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    A theme we have touched already. However, the region is so rich we could have one every month for the next decade and never drink the same thing twice.
    The suspects: dom666, Psycho, kruuk2, jenny, ruckus and cthulhu.

    We arrived early, so had to have a dram before the proper tasting started:
    -Springbank 12 Rum (cthulhu): citrusy to the extreme with a touch of cereals;
    -Rosebank 19 (jenny);
    -Rosebank 21 (dom666).

    The menu:

    -Glenmorangie Cellar 13 2nd edition: nose: liquorice, ginger bread, forestry. Mouth: creamy, custardy. Finish: herbs. A lot better than in my memories. Probably because I have forgotten the 1st edition, by now. Would love to drink those two face to face;


    -Glenmorangie 10: nose: a lot more herbal. Mouth: cream again, very nice. Some vanilla and herbs. Finish: a hint of flint. This is lovely, as usual;

    -Glen Ord 1998 Very Cloudy: it looks like mead, or even honey; bizarre. Nose: honey! It is mead! Seriously, is it whisky? Touch of lemon. Mouth: fresh, milky, diluted. Finish: gentle and pleasant. Very nice surprise, this one. Probably the first Glen Ord we try at a tasting and it is distinctly better than any other I have had;

    -125.55: nose: wood, varnish -- it is the first cask strength of the lot and it makes a difference. Cedar wood. Mouth: sawdust, bitterness, chocolate, coffee. Finish: banana! :-) Apple, apple seeds (hence the bitterness), water melon (Psycho), green tea. Always nice, this. Dram of the day for Psycho;

    -Balblair 1989: nose: herbs, forestry. Mouth: creamy, peeled Brazil nuts. Finish: chocolate, torrefaction, light and long;

    -Glen Mhor 21: first ever Glen Mhor, here. Nose: old school! Old cardboard, some nuts. Mouth: cream, flint, candle wick. Finish: pepper and vanilla. Very excited with this one. Dram of the day for me;

    Enter the food: cheese, delicatessen, bread, goodness, happiness. Bemont cheese: is that Swiss? Nope, from Namur: le Cheval Ayard et les quatre Fils Bemont. :-)

    -Dalmore 1973: long time no see. This was a fvourite of mine; let us see if it stands the comparison with the nobler things I have tried since. Nose: sherry. It lacks complexity, perhaps. Mouth: yep, there it is, the apple juice. Finish: apple. This is smashing indeed: bit of sherry influence and a hint of rubber. Nice. It is still not great to confront one's memories, though: although a good whisky, it needs being downgraded a point or two;

    -Dalmore 19 Lomond Stills: the only evidence I have found Dalmore have used Lomond stills. Great memories about this one too. Nose: nail varnish, bit of musk (musketeers, naturally). Mouth: ginger bread. Finish: citrus? Something distinctive that I cannot place. Excellent whisky without a doubt. We empty the bottle and shed a tear;

    -Clynelish 13: nose: quite neutral. Nothing noteworthy at this point, which is good, considering what I usually think of Clynelish. ;-) Mouth: bit of cream and tons of sting. Finish: long and fresh. This is not an exceptional whisky, but the best Clynelish ever to these tastebuds. Or the only one worth drinking;

    -G5.5: nose: wood juice, varnish etc. Mouth: pencil shavings. I stop taking notes at that point. Great dram, this, and dram of the day for ruckus and kruuk2.

    Excellent times, as usual. It felt even more relaxed than ever. The food was delicious, the drinks superb and the puns awful. Unfortunately, SauronTNT did not come, this time, preventing the group from trying a Teaninich, and unfortunately, we had to split off on the early side. It is also odd that we had no Pulteney at all, seeing as we are rather fond of the distillery. Other than that, great.

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