shops i thought were worth visiting for purchases were hardwax and rotation records. the rest pretty much sell records for 8 euros minimum. and the ones worth buying are at least 10 euros.

    i visited hardwax, space hall, oye, hiphopvinyl, rotation, da capo, melting point (not sure), scratch, and cover music.
  • AbsoluteBodyControl over 12 years ago

    berlin was somewhat disappointing for records.

    Maybe for the style of music you were looking for... I always go home with a shitload of records after a Berlin visit.
  • Disco_Segreta over 12 years ago

    I got tons of great obscure disco records at Comeback records...........
  • vasgog over 12 years ago

    I will visit Berlin at the next week and I am wondering what are the best record shops for Disco, Rare Groove and 70s-80s Rock in the city! ;)
  • Berlin03050Cottbus over 12 years ago

    what are the best record shops for Disco, Rare Groove and 70s-80s Rock in the city?

    try it at funkyaquriat, Unter den Gleisen, hhv, groove, spacehall, mr. dead & mrs free, platten pedro, soultrade, comeback, tons of records....

    good luck

    if you have cash, you have to go to downtown!!!

  • Koie over 12 years ago

    Anyone know of any good Gabber vinyl stores here in Berlin? Just arrived here tonight and leave on Monday!
  • lars_vinyl over 12 years ago

    This recordstore was previous located in Bremerhaven and moved to Berlin a few month ago.

    33rpm Records / 33rpm Store
    Wrangelstraße 95
    10997 Berlin

    Opening hours:
    Monday&Tuesday closed
    Wednesday 14-19
    Thursday&Friday 12-19
    Saturday 11-15
  • QP.chan over 12 years ago

    we went to 2 record stores in Berlin that don't seem to be on the lists:

    Holy's Hit Records - 2nd hand vinyl, All Styles! (7" - 12" - LP)
    Ankauf - Verkauf - Tausch 0179 - 77 831 74
    öffnungszeiten: Mo-Fr 13-19

    Petersburger Str. 89 - U Franfurter Tor
    Berlins best Second Hand Vinyl Collection
    20.000 LP's & Singles from 50's-90's.
    Mo-Sa 12-20 Uhr

    not sure what it says as I do not speak german.... and I don't remember the shops, we saw a bunch in 2 days..
  • theaudionerdrocklin over 12 years ago

    Is there any store that specializes in Jazz & Blues?



  • andy20066 over 12 years ago

    has any1 said the shop a guy had who was selling on ebay and had 2nd hand mint stuff especially the japanes stuff
  • Solitude7 over 12 years ago

    If someone knows some more shops that offers good indie/rock records for a good price.. hit me up :).
    In search off: slowdive/ sufjan stevens / yo la tengo / interpol / the national / ..
  • stalkism over 12 years ago

    I'll be in Berlin this weekend visiting the Nuclear War Now! Festival, so here's some addresses for the metal and hardcore heads for a change ;)

    Metal And Hell
    Grünberger Str. 4
    10243 Berlin (Friedrichshain)
    nearest stop is Grünberger Str./Warschauer Str. (tram station)
    As the name implies, Metal in all its forms. CDs, vinyl, shirts, mainly new but also some second hand stuff.

    Bis aufs Messer
    Marchlewski Str. 107
    10243 Berlin (Friedrichshain)
    Actually just two streets away from Metal And Hell, so you can easily walk there. More Hardcore oriented but also some Metal goodies.
  • 768breaks_aka_LK over 12 years ago

    We was in Berlin last summer and we did small article (in Russian,sorry) in two parts about some recordstores in Berlin. With photo and other useful info.Hard wax,33 RPM, Audio-in, HHV and others stores.
    If you know Russian language or just want to see pics, you can find first part of article here:



  • 768breaks_aka_LK over 11 years ago

    Now we done the second part of article on wbud.ru about recordstores in Berlin:

    Sorry again - article in Russian only, but as soon as possible we will able to translate articles in English we will do it,I hope.

    Our next travel was Hamburg, article in progress and we will update our blog soon.

    Next, I hope, will be Helsinki(Finland),St-Ptersburg(Russia) and Turkey (we going to travel cross the country,so we will show much shops as possible)

    Best regards

    Check our wbud.ru

  • Karl-Haze over 11 years ago

    What record shops in Berlin do you guys recommend for:

    - old school UK hardcore
    - jungle / drum & bass
    - old school techno
    - classic house

    I'll be in town from March 15th till the 18th.
  • AbsoluteBodyControl over 11 years ago

  • Karl-Haze over 11 years ago

    Thank you! I'll check it out. It's pretty close to where I'm staying, too.
  • 768breaks_aka_LK over 11 years ago

    check Audio-In - a lot of old drum n bass and jungle records,may be uk early breakbeat and hardcore,but not too much. They have old techno in the shop, but,yeah,I think best place for techno is Hardwax.
    Also check Power Park - you always may find there something interresting.
  • Disco_Segreta over 11 years ago

    i've recently been to Berlin and will be back 16-23 april.
    basically i need to dig italo disco and anything whihc is rare/obscure disco, nothing with the nu prefix definitely.
    will go audio in, flashback records, power park, fashion killers, anyone willing to share any more UNMISSABLE rec shops there? thanks
  • SpareGrooves over 11 years ago

    Check out the flea markets near Mitte - very good place at weekend, found some bargain soul Lps - 1-2 Euro each - then go to one of the cheap curry houses near by afterwards!
  • blind_squirrel over 11 years ago

    blind_squirrel edited over 11 years ago
    If someone knows some more shops that offers good indie/rock records for a good price.. hit me up :).
    In search off: slowdive/ sufjan stevens / yo la tengo / interpol / the national / ..

    Mr. Dead and Mrs. Free at Nollendorfplatz, as mentioned somewhere.

    Vopo Records at Danziger Straße (U Eberswalder Straße) might have some stuff too, bought some Joy Division bootlegs there a few weeks ago, also an Interpol one some years back.

    Freak Out Records at Prenzlauer Allee is situated closely to Vopo Records and might be worth checking out for you.

    Another shop near those two is at Schönhauser Allee, don't know the name tho. Walking down that road (towards U Eberswalder Straße) from the station of the same name it's a few minutes away on the left side. Plenty of CD's including bootlegs, relatively uninteresting vinyl section, found some gems for fair prices there tho.
  • lcaise over 11 years ago

    hello guys!

    lot of changes last time in Berlin, lot of dj shops were closed.
    Can You keep me updated, which one is still open, and which one should be interested in?

    thanx for help!

    websites please if availaible!

    greats :)!
  • kleeb over 11 years ago

    Any good places with used reggae still in Berlin?
  • bbroke over 11 years ago


    Karl Marx Str. 62
    12043 Berlin
    +49-(0)30-610 73 276

    They stock used reggae -- you'll need to call them up before visiting and make sure they let you in. They're not a walk-in store!
  • blind_squirrel over 11 years ago

    I have no clue if this one still exists tho. Looked like a good shop when I was living in Berlin some years back.

    Deroy's Dub Store
    Pappelallee 9, 10437 Berlin
    Tel. 030-4493231
    Mo-Fr 13-20, Sa 12-15
    Reggae, Dub, Dancehall, Breakbeats, Drums+Bass, Trip + Groove

  • bbroke over 11 years ago

    Deroy's Dub Store

    also see http://www.dubstore.de/ but unfortunately Deeroy's has been closed for years.
  • lcaise over 11 years ago

    any techno, house, minimal shops ??
  • tricky23 over 11 years ago

    nice Record Fair for hard electronic music (Breakcore / Techno / Drum&Bass - related) next saturday 21.1.2012 also dj's are playing

    it's inside a church so don't talk shit :-)

    heres the original promo-text (in german only, sorry):

    1. Friedrichshainer Plattenbörse im Jugend[widerstands]museum
    Rigaer Straße 9-10, 10247 Berlin
    Samstag 21.Januar 2012 zwischen 14.00 und 22.00 Uhr

    Anmeldung: Spende
    DJ´s: Crash 0.1, Christoph Fringeli, Evil Trust, Stanislas, u.a.
    Anmeldung unter [email protected]

    Hallo zusammen,
    Zum Start in die neue Woche habe ich eine Veranstaltungsankündigung für alle die den warmen Sound und das Knistern von Schallplatten noch zu schätzen wissen. Es gab Zeiten da war die Schallplatte viel mehr als oldschool. Da war sie nämlich das fast einzige Medium mit dem man seine Musik weltweit verbreiten konnte. Da gabs noch kein Internet, keine digitalen Formate wie mp3 oder wave, nur die Platte und Mehrspurbänder. Die Vinylschallplatte ist heute immernoch das haltbarste Medium auf der Welt, selbst ein kratzer gibt ihr einen individuellen Charme. Sie ist nach wie vor Kult bei DJ´s Sammlern und Musikbegeisterten rund um die Erde.
    Selbst die Verkaufszahlen für Neupressungen steigen immer wieder oder bleiben einfach stabil.
    Das ist ein Grund für uns die Platte zu feiern...
    Deshalb haben wir uns in Absprache mit eingen Friedrichshainer Plattenläden dazu entschlossen eine Plattenbörse ins Leben zu rufen um die Läden, wie auch die Musikbegeisterten die möglichkeit zu geben zu stöbern, zu tauschen und auch mal wieder einzukaufen.
    Diese findet am 21.01.2012 in den Räumen des Jugend[widerstans]museum, zwischen 14.00 Uhr und 22.00 Uhr statt.
    Die Idee stammt aus der Feder von "Praxis Records" und "Neuromantic-violations"
    Beteiligt sind außerdem "Tricky Tunes", "YaYa 23", der "Powerpark Recordstore", eventuell das "Audio In", "possible music" und der Second Hand Laden in der Petersburger Straße.
    Natürlich sind auch alle Menschen die noch kistenweise Vinyl zuhause haben herzlich eingeladen ihre Leckerbissen feil zu bieten.
    Abhörplätze werden durch uns zur verfügung gestellt und für die musikalische Untermalung des Ganzen Sorgen unter anderem: Crash 0.1, Christoph Fringeli, Evil Trust, Stanislas und wer sonst noch Bock hat aufzulegen.
    Alle die mit machen wollen sollten eine an diese Absendeadresse schreiben.

    Wir freuen uns auf reges Interesse und tanzen uns schon mal warm :)

    Beitrag geschrieben von Sebastian Stock
  • midnight-nonstop over 11 years ago

    midnight-nonstop edited over 10 years ago
    just to let all you guys know :


    niederbarnimstr 11


    well sorted in all genres.

    constantly buying in great selection of dancemusic, aprox 400 discorecords, 600 house & techno 90s, 900 house & techno post 2000, 2000 wave, 2000 rock 70s, 300 reggae, 2000 jazz and so on.

    prices are nice and everything is curated so it makes sense, no bullshit
    ull seee...
  • ariariana over 10 years ago

    I'm flying to Berlin next week, any Hip Hop vinyl shops?

  • midnight-nonstop over 10 years ago

    try powerpark...
  • HM-2 over 10 years ago

    hhv.de is your best bet. However their store only carries a tiny selection of their stock which is probably one of the largest in Europe. Check out their site, place an order and click the pick up option in checkout. Their store has nothing extraordinary, no second hand records etc.
    Just around the corner from the hhv store there's Audio-In where I found some nice second hand stuff. Apart from that Spacehall has a great selection. I also can't understand why nearly everyone here says the guys in there are dickheads. I was there last year and the dudes were friendly as you'd expect and I didn't buy a ton of records either. Also check out the discogs seller recordsale-de. You can pick up the records at the Leila M store.
  • lcaise over 10 years ago

    hhv shop at kreuzberg is sh!t for me .... looks like a fancy club for young&rich guys ... + high prices :/
  • lcaise over 10 years ago

  • Appendickies over 10 years ago

    Hello guys
    will visit Berlin in about 20 days.
    I have heard of a small shop near Kreuzberg (or somewhere else? dont know), which carries only punk and hardcore vinyls, second hand.
    Its a small one, owned by a mohican.
  • HM-2 over 10 years ago

    HM-2 edited over 10 years ago
    There's Bis aufs Messer, Core Tex and Vopo (I think this is the one you meant). Bis aufs Messer has a good selection of Punk/Hardcore and some good Metal records. I didn't check for Core Tex because people told me it's mainly clothing and my time was limited. I checked their online mailorder and there weren't really interesting records there for me but I'm more after extreme Metal records. Vopo had quite a lot of Punk/Hardcore records but they know what they're selling. You won't make any bargains there. Didn't see a mohican in there but it's small and has lots of Hardcore records :)
    Here's the adresses:
    Core Tex
    Oranienstr. 3

    Bis aufs Messer
    Marchlewski Str. 107
    (train stop is Warschauer Str.)

    Vopo Records
    Danziger Str. 31
  • rasb over 10 years ago

    for punk and hardcore records you should check out STATIC SHOCK RECORDS in kreuzberg. they have shitloads of 2nd hand and rare stuff and also lots of recent stuff. the address is bürknerstr.6 and it's near the u-train station schönleinstr.

    CORE TEX is ok, sometimes they have really good 2nd hand stuff. but the shop is pretty expensive and tourist-orientated.

    VOPO records and BISAUFSMESSER are good if you're looking for recent stuff and re-releases. not so much rare stuff in there.

    REAL DEAL records in kreuzberg (near u-train station südstern) is small but carries lots of punk and hardcore vinyl (mainly 2nd hand).
  • midnight-nonstop over 10 years ago

    power park is now disfunct due to gentri-refurb-actions.

    new shop is open on boxhagener str 19/20 with less space but even more records, you know, like magic :-D

  • deeper_into_the_vibe over 10 years ago

    power park is now disfunct due to gentri-refurb-actions.

    new shop is open on boxhagener str 19/20 with less space but even more records, you know, like magic :-D

    thirst I was like +_+ ...

    ... but then I was like :)

    Really glad to hear that but I'm also curious - how can it be possible, that a friend of mine
    recently bought a record there !? (like magic I guess :)
  • Appendickies over 10 years ago

    Thanks guys for the tips!
    I really couldn't catch up Static Shock, time was pretty limited.
    But i did check Alley Music (find some pretty great gems there like Normahl, Razors, China White etc etc) and i also got a pretty good discount-awesome shop!

    Also, Q-Tip records is an AWESOME place. Nice prices, friendly owner, loved it! Will surely check it again in the near future, if i go again to Berlin. He did offer me for free a Chaos Z 7", and i did get a great discount for some records i got (Among them it was Naytia/Graue Zellen split lp)! The owner, is such a sweet and friendly guy!
  • midnight-nonstop over 10 years ago



    now the store is in full bloom, keeping track with the disco, the reaggae, the house, the techno, the electronic, the jazz.

    esp. for house-techno you should pay a visit like right now :-D
  • momento over 10 years ago


    Going fo the first time in Berlin in august, do you have any recommendations for good pop/rock shops ?
    Thanks !
  • Chris1972 over 10 years ago


    Which stores in Berlin are best for hard-to-find/2nd hand;

    *Detroit Techno
    *Deep Techno
    *Chicago House
    *Deep House

    I'm planning a trip to Berlin soon so any help would be much appreciated.

    thanks, Chris

  • phunk77 over 10 years ago

    Hard Wax
    (Still going strong with new stuff in all fields of electronic music, a fine backstock of all things Detroit and Chicago plus a good selection of Disco reissues. Highly knowledgeable and friendly staff)

    paul-lincke-ufer 44a
    2nd backyard, door A, 3rd floor
    10999 berlin-kreuzberg

    open: mon - sat 12-20 h.
    phone: +49 (0)30 611 301 11.
    public transport: U1 / U8 kottbuser tor
  • Chris1972 over 10 years ago

    What about stores that sell a good selection of 2nd hand/used Detroit & Chicago influenced sounds? Can anyone recommend any?

  • lcaise over 10 years ago

    You can find this stuff at all recordstores which are oriented in 2nd hand. You need to dig crates mate! Viel Spass :)
  • zulphur over 10 years ago

    Going to Belin on Monday and need help to find good Rock/POP/Electronic/Alternative second hand stores. what stores do you recommend. Alles bestens! Z
  • Lay-far over 10 years ago

    "Melting Point" has the most rude personnel I've ever met. Spare your nerves and visit some others in the vicinity - Oye Records, Rotation, etc.
  • zjz over 10 years ago

    Hey, going to Berlin tomorrow, for a month, so like, probably going to go to every store mentioned in here anyway, but....

    Can someone recommend any good stores for second hand that AREN'T Hard Trance or Progressive House? Ie. Jazz, kraut, disco, folk, rock blah blah blah, even some Detroit/Basic Channel blah blah blah, but just not the stores where shitty Eurotrance Dj's wanna check out. Oh yeah, preferably anywhere with heaps of Bargain Bin 1 euro crates etc. Oh, and listening stations ;-)
  • praxis over 10 years ago

    After several months without a public store, Praxis has joined forces with Yaya23, and is now located here (literally next door to Cagliostro where it was based in 2009-11):

    Praxis/Yaya23 Lenbachstrasse 9 – 10245 Berlin

    - the shop is open EVERY FRIDAY from 14-19h or by appointment!

    Yaya23 has been there for many years, specialising in hardtek, breakbeat and underground techno, but also carrying breakcore, hardcore and dubstep. To this the full selection of the Praxis store is added (check praxis.c8.com/shop)
    plus a bargain crate (which isn't online), as well as t-shirts and printed stuff...
  • JRyall over 9 years ago

    Has the Tiergarten fleamarket already been mentioned?

    I was there last sunday and I had blast. At least 10 vinyl vendors carring mostly 60's/70's/80's rock/funk/black/hiphop wax. Decently priced too.
    Some vendors had stacks of records completely unorganized, some a bit more browsable.
    Would repeat!
  • Finn over 9 years ago

    Just opened:

    Adalbertstr. 9, 2. backyard (Kreuzberg, near Kottbusser Tor)

    Amazing space, knowledgeable staff. Thousands of second hand records. House, Techno, Disco and lots of other styles.

    One for the serious diggers...
  • just_like_good_vibes over 9 years ago

    hi everybody, anybody knows about latin/latinjazz/latin funk/world/funk specialists or digging area in berlin?
    i've noted oye records, hiphopvinyl, dig a little deeper, and possibly record loft;

    would you recommend other places?

    thanks a lot, all the best to all LP diggers around the world!
  • Calle_jr over 9 years ago

    Text and pictures of record shops in Berlin: http://www.euphonia-audioforum.se/forums/index.php?showtopic=9974
  • boulgourmort over 9 years ago

    Fresh from 3 monthes ago:
    Bass Cadet Record-store:
    Weserstrasse 189
    12045 Berlin-neukolln.
    open: mon-thu 11-20h / fri-sat 11-22h
    public transport: U7 Rathaus Neukolln / U8 Hermannplatz
    or Bus M41/M29 - 171/194.
    Bass Cadet has mainly new records in Disco, House, Techno and Electro from Detroit, Chicago, New York, Holland, Germany, UK, France and other countries. Also available is a selection of second hands, albums and hits from the 70′s & 80′s and 3 sections of 12" from 80′s, 90′s, and 00′s. Some 7″ and Cassettes are also available. The shop is divided in two parts, a record shop and vintage clothes store, with sofas and drinks, a place to hang out.

    Bass Cadet has often in-store events with international names and friends from Berlin or elsewhere. So far artist such as Jus’ Ed and Jenifa Mayanja, Florian Kupfer from L.I.E.S., Braiden, DJ Richard, Latency Recordings, Volkan Akin, Dave Aju, Taimur Agha have played for in store events.

    Bass Cadet Records is not only a record shop but also a music label, music you’ll find exclusivity from the label Bass Cadet records.
  • Gammeleisen over 8 years ago

    Hi everyone! I´m going to Berlin in a couple of weeks, and I'm wondering if anyone could share some updated info on what stores to visit? I'm looking for 2nd hand stuff only - rock, power pop, punk and soul (60s-80s). No HC, dance, techno... What five stores would you recommend?
  • shivae over 8 years ago

    Funhouse Records (Prenzlauer Berg)
    Holy's Hit Records (Kreuzberg)
    Recordstore (Mitte)
    Galactic Supermarket (Friedrichshain)
    Da Capo Antiquariat (Prenzlauer Berg)

    just a few worth a visit..
  • Gammeleisen over 8 years ago

    Shivae, thank you so much!
  • jward over 8 years ago

    A bunch of Berlin shops mapped here as well http://www.rulersofwax.com/browse-record-store/city/berlin/1665/
  • JRyall over 8 years ago

    Gammeleisen, I strongly recommend the Tiergarten street market that it's on every Sunday.
    I found a bunch of cool wax last year. There were about 10/15 vendors that carried mostly used records from the '60s/'70s/'80s. Decently priced too.
  • blind_squirrel over 8 years ago

    Mr. Dead and Mrs. Free at Nollendorfplatz, as mentioned somewhere.

    Vopo Records at Danziger Straße (U Eberswalder Straße) might have some stuff too, bought some Joy Division bootlegs there a few weeks ago, also an Interpol one some years back.

    Freak Out Records at Prenzlauer Allee is situated closely to Vopo Records and might be worth checking out for you.

    Another shop near those two is at Schönhauser Allee, don't know the name tho. Walking down that road (towards U Eberswalder Straße) from the station of the same name it's a few minutes away on the left side. Plenty of CD's including bootlegs, relatively uninteresting vinyl section, found some gems for fair prices there tho.

    Freak Out Records is closed now. All other shops are still going, and going well at that.

    Vopo Records and Mr. Dead and Msr. Free are always decent for digging. I'm always pleased with the German punkrock selection (among many other styles) of the former and the cheapos / bargain bin ("Fundgrube" - now try translating that!) of the latter.

    Friendly and helpful stuff too, which goes a long way in this city.
  • lcaise over 8 years ago

    OMG, I recognise, this thread is 8 years old, and people are still interessting in ;)!
  • Elukkae over 8 years ago

    Elukkae edited over 8 years ago
    ^ OMG why? For a city like Berlin, a thread about shops is constantly updated. Luckily.
    The list in the sister site of Discogs, Vinylhub, is quite extensive already. There are some dupes there, though, and very little info about most shops. Berlin oggers, you can do better!
  • gfoldvari over 7 years ago

    Looking for these 3 NOVA vinyls from 1979 and 1988, pls. let me know if you know of one:
    NOVA 885173, 885272, 885273
    Also on my wantlist: http://www.discogs.com/mywantlist
    Thanks! G.
  • behemot over 7 years ago

    Also on my wantlist: http://www.discogs.com/mywantlist

    That's a very clever link, gfoldvari. ;-)
  • gfoldvari over 7 years ago

    On this link you can see the albums I search:

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