• inexpressible over 11 years ago

    There are several record stores (new and/or 2nd hand) in Barcelona's Raval district.

    Carrer de la Riera Baixa 9/10
    08001 Barcelona
    Phone: 93 441 96 74
    Fax: 93 329 23 15

  • chiz over 11 years ago

    I visited Barcelona last year. I picked up some nice second hand bits in Edison's and the following nearby shops:

    Wah Wah
    Riera Baixa 14
    08001 Barcelona
    Phone: +34 93 442 37 03
    Fax: +34 93 442 23 25
    Email: info@wah-wahsupersonic.com
    Homepage: www.wah-wahsupersonic.com

    Tallers 11-13
    08001 Barcelona
    Phone: +34 93 302 16 85
    Phone: +34 93 301 61 78
    Fax: +34 93 301 49 21
    Email: info@discos-revolver.com
    Homepage: www.discos-revolver.com

    Tallers 61
    08001 Barcelona
    Phone: +34 93 202 26 35
    Fax: +34 93 302 26 35
    Email: info@discosimpacto.com
    Homepage: www.discosimpacto.com
  • .exe. over 11 years ago

    and one of my favorite restaurants in there:

    it is near the MACBA (in Raval) also near Ramblas.
    daily menu at 8 Euros.amazing.
  • .exe. over 11 years ago

    btw,not far from Tallers,if you ask in those shops shure they know where it is.I will go next wednesday for 5 time.Fuck record shoping!
  • esteban_morientes over 11 years ago

    about time this city got in guys! :)
  • Kiwi_Juice over 11 years ago

    Kiwi_Juice edited over 11 years ago
    Valldoncella 3
    08001 Barcelona
    Phone: +34 933174646
    Fax: +34 933174711
    Email: info@cddrome.com
    Homepage: www.cddrome.com

    Cd Drome is one of the best Record Stores in BCN, although its name, there's a huge amount of good vinyls in there.

    You can find Techno, House, Minimal, Beats, Electronic, Pop & Rock, CDs & Vinyls.

    12" MUSIC
    C/ Montsio 8
    Phone: +34 93 302 48 41
    Home page: www.docemusic.com

    Mainly vinyls

  • ramirez over 11 years ago

    This is also a good store:

    C/ Bonsuccés 13
    08001 - BARCELONA
    Tel: +34-93-4121997


    Pl. Vicenç Martorell 2
    08001 - BARCELONA
    Tel: +34-93-3012566
    Fax: +34-93-4125930

    This last one is also a great store. Check the cafe in front of it named Kasparo!
  • Kiwi_Juice over 11 years ago

    ramirez is right and kasparo is a great café with very good meals

    there are other good record shops near these, but I don't know their names or correct adress, I'll try to update the thread in a few days.

  • Kiwi_Juice over 11 years ago

    C/ Passatge Elisabets 6
    08001 BARCELONA
    Tel: +34 934120767
    Homepage: www.larutanatural.net

    vinyls, merchandising & comics; all kinds of electronica, electro, techno, drum'n'bass, minimal, etc (Very good shop with personal treatment)

    C/ Sitges, 10
    08001 BARCELONA
    email: info@beletarecords.com
    Homepage: www.beletarecords.com

    dancefloor vinyls, good shop
  • AbsoluteBodyControl over 10 years ago

    Daily Records
    C/De Les Sitges 9 (cantonada C/Tallers)
    08001 Barcelona
    Tel: +34 933 017 755
    Fax: +34 933 018 858
    Homepage: http://www.dailyrecords.net

    Soul, Reggae, Ska, Hardcore, Punk, Oi!, Power Pop, R'n'r, Garage, 60's... vinyl & CD's.
  • arturmdr over 10 years ago

    mdrmusic / Musicas de Regimen
    Apdo. 497
    08240 Manresa (Barcelona)
    Homepage: http://www.mdrmusic.com

    Especialistas en Camisetas Musica / Music T-Shirts specialists
  • jimthing over 10 years ago

    jimthing edited over 10 years ago
    I was there last weekend, off the top-end of the main road Las Ramblas, you have Tallers/Bonsuccés (the street/road names). Can't remeber the shop names, though the ones mentioned ^above^ ring a bell.
    Also another road I read on here I never found somehow, called Riera Baixa, might be worth a try ??

    I was in a hurry and it was absolutely RAMMED full of people in that area, being a Saturday, being Barcelona, and being just after Easter when all the peeps of Europe seem to want a weekend break somewhere warm... as ever.

    Lovely city it is & hot women too, just wish my Spanish (or would speaking Catalan be better ?!) was upto anything -- it isn't unfortunately. And I was only there non-record shopping/sightseeing/eating rather than clubbing/barcrawling. (BTW, on the subject of food. All they eat seems to be tapas, not much else available on't street outside of fastfood joints, and avoid those places with guys on the street trying to wave you in as they are normally the shitest joints. Tip: Restaurants you hit, after 9pm MINIMUM timewise or course, should be in the 35+ Euro price-range to get quality choice, as they do have sourcing issues with some certain types of foods in southern Spain! And a 5% tip is fine in restaurants, provided service was OK, otherwise don't bother; it's an extra not a requirement).

    My overall opinion on record shops, NOT very good, I'm afraid.
    Generally as a UK shopper, most of the stuff available there was larger independent label stuff, your Ninja Tune, Warp, and similar main labels. So nothing you can't generally find over here.
    Though, as I said, I was brief in my searching, so see what others have to say on the subject, rather than just taking my word for it.
    I have to say, for a reasonably large city (obviously not on the scale of London/NYC/Tokyo, but still reasonably big for it's region) that holds the ever-great forward-thinking Sonár festival every year and where people have great clubs (which I didn't get to this time), I wasn't impressed by the amount of shops I found to cater for the DJ's out there.
    Though I did find a couple of guys on the flight out there from the UK getting their record bags/boxes off the conveyerbelt, so perhaps they hire-in the talent more these days because of it ??

    Is Madrid or anywhere else in Spain (outside of Ibiza) any better ?

    ... one wonders . . .

  • Kiwi_Juice over 10 years ago

    WOW, many things to answer...

    I'm from Madrid, and I think BCN is one of the best cities in the world to live. But If you want better food, even night life, I think Madrid is cheaper, easier, and better. Madrid worths a visit (or two), it has some of the best museums in spain. Granada too. Ibiza is only for drunken brits (i'm kidding), it's overbooked in summer, and its charm is fucked by a bunch of ravers, hookers, neohippies coming from lowcost airlines (including a lot of spanish cities), i only go there from october to june.

    BCN is full of tourists (from easter to october we have that , restaurants and bars around ramblas, born, and other hot points of the city, use to be expensive and their quality very poor. Catalonia is one of the best places in Spain (read: in the world) "gastronomy-speaking". There's a lot of cheap places (around 20-25 euros) with top quality. Here people takes eating very seriously.

    in barcelona is enough speaking spanish

    Tip is not mandatory. You could leave a restaurant and don'r leave a single euro. My wife says nobody gives her a tip when she do her job ok. waiters should live of their salary.

    And the record shops, you won't find gems or rarities. But around tallers there's a couple of very good ones (cd drome & la ruta natural comes to mind)
  • .exe. over 10 years ago

    Near agreed with above.Finding a good restaurant is not an esay job, but you should have quality for 20-30 euro.Forget and leave from tourist places and try to ask.As restaurant owner, i recomend ES (near macba).In the place i am is fast food (calamares, pizza and frit) and i'm doing quality, but people tend to go where other people is.
  • Joseph_S over 9 years ago

    Any updates ?

    Going there on Thursday. I'm after CD only.
  • Joseph_S over 9 years ago

    Well, I'm back.

    I didn't pick a miserable CD from the style of music I like (Gabber/Psy-Goa trance) Very disappointed.

  • mrformic over 9 years ago

    Si, Kasparo is a nice place !
    We have visited the record shops around there, you can reach 4 or 5 within short walks.
    THE DJ shops were nice, but I bought nothing....nothing special was offered which I couldnt buy at home.
    Best find was Wah-Wah for me, fantastic Krautrock section.
    Shoe and fashion shops are cool.
  • jcayon over 8 years ago

    Discos Juandó
    C/ Giralt el Pellisser, 2B
    08003 Barcelona


    Discos Juandó in trendy Born looks set to become a favourite of local vinyl diggers. It opened in December 2008: in times when the number of record shops seems to be dramatically decreasing, a new vintage specialist is a particuarly cheering sight.

    Owner Marcos Juandó has been pushing the music he loves for many years (he co-founded Sala Apolo’s weekly Powder Room Sessions). He proudly calls the shop’s collection of a few thousand original pressings his own and sells them at reasonable prices. Discos Juandó specializes in soul, funk and jazz records, but also proudly stocks a selection of (soul, funk etc) seven-inches, as well as country, folk and other more or less obscure genres.

    For younger customers, there are repressings and 1980’s classics, which often sell at less than half price.

    Read more: http://barcelona.unlike.net/locations/304011-Discos-Juand#ixzz0OQfAZIS9
  • bongabonga over 7 years ago

    I'm going to Barcelona for a few days, and I'm mostly after disco, Italo, electro etc, be that Spanish, Italian or whatever. I read somewhere that Edison's was pretty good for stuff like that, but are there any other stores you guys would recommend?

  • paradisorecords over 6 years ago

    C/Ferlandina 39
    08001 Barcelona
    tlf +34933296440
    Opened on April 2010.
    House,Techno,Disco,Funk,HipHop,SynthPop,Rock,Indie,Garage,PostPunk,NewWave,Dubstep,DrumNbass,old school stuff... Mostly vinyl shop with some cd's
    2nd Hand & New Releases. Thousands of Records for Dj's,Collectors & Freaks!!

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