• cthulhu303 over 6 years ago

    For the first post on my new blog, I needed something a little out of the ordinary. Why not take the extra step and flirt with History? Not too many people have tried Ben Wyvis at all: it is not only expensive, it is particularly hard to find. Let us top that and have two of them, then. And show off in a very arrogant way by the same move. :-)
    Just myself and adc for this one.

    -685: nose: wood! White spirit, pine tree, juniper, sawdust and a bit of cereal. Mouth: wood again, vanilla, cream -- custard, even. Finish: warming, honeyed with some wood. It is long too. This is excellent indeed!

    -687: wider nose, more on varnish than white spirit, which is more agreeable. I like it even better, really: it seems nobler and suits the weather better (cold and humid, firelpace weather). Dark chocolate notes, nearly moka. Mouth: the ABV is a little more pronounced, though it is not a bad thing. Cream and custard again -- with liquor in it, this time (Grand Marnier?) Finish delivers some chocolate again.

    -685 + 687: empers, burnt wood -- well, it is no Islay, but more pronounced than in either individually.

    Well glad about the outcome of this one. With such controversial W, my anticipation and anxiety were high. I was relieved neither was dreary and delighted that they are in fact a lot better than "not dreary". Will have to try 686, now...

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